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Abraham Hicks You are Looking for Purity in Thought No Ads

Abraham Hicks You are Looking for Purity in Thought No Ads

now mode do you know what we do mm-hmm we hold the vibration of what you you’re the pioneers out here discovering and then what you discover we accept and acknowledge and acknowledge and acknowledge and acknowledge and acknowledge what we are is what we encourage you to be more we are really good focuses on what you desire and once you carve out a desire we never deviate from your desire by focusing in opposition to it so that law of attraction then responds to that powerful non controverted intention which then gives you the greater possibility probability certainty of coming into alignment with what you’ve created so what you are thanking us for is for our focus for our knowing of your value and for our belief in your discovery of it yeah because nobody ever needs to know any of this you know life would work just fine if you weren’t here listening to this and learning about the laws of the universe and knowing how it works because you can’t stop having life experiences and you can’t stop putting things in your vortex and we will ever source energy will never law of attraction will never stop responding to that vibrational offering Law of Attraction always always works always works and so there’s always a calling to the desire that you have created the advantage that we give to you is that we shine a spotlight on the importance of you getting into that receiving mode and that’s exactly where I’m going so thank you for setting it up yeah you’re good at focusing on what I want I’m good at focusing on what I want in this physical form we can’t do your focusing can we we heard what you said and we focused there but you’ve got to focus upon what you want we can’t focus enough on what you want to make you focus upon what you want because you have free will too focus anywhere you want you are so free you can choose thoughts that feel terrible mm-hmm so here’s my gray area growing up as a child in nature playing with animals I was always or mostly in the now mode yeah observing reacting enjoying yeah there was very little thinking or imagining my future well there was thinking there was thinking but there was less resistant thinking and so you’ve just pointed out something to yourself that we want to shine a spotlight on because what you have just acknowledged is when I talk about thinking I think thinking must be upon important things like ways to earn living or ways to change the world and things like that so you’re not giving yourself credit for the thoughts of aren’t you a beautiful beast and isn’t this a beautiful day and aren’t I having a lot of fun and I wonder what that would do and I wonder what that would do you were thinking thinking thinking thinking thinking don’t try to diminish the importance of those early thoughts those early pure thoughts far more important than these later resistant thoughts you’re looking for purity and thought not sophistication and when you find purity in thought it must become sophisticated because law of attraction will respond to it you know what makes thoughts that are not effective a thought of desire and thinking of what you want in its absence and you want in its absence I want it but I want it that I want it but that thought never becomes sophisticated it never becomes powerful because the introduction of resistance constantly keeps it at wherever it is good conversation yes so the thoughts that I’m thinking now are more about work next steps the battle plans the planning strategy execute all right so let’s just for the sake of clarification and benefit let’s rephrase that the thoughts that I’m thinking are more about battles and strategy and what we want to add to that my step one thoughts are contrasting sure as I weigh the pros and the cons and the pluses and minuses of things as I’m evaluating as I’m gathering data these step one thoughts are sort of resistant in nature but what else are they they’re highly productive because when I know what I don’t want I’m launching rockets and what I do want so these are discerning thoughts these are building blocks of experience thoughts but I don’t want to stay in that contrasting thought so much at some point I’ve got to go in the direction of what I’ve really chosen with these thoughts and practice myself into alignment with that yes mm-hmm so one of the challenges is this when I start my work and I am really good at focusing the world disappears I am only focused on what’s happening with my work and I’m good at performing that we have a question for you while you’re good at that focusing how do you feel for the most part it is good because it turns into good manifestation for me however right outside my window is a beautiful lake turtles are coming up to lay eggs butterflies are flying dragonflies are playing around and sometimes I’m inspired to stop my work go out and experience that and I do that but within five minutes or so my emails are calling me here’s the thing that we really want you to hear let’s focus on the concept the word the idea the feeling of satisfaction and when you’re standing and looking at the turtles out of your window we want you to go there in your mind looking out of the window and tell us really how you’re feeling I’m feeling that I want to experience it more yes and just do that yeah hold it yes you’re feeling deprived you’re feeling taking advantage of your feeling the injustice you’re feeling something that feel unfair your feeling that you want to do something that you cannot do and so there’s no satisfaction even in that thought even with that beautiful glimpse of something you haven’t practiced yourself into a segment of intending to just feel the satisfaction in that and that really is what we’re getting at if we can help you if you can grasp this concept of what true satisfaction is you’ll be able to find it with your turtles and find it with your work you’ll be able to find it no matter what you’re putting your attention upon because you’ll be fully present and by fully present we mean you’ll be present but you’ll be allowing your inner being to be present say it again your inner being is always present but you’ll be allowing yourself to know and feel that your inner being is present your inner being is always focused with you and oh whether it’s Turtles or whether it’s some project that you’re working on it doesn’t matter your inner being is joyful in this forward focused thought so when you allow yourself alignment with the energy of your intervene then satisfaction is your experience because you’re not focused in a way that is holding you apart you see the only thing that ever makes you feel