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ACMA Advertising Vox Pops: Do you think advertising is useful?

ACMA Advertising Vox Pops: Do you think advertising is useful?

Yes I do think it is useful.
-Generally it’s a useful mean. I know what the products are
and I can get some good deals. Maybe not as many ads
as they have but a few is good. If it’s informative,
it gives you details and informs your choices. It’s useful to learn of products
in some way but they sometimes exaggerate it. Maybe the Apple iPhone ones
are useful because it shows a whole bunch
of things you can use it for. It’s a little bit less gimmicky than it was a decade or two back.
“You need this product.” Obviously advertising
is always skewed from what the actual product
is like. Now it’s actually about telling you
what it is and why you need it. But I don’t necessarily think
it gives you a lot about the usefulness
or practicality of an item. I personally think that there’s
a lot of problems with advertising and just the way that people
sells things. Things like women’s issues
and beauty products and the way that people
are represented in advertising, I think that
that’s a real big problem because it sends the wrong message
to people. And often it’s just false advertising
that we see and I think that that’s pretty
immoral in most cases.

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