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#AD 100% HONEST Famous+ Underrated Instagram Slime Shop Review ParakeetSlimes US/UK Package Unboxing

#AD 100% HONEST Famous+ Underrated Instagram Slime Shop Review ParakeetSlimes US/UK Package Unboxing

Hi guys! In today’s video, I’m going to be doing 100% honest review of famous and underrated slime shops, and I really hope that you enjoy it. I’d also like to thank Skillshare for sponsoring this video. Check them out through the link below if you aren’t already familiar with them. But to give a small description of Skillshare, it’s basically an online learning community with loads of classes and I used to use it all the time in school to help with languages. Spanish ones are especially great, but they also have DIYs, business skills and tons of other stuff. My favorite section at the moment definitely has to be the Halloween DIYs as they’re so creative and informative and I know how much you guys love Halloween, so I know you guys will love it, too. (I honestly don’t like it but ok) I also love the save tab because you can change the duration of the videos you want to watch that day and you could also see what you watched just in case you forgot to save something, or if you found something really interesting, which I think is great. And the site’s already super affordable at less than $10 a month, annually but since the show’s sponsoring this video, they’re giving the first 500 people that sign up via the link below in the description their first two months free and premium membership gives you unlimited access to all the high quality classes on the platform. So, don’t miss out and sign up via the link below. First up, we have Pot Pie from @boraxbuddiesslime, and everyone on Instagram has been talking about this. I could not wait to get my hands on it and I was so impressed as soon as I opened it. It has the coziest smell about it. I think it’s like a warm apple pie scent. (shouldn’t it be pot pie scent?) And then inside the slime we have some orange java chips to represent carrots and also some floam beads in green to represent peas. The slime is super unique in texture, (I have no glue 🙁 so if you own loads of slimes, you would definitely not be disappointed if you have this. I really, really love it. It’s unlike any of the other slimes I have and the scent is just amazing. Next up, we have Glitz and Glam which I was so impressed with because this is so thick and so clicky at the same time. I don’t know how she does this because I don’t think she uses glycerin. She must have like a secret ingredient. In the slime, she uses a ton of cool glitters and my favorite one is definitely the micro glitters because you can’t see them too well in the slime here. It kind of looks silver in this slime, but when it’s kind of at an angle and it’s sitting on the top of the slime, it looks like an ultra violet blue, which is so cool. Then it also has some fishbowl beads in there for texture, but this is just such a gorgeous slime. It has an amazing smell as well. It kind of smells like a mix of bed linen and a sweet sugar scent, I would say. Cotton Candy Shake was one of my favorite slimes because I love mixing all the colors together and this came with the cutest charm on top as well, so when you push this down I was expecting it to be quite tough because the slime wasn’t wet at all. When I was mixing it together, I decided to try and fluff it up and as you can see from pulling it straight away, it just turns into instant fluff, which I think is great. It’s really great beginners cloud slime and as the name suggests, it’ smells just like cotton candy and so gorgeous. It’s not overpowering at all. It’s like the perfect amount of scent in there Sharon sherbet is another really gorgeous cloud Slom. This one has a much lighter consistency. I would say it’s a tiny bit more wet So this is probably why but this flows so smoothly It’s so so nice to drizzle and as you can see the colors are super vibrant as well and they mix them make a really Nice fiery orange color and the Sun as the name suggests is like shava I would say it’s kind of like a fruity sherbet more than like a sugary sherbert But I love it regardless if you don’t like wet signs, this probably isn’t the one for you But as you can see the drizzles are so worth it. And I think the slime is amazing Next up we have black berry buttercream, which has such a unique scent It’s a really creamy Center design but it also has a really fresh Blackberry Sun which is really lovely as you can see the slime itself is also super area and a gorgeous butter slime and my hands Just sink into this. I really love playing with this (thats what she said) Bora Bora is another really gorgeous butter slam. This did arrive a tiny bit tough. Just because of the weather here at the moment So I put it in my airing cupboard for about three days and it tended to a super creamy slime at first it comes model Blue and green, but once you’ve makes it together, it turns into a really nice turquoise color and it smells like fresh bed linen Everything came bubble wrap – nothing leaks But the best thing about this was definitely the extras they had their own personal pot pie pins But the best thing was my candy they sent a bag loads of sour candy My favourite things were in there, which is thoughts and there were also some sour patch kids next up We have the person you guys all we’re requesting and this is parakeets lines And this is her cereal milk one, which I think is her most popular one of all time And the first thing that I really loved about this was it doesn’t have the typical Captain Crunch cereal milk scent She’s actually mixed her own. I’m pretty sure and it’s a really realistic scent It smells like the genuine smell of milk mixed with cereal instead of just Captain Crunch It’s so unique and I was so refreshed to have a genuine cereal smell and I know I’m going on about this but I was just so pleasantly surprised because you get so sick of the same scent over and over and then the slime itself was just beautiful it was so Glossy, it had such good bubble crunches, and she doesn’t use Luol. Oh don’t think so It’s a really different texture from all of the other kind of really popular thick slimes at the moment And I just can’t rope about this enough. It’s a amazing Sour blue-raspberry lie mode really surprised me because on instagram it kind of just looks like a basic slime But as you can see, this is such a thick slime has such a