uncomfortable we want so much for you to hear this we want to shout it this is Esther’s impulse because of the intensity of what we’re offering the only thing that makes you feel negative emotion or anything less than really wonderful positive emotion is you are depriving yourself of the alignment with your source energy that’s the only thing it’s not about the thing that you think is making you feel bad you make that Association I feel bad thinking about this but you just told us you’re not feeling all that good focusing upon the turtles because you’re not even looking at the turtles the way your inner being is looking at the turtles you’re looking at the turtles is something that is teasing you and calling you and mocking you because you can’t go and be there with the turtles you’re intervene is enjoying the turtles completely and as you’re focused in your lakal way about the turtles then you’re depriving yourself not of the turtles but of the connection to your source energy you see who is adoring the turtles and enjoying your project the turtles and your project are equally pleasurable to your intervene it’s not a good thing and a bad thing it’s not a free thing and a bondage thing it’s motion forward it’s life on planet Earth is a leading edge of creation and extension you see so the satisfaction factor life caused you to launch rockets that you’re not a match to yet all day every day you’re launching more rockets that you’re not a match to as you close that gap between what you’re asking for and what you believe about it your satisfaction factor increases as you widen that gap your dissatisfaction factor increases so over time we’ve been talking to you about all these emotions like depression all the way to appreciation and love and we’ve named so many in between them there’s so many others and now rather than talking about all of those emotions we just want to talk about finding the most satisfying thought that you can find right now just reach for the best satisfaction that you can find and so when you’re doing your work and you stand up to look at your Turtles stop for a moment and say hmm I’m taking a moment to enjoy this magnificent beautiful thing and stand there and see if you can find it but it is our promise to you if you’ve meditated that morning you’re much more likely to find it I took o’clock in the afternoon or whenever it is that you’re looking out at the window at your Turtles do you see what we’re getting up can you feel how it goes mm-hmm so it is possible to to come out of meditation and continue that for as long as possible that’s what we would do we’d meditate and see how far we could get into the day before it sucks and then we’d meditate and see how far we can get into the day before it sucks so they would meditate the next thing we see how far we can get into the day before secondly would meditate we see how far we can get into the day when meditate we see how far we can get into the day we’d meditate Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and then you will start noticing a pattern you’ll start noticing that you’re less edgy you’ll start noticing that you’re more fluid and more flexible you start noticing that you have greater insight you’ll start noticing that you’re enjoying things more you’ll start noticing that you’re satisfaction even in odd places the floor in the bathroom is so beautiful the floor in the bathroom is so beautiful it’s just so beautiful it’s so satisfying to see a floor like that in the bathroom so satisfying and it’s interesting because it’s a satisfying in that moment is world peace because you’re there and so’s the floor and your senses are focused upon it you see how can I apply that to hundred emails that I have to go through the same thought pattern hundred emails are well satisfied yeah a few things we want to say to you first you can’t do it cold turkey and that on your 10th day of meditating that will be easier than on your first on your hundredth day it will be easier than on your 10th you have a greater capacity to understand what your inner being understands about the emails you’re seeing the emails as task-driven your inner being has seen the emails as asking driven as solution calling your intervene sees them as part of the process of your evolution part of the process of your clarification part of your process of your expansion part of the process of your development of talent part of the process of your development of efficiency part of your talent of your development of discernment you can reach the place where you can open your inbox and your inner beam will show you which one you need to open and which ones you don’t need to open some of them you don’t need to open some of them it’s not of advantage to you to open some of them will cause you to lose your momentum what we are asking you to believe or trust try is to turn in to broader perspective who has the capacity to understand so much more than you do you see the other day we were talking about how there are all these people out there in the world that are your potential co-creative partners and they’re moving around in their vibrational equations as are you but now your vibrational equation is changing because you’re quieting your mind and you’re tuning more to who you are you’re tuning into this greater power in this greater clarity so what happens now that you’ve done that is a different group of those out there in the world are by law of attraction coming to you and you don’t have to understand that you don’t understand electricity you just not have flipped the switch nobody understands electricity and there’s a lot of you who think yourselves are really very smart and you are but you do not understand electricity you’ve learned to utilize it you’ve learned to flip the switches we’re just asking you to understand that law of attraction is a powerful law and that your inner beam does understand it and that your inner beam does know exactly what you want and does know exactly where you are in relationship to it and is offering constant impulse and decisions sort of that go like if I were standing in your physical shoes what I would do is this that’s not exactly accurate but that’s sort of what your inner beam is projecting to you all day long Oh over here this is pleasing this is pleasing this is satisfying this is satisfying this is satisfying but you’ve got to give in to the understanding that life is supposed to feel good and that you’re supposed to feel good you are supposed to feel satisfaction because if you don’t allow yourself to discover how to consistently feel satisfaction then you don’t have your vacuum cleaner plugged in and you’re vacuuming your house without any real advantage you see you

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