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Ad Agency – College Algebra

Ad Agency – College Algebra

Back at the glasses expo, Grant has noticed what awesome flashy displays some of the other vendors have. He just got his little glasses wipers and his little sign. Investing in some advertising seems like a really great idea for his business. Unfortunately, Grant runs into a woman who works for an ad agency and she guarantees with her agency’s help, Grant can make $5,000 in just 2 weeks. Of course, there is a price to pay. That will cost Grant $2,000 to work with them. If we assume that Grant earns money at a constant rate or in other words that the graph of profit versus time is a linear graph and a linear equation. How long will it take Grant to break even? That’s what we want to figure out. Let’s say that x is equal to the number of days since the answer released, and let’s say that y is equal to Grant’s profit in dollars. Thinking about the information that the problem gave us, what two points we know lie on our line? Note also, that making $5,000 means making a profit of $5,000.

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