gorgeous son. Oh my goodness The scent is like really tangy a really raspberry, but also super limey, so it’s just everything I think she probably mixes her own but whatever. She uses. It’s amazing. This line was just so so good I was completely blown away by it I wasn’t Expecting to love this one as much as I did But this has such a good son inflates so much and just such a great texture This was the slime that made me decide that I really wanted to try out her slimes because it’s so glossy and then when you Touch it it goes to Matt and as you can see this one is just so thick just is amazing It’s the typical slime that I love. It smells really creamy I don’t actually know what a butterscotch smells like, but it’s kind of like a mix of toffee cream I would say in this line because this I’m so thick it has such nice bubble crunches and I just love everything about this all the fuss lines really blew me away and how thick they were Party milk is kind of based off cereal milk sin. I think it has a bit of Captain Crunch mix there No offence the Captain Crunch scent. I just love her original cereal milk, son And this is another really thick one as you can see this turns matte It has really nice little confesses and opossum and although the slime super thick. It is someone that can’t stretch as you can see It’s super smooth flowing and just so stretchy so fun to play with and again gives off really great bubble crunches Oreo milk is the one that everyone’s raving about at the moment So I knew this one was gonna be amazing and like most of her slimes It’s super thick really glossy at first then turns matte But this has gorgeous little girls in there just to represent the little cookie crumbles and the scent is so so nice again This is a mix of cereal milk. And I think a bit of Oreo is really like fresh fruity But also I’m gonna say fruity Oh guess it was more like a sweet scent with some Oreo in that and it’s so so creamy And it inflates so much. So it turns into a completely different texture Parakeet science is definitely not an overrated Sloane shop I just loved all of her slimes everything about the package was amazing – she included a few packets of borax Some sweets and some care sheet cards and she’s also given me a little discount for you guys So check that out in the description. It’s totally so it’s named after my sixth – it doesn’t exist But yeah, I’ll write more about that in the description next up We have a UK slime a cool sign by mittens and as you can see this gold slime is so thick and also so pigmented I think they must use a paint in this because this color is amazing and Then they have two little bee charms in there which are really really cute but the slime itself is so thick and yet so stretchy They actually used a really unusual glue for this so it has a hard top at start but then which you mix it in it turns into a perfect slime and as you can See this slime is just beautiful Snow White had the freshest Apple Sun ever it was so gorgeous it smelt a lot like a lush shower gel It was limited-edition a few years ago so it was so great for me to play with this as you can see the top is so glossy and then underneath it has Loads of glitters is a really nice jelly textured slam and what I was so impressed with but this did not melt at all I had this for two months I did play with it here and that but I always keep my slides for a while just to see if they mold or like Have anything gross happened to them but they stay perfect and it didn’t melt a bit Orion Loops had a really gorgeous kind of cookies and cream scent I wouldn’t say it was Oreos, but it’s a really really comforting cookies and cream son as you can See, it’s kind of like an off-white color in the glue. It’s not particularly thick it’s just a nice little flowing with some Java chip textures a Weird thing about their Sloan’s which I actually contacted them about was that they have like a weird hard layer on the top of their Clear slaves and they just said they weren’t using Elmer’s but now they switch to it as you can see this slime is beautiful it Has really nice iridescent flakes in there. It’s so clear so thick and I just love playing with this It also isn’t scented just to maintain the clarity, but I didn’t mind at all I just thought this line was a dream to play with Sign cast so it was a really nice cloud slam as you can see it fluffs up almost instantly It smells like fresh bed linen, and it also has a gold like pig pen. I think it is on the top I would say glitter but it didn’t come off like a glitter in the slime after it was mixed in so I think it was Just probably adding to the color but as you can see it this drizzles really smoothly. It’s a really nice texture it’s a tiny bit wet, but I don’t really mind that and it’s really fun to play with I Ask that you love the decorations on the top of cookie crisps, it has a little like Fair toast I think it is and then some confetti and then on the bottom, there’s more confetti and also some like cookie crumble like Chocolate, I guess you could say that this is an amazing slime as you can see it’s really drizzly very dry, and it’s just really fun to play with I Was a little disappointed with it’s hot outside because I couldn’t actually smell a scent on this and it might just be that I couldn’t smell it and There was one in there. The slime is a lot thicker than the other cloud signs and there’s a lot more dry as well I would say so it doesn’t drizzle as smoothly but it’s more like connected as you can see here So when you play with it, it’s more of a doughy texture more than like a loosest sign I quite like it if you don’t like those types of signs, absolutely fine, but I yeah, it’s still a cloud Simon It’s still really good Everything came really beautifully raps and crap paper and also bubble wrapping my favorite thing about this was definitely the extras they were so creative like one of them was a pinata ornament for a Christmas tree I think it is and then they included the stylist stuff like a Kashi and Bora before we close out this video I just like to wish Ashley a very happy one year anniversary on her marriage with Matthew He emailed me the other day telling me you watch all my videos and you even comment on a lot of them as well So I wanted to do the shout out for you, and I hope you guys have the best day and to everyone else watching Thank you so much making it to the end of this video and I will see you next week

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