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Abraham Hicks First go general No Ads

Abraham Hicks First go general No Ads

and are you refreshed good now what hi wow I have so much appreciation for being a spiritual being having this human experience I’m so excited that you found me or that my friends helped me find you and every single day I’m playing in this experience it feels very natural that you called me because each person that shared I felt that yes to in that enthusiasm and the work that we’re doing not work the play I feel this and for me it’s it’s getting more and more joyful and a lot more levity I am really excited to just ask with you to look at this idea of clarification clarify you know I feel like I can go general really easily I I start my day with my book of my journal of appreciation and I can feel levity in the simplicity of general statements that I’ve learned through your gifts and your guidance so I can really enjoy that everything is always working out for me yes yes and my life everything is beautiful and and now what you know it’s that idea of I can enjoy the ease and now I’m excited for more momentum and I’ll ask and write you know what is it that I want and just listening carefully because so let’s talk about momentum as it relates to ease so a general statement it’s easier to find alignment in a general statement than in a specific statement do you agree more money is flowing to me I need $100,000 tomorrow so the more general the statement is usually the less resistance and therefore the more allowing of the energy to flow so doesn’t it follow that if you start with a general statement that is absent of resistance that in its alignment with source energy it will pick up momentum and therefore become more specific so let’s think about this turning thoughts to thing idea that we’ve been talking about all day here today so quiet your mind like in meditation that’s really general in other words when your mind is quieted you’re about as general as you’re gonna get while you’re awake and in this physical body so in that general state of no resistance because your vortex is full of things you want so your vortex is full of specifics but in your generality you’re not making everything in your vortex suddenly go general you’re just going general so that you can allow the specifics of what’s in your vortex can you feel the difference so now you’ve gone general you’ve meditated you’ve quieted your mind and now thoughts are beginning to flow and if you don’t do something to mess it up if you don’t think a contradictory thought then you won’t add resistance and you won’t slow it down and the general must move faster and faster and faster into the manifestation which is what the specific is yes it just will it just will so it would be accurate to say the way I turn my general feelings and statements of ease that may be slightly less satisfying now there’s throwing little resistance on the trail just with that statement isn’t there but it’s a factual statement if I try to get too specific I’ll slow it all down so I’m gonna keep it general and non resistant so that leads us to this powerful and always accurate statement if I am satisfied with what is and eager for more it’s the optimum state of being so now let’s go back to the beginning of what reaching form we’re going to ask all of you what is more satisfying it could ask what’s more fun something that goes slow or something that goes fast fast it’s just true but what if something is going so fast it feels out of control then what would feel better going faster still or slowing down so faster slow is not right or wrong everything’s relative to the desire in the moment isn’t it so moment by moment I get to feel what feels better and so what we notice about so many of you because you apply so much effort you get tired and when you get tired then you want rest and then when you get rest then you get bored and when you get bored then you want more and when you get more then you get tired and when you get tired then you want rest and so it’s just something that’s changing all the time moment by moment you get to decide from where I am what do I now choose to say momentum is always something that is desired sometimes you want to slow down and make the corner and sometimes you just want to let it go as fast and as hard as it can go Esther discovered that with her time in her little Audi r8 it was a great fun on the straightaways sometimes she wanted to make the corner and she couldn’t be doing 100 well sometimes she couldn’t make the corner at that speed and so it’s prudent to slow it down and so moving with the energies getting your hands in the clay of this energy that’s what it’s all about the overview that you’re wanting to have that we would have if we were standing in your physical shoes is that I’ve lived life and I’ve put plenty in my vortex and it’s all in the state of becoming and the cooperative components have been gathered and I want we’re speaking this if we were standing in your physical shoes I want as much of my vortex to unfold in my life as I can comfortably enjoy so that’s all about my readiness and my readiness not be deemed or judged or evaluated right or wrong by any other because it’s my relationship with my desires and so you just can’t go wrong by just deciding that you want to be happy and by just looking for reasons to feel happier and you’ll get so good at looking for those aspects that make you feel that way that life will just yield to you more and more and more and more and more and you easily can achieve that place where you want it to go just fast enough to be really really fun and not so fast that it gets scary and just fast enough that it’s really really fun not so fast that it gets scary in other words you have control of all of that it’s just a matter of paying more attention as you go what trips you up sometimes as you don’t pay attention because instead of responding to the way you feel you’re responding to how you think others feel or instead of responding to how you feel you’re responding to what you think they think of you and that’s what kind of gets you off of your careful awareness Esther was watching her grandson at the fair the other day with several other boys who he didn’t know that it all joined into a race of little cars and they all had their buttons so they could control how fast these cars went there were five cars going around a track and each car was a different color in each car had a track that was a different color and the idea was to just be steady and fast and it was really fun to watch Luke was particularly good at it Esther thought he must have played enough games in other ways because he seemed to have mastered it he knew just how fast for it to go and most of the other boys had not seemed to have as much experience of their cars were crashing and the facilitator was putting them back on track but it was such an interesting thing to watch because if they went too fast they lost control and if they didn’t go fast enough then maybe someone else would go faster than they were so it was a really interesting powerful focus where they had to go fast enough to be ahead and slow enough to make the corner and fast enough to be ahead and slow enough to make the corner and Esther was thinking as she was watching this is just like life is isn’t it as fast as it can be and still feel good that’s as specific as I can be and still feel good and if I get more specific than I am vibrationally able to handle it won’t feel good yeah very helpful and you know as you’re sharing that I think about those things like the butterflies and the the feathers and I’ve added these things into my life like adding seeing bubbles and soon it was crows and the cats that crossed my path and then it was every tree waving and and now people smiling and so everything is a sign which is beautiful I’m making it I’m helping you know I’m seeing these signs everywhere because you live in the most cooperative universe and the influences toward cooperation with you are so enormous and when you get into that receptive mode where you are aware of the cooperation as it’s happened then it just opens the floodgates for more and more and more and I guess then another clarifying question that I’m wondering is then do I even need to or this idea of like doing a focus wheel or is it time to start saying ok now I can unpack this if I’m feeling so good do I even need to work on this what you begin to discover is the processes are for improvement of lower vibrations once you’re meditating and receiving and knowing that you are now specific processes will it be inspired to you but you can let those other ones go and of course something might happen you might run into an old vibration in the form of an old friend or a family reunion that party where you may revisit something and you’re surprised that you’re there because you haven’t felt that since last time you saw that person and so a focus will you might want to dust it off play with it again the thing is what you’re really reaching for is how can I feel the best that I can feel in this moment and so when something hits you dealing with it seems prudent to you now it wouldn’t seem prudent to us ignoring it would seem prudent to us but if there’s enough momentum that you can’t ignore it then you might want to get one of those processes out but what we would do is we just play it out and see where it goes and enjoy the process and meditate in the morning okay awesome thank you [Applause] you

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  1. Yay for ad free!
    Thanks for posting ad free, which are the only ones I watch.
    I noticed the other comment was about music which strangely I didn’t notice, but I agree, i don’t find music beneficial.

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