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ACN SVP Promotion of Larry Raskin (Video)

ACN SVP Promotion of Larry Raskin (Video)

he considered himself a network
marketing professional but he struggled to find an opportunity
that he could run with an opportunity that really resonated with him when he found ACN he says he realized that all of his past
direct sales experiences were simply the education that prepared him for the company he would plant his flag
in ACN what appealed to him most was the
simplicity of the company if the idea of offering essential
services people already used every day so he got started right away leading by example to build a legacy an organization that would change his
life forever today nineteen years later he says ACN has helped him become a
better person father, brother, and friend he’s financially independent and he’s earned the priceless reward of helping others grow to
be the best people they can be while helping them harness financial independence for themselves but he says even today that this is only
just the beginning he wakes up each morning aspiring to
living a life of purpose to make a difference with those who want
to make a difference with him he loves knowing that through ACN he’s not only able to make an impact on
his life but that is making an impact lives of many others he meets along the
way please help us promote to the position of senior vice president mister larry raskin this is the defining moment in my networking career defining moment with greatest company in the world the greatest company in the world before i say anything i wanna just thank my lord and savior jesus christ for bestowing upon me this blessing called ACN you know i had the ability to do some wonderful things in the first couple of years of ACN I i needed to make ACN happen i planted my flag i went to work in eight months our organization was promoted to
regional vice president back in december of nineteen ninety four here’s what’s funny here’s a lesson
a story i can’t tell you the story but there’s a lot of stories here but it took me nineteen years eighteen
years to become senior vice president. we need to do one thing folks and i shared this with some people
recently just gotta work on getting better don’t wish it was easier wish you were
better the largest room in the world is the
room for improvement i’m here to let you know folks that you can
do this and you can do this as big as you want to do it it can be everything and it can be
nothing but im going to ask you all to walk out of here this weekend being non negotiable this isn’t up for debate this isn’t up for conversation as to how great our company is this is about as big and as great and as awesome as it’s ever going to be for you or anybody else you just got to get better at showcasing in front of all of you i would just like to say congratulations to mister larry raskin he is an inspiration to me a role model to me and the kids and to many of you and i just want to say this is your moment honey and you deserve it i’m so happy for you larry got promoted yesterday it was incredibly emotional for myself
because i really know the journey that he’s been through uh… which is on unlike anybodys that has ever been part of
this company he is been involved in changes so many lives not only here in
the united states and canada north america but although europe all over the world with ACN and i think he is the most inspirational leader that’s
ever been in ACN because he’s brought the leaders
and trained the leaders continues to inspire the leaders this weekend for me was amazing because not only did i get to see somebody
who i treasure become a senior vice president but watching all of the circle of champions members in the company line up for him and watching each persons face and you could see that everybody who’s had success in this
company has been touched by him and he’s made an enormous difference in all of our lives so i felt like this was not only a great weekend for him but it honored who he is in ACN it was very very special i would simply say to anybody that has
any doubts or fears or worries about reaching any pin level in our company what i can tell you is that if your in the environment long enough and if you have the thinking that exist within the ACN environment and around the people that have already
displayed the ability to do the business successfully in time it may not be on your time table, but in time it will happen for you because it’s not a talent issue it’s not a born with a set of skills issue it’s a heart issue you gotta have a heart for a better quality of life

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  1. This promotion was done on my first ever convention. He really motivated me to push myself and step out of my comfort zone and really just take charge. I loved the fact that he is very family orientated and very passionate with what hes accomplished. When mentioned Leanne Gabriel never giving up, I made a promise to myself to be like her. Never give up. Also to be just like Larry to be a leader.

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