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About UCL

About UCL

The problem with the water of the area is it comes from the ground, it is really
contaminated the system collects rainwater some pipes are installed in the roofs,
water is taken to a filtering system with silver ions this technology was developed by UCL engineering labs you are, as a student, more than a simple observer. You get the chance to
have the skills and the resources you need to make a
difference in the world. I remember when the first system was finished the children, they just ran to the tap, and they just pushed each other, you know, to be able to have water. It was amazing because you could see an immediate positive impact in the lives of people UCL, in different departments and faculties works together with, not just with research
centres, but also big business and enterprises. Therefore, its research answers, directly, the needs of the world nowadays. I think the amount of research I got to
do here was quite surprising. I didn’t expect to
be able to get involved in actual science quite this quickly by the time I was doing my third year I had already done things that nobody had done before I was actually generating new knowledge. I got to work with everybody from an undergraduate to a
post doctoral level and also Prof. Perkins who has doing this for decades. I’ve been studying the interaction
between two proteins and hopefully understanding these proteins better will
help us tackle diseases like age-related macular degeneration. Initially I got into it because I thought knowledge for its own sake was worth
going after but the more I spent in labs here The more I’ve done research and done lectures I
think I’m getting more more toward stuff that has practical application. I know UCL is a leader in the research they do here , and research is very important. And UCL, obviously, in the heart of London is a great place to live and a great place to work. You almost can’t really be an
archaeologist unless you’ve actually done some proper
digging. You get lots of opportunities with UCL that you don’t at other unis. I’ve been funded 70 days worth of archaeology field work. My biggest find was these smooth polished stones. It was really amazing to actually like
pick them up and realise that you’re the first person to have touched that in twenty thousand
years. There’s a basement full of artefacts and things and it is really exciting that you can use them in your work. I know
the archaeology department here is really into public outreach. UCL has three museums you can go into. So a big thing UCL is based on is
the fact that they believe anyone should go to university. That was a big thing that I identified with. I’m the first in my family to go to university so they are really proud of me. I know a lot of doubts that people have is financial, that was a big one of mine. But if you actually look into how the student finance system works and how bursaries, and the loans and the grants work, anyone can afford to go to university There are still times when I’m sitting in the
lab and I think it’s amazing that I’ve come from high school chemistry set, realistically,
to working with analytical ultra centrifuges down here. After visiting UCL, I realised that if I didn’t get into UCL I didn’t want to go anywhere I think studying here gives you the opportunity to find out what you have to do and gives you the skills and the tools to do

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  1. Amazing video! As an UCL alumna I feel proud and well represented. Well done to everyone involved in putting together this visually-powerful message!

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