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ACA Network – Block Chain Ad Network System

ACA Network – Block Chain Ad Network System

The market size of online advertising worldwide Is 280 billion US dollars Currently, however, advertising transaction in the online advertising industry Are unfair and unclear ACA Network will construct a fair and clear advertising transaction platform Using blockchain technology We have ten years of experience in advertising transactions And we will continue to operate from Japan The advertising industry in Japan Is the third largest in the world After the United States and China The industry continues to grow led by “online” Which reached 10 billion dollars in 2016 Mobile advertisement made up 62% Grew by 130% and it is expected to continue growing into the future However, the advertising media face problems Once they try to put an advertisement throw Japanese online advertise agencies Whenever the the advertising media notice their profit is decreasing They contact the person in charge of Japanese online agencies The profit increase temporary However, the profit starts to decrease again This is because Japanese online advertising agencies manipulate the distribution frequency Or advertisement prices We, ACA Network, will solve the problem ACA Network will construct a fair and clear advertising transaction platform Using the blockchain technology On this platform Advertisement are not distributed to advertising media The advertiser don’t intent to Nor manipulated about the price Ideal advertisement will be realize For both advertisers and advertising medias For more details: https://aca.network Thank you!

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  1. This is such a brilliant project. Try it because it future, but it here and now! You should join our project. They can make revolution. They are was high rank on CryptoCurrency Platform. so don't wast your time let's join with ACA Network

  2. One of the few projects that are attractive for long-term investment! A well-designed roadmap, transparency and projected growth – all this is not indifferent and does pass up! Definitely worth to participate!

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