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ActiFry Parmesan Courgette Sticks | AD

ActiFry Parmesan Courgette Sticks | AD

Hi welcome back to my channel. So today
I’m going to be making a really easy but very very delicious recipe using my
Tefal ActiFry. Now I’ve been using this machine for about a year I absolutely
love it. It has smart automatic cooking settings
it’s big enough to feed the entire family and of course it makes incredible
tasting dishes with just a fraction of fat used in normal cooking. So earlier
today I spun the gear of goodness and it landed on number 1 which means the recipe
I’m making today is healthy it’s hearty it’s so easy to make it’s Parmesan
Courgette Sticks. This recipe can be found in the Actifry App. It’s completely
free it contains hundreds of recipes with step-by-step instructions and
photos too it also has ActiProgrammes to help you live a healthier and more
active lifestyle. Ok so on with the recipe. The first step we need 1
courgette we’re going to chop the ends off leave the skin on and then we’re
going to chop them into sticks about 4 to 5 centimetres in length. We are then going to prepare all the
ingredients for the coating on these courgette sticks. First of all we need
two eggs which we’re going to crack into a bowl whisk them lightly with a fork. You can add a little salt and pepper at this stage if you like too. Into another
bowl then we’ve got bread crumbs these are golden dried bread crumbs and also
some freshly grated Parmesan and just mix that up roughly with your hands and
then lastly we need some plain flour which we’re going to put into the
sandwich bag. So that’s all the ingredients prepped. Next step is to
actually get the courgette sticks dipped and coated and ready to cook. So add the
courgette sticks into the bag of the flour give it a good shake about it mix
it about so they’re all nicely coated. Then we’re going to take one stick at a
time dip it in the egg make sure it’s fully coated in that egg mixture and
then we’re going to transfer it into the bowl with the bread crumbs and parmesan
and again make sure it’s fully coated. When that’s done just put it to the side
and then we’re going to repeat that step with all the courgette sticks. Once they’re done they’re ready to be
cook so take your ActiFry machine open it up we’re going to remove the
paddle in the middle we don’t need that for this recipe and then we want to add
the sticks in just space them kind of nicely and evenly into the bowl of the
ActiFry. We then need a little oil you can either brush it on or just
gently pour it on to the parmesan strips and close the lid and it’s ready to cook. So we’re going to cook this up Mode 2 for ten minutes and that’s it we just leave
our courgette sticks to cook for ten minutes there’s no need to turn them at
all they will cook perfectly evenly and perfectly in the ActiFry machine. Once
fully cooked you can serve them straight away and I like to serve them with a
little creme fraiche dip with some chives they’re delicious
as a starter a snack or even a light lunch.
So really hope you enjoy this recipe I will leave all the ingredients and the
measurements in the description box below I’ll also leave a link to my blog
post where I talk more about the recipe and you can also learn more about the
ActiFry machine and the ActiFry app as well and I’ll see you next time

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