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Acrylic pour gift box – with dip pouring technique

Acrylic pour gift box – with dip pouring technique

Hey guys and welcome! In today’s video I’m going to show you how you can personalize this gift box and gift bag with Acrylic Skin Stickers. You will find all the materials I use in the description below. For the basic techniques of acrylic pouring and more information about the Acrylic Skin Stickers, please watch my tutorials or read my book. Here we are preparing the Acrylic Skin Sticker. For this tape the edges of a self-adhesive transparent foil on a stiff ground and roughen it with sandpaper. Then apply a base layer of pouring medium mixed with the color of your choice and let it dry. From now on you can start to pour the paint. I’m spreading black acrylic paint mixed with pouring medium for a better flow. Then I’m adding the other colors. For the swipe technique I’m using a white paint mixture. Just put the color on one side or on top of the painting and use a palette knife to swipe it over the other colors. Then gently torch the paint to create cells. You can see the golden base layer is showing through In some areas, I want to create more patterns. For this I’m also using a palette knife. Now I’m putting a piece of plastic on the wet paint. This is a kind of dip technique. In some parts it lifts off the paint again. You can see the golden base layer showing through. After drying, you should clean the surface from silicon oil rests. I’m using an old gift box to embellish it with the sticker. You can cut around the box to get the right size. Remove the paper on the back of the Acrylic Skin Sticker and cover the box. Bend the foil around the edges. That’s how the embellished gift box looks like. You can also use the Acrylic Skin Sticker to personalize an old gift bag. Use the same technique as before. Cut out the holes for the cord and pull it through. Then cover all sides of the gift bag with your Acrylic Skin Stickers. Your embellished gift box and gift bag are ready to be given away or to be used as a nice storage. If you liked my video, please give it a thumbs up. I will provide you with more information on how to use the Acrylic Skin Stickers in the next videos. So please subscribe to my channel. Have fun with your Acrylic Skin Stickers and see you next time!

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  1. Nice video, I made a music box for my grandson with my skins from sticker photo paper. It turned out nice too. Thanks for sharing.

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