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ABANDONED city in America with NO LAWS | Yes Theory

ABANDONED city in America with NO LAWS | Yes Theory

We’ve only heard stories about the city were heading to. Most importantly it’s rumored to be the last city in America with no laws. So I’m going to try to give you my take on what this lost city in the desert of California called Slab City really is And our friends Justin Escolona his girlfriend Marissa, and his best friend Nick from the YouTube channel Playthegamefilms, were too curious not to tag along on the adventure But before we explored slab city there was a fascinating place, we simply couldn’t avoid All right, listening. So my favorite YouTube video ever I’ll call it, was filmed about this sea right here. This is pretty surreal to be here I will link it everyone should go watch it. cos, it’s amazing. All of this right here, is dead fish Its not sand found an eyeball like a skeleton of an eyeball. Damn. How crazy this this is not a beach. This is not sand this is dead fish In the 1950s a catastrophic engineering mistake deviated the Colorado river into one of the lowest basins in the country leading to the unexpected creation of the largest body of water in California the Salton Sea But after an entire town was created around it the water started to dry up and became so salty that barely any living organisms Survived the water turned toxic the accidental paradise was left abandoned and the millions of fish Dead Again, oh no in addition. It still like some hints that all of this is just fish Okay, so there’s insects everywhere here. And this swampy water. It looks like I don’t know it looks very toxic It’s been dry for a long time Oh whoa, wait, slow down, slow down. This is the entrance This is the entrance of Slab City Almost there […] guys back there, drinking our beer Have you been there before? No , never been! [oh] Wow, I’ve seen it on film. But seeing it in person is totally different [wow]. It’s surreal When we arrived we found what might qualify as the strangest entrance to a town Salvation Mountain A man called Leonard Knight spent 30 years of his life building this gigantic art piece. His desire was to spread a simple message he so deeply believed in God is love One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in person After his first attempt crumbled into the ground after four years of hard work Thousands of people came from around the world to donate paint and he ended up coating a mountain with a hundred thousand gallons He passed away in 2014 and his art has since then been qualified as a national treasure You know he was doing this when he was probably like between 80 and 82 Taking these hay bales end-over-end, putting them on, and as he’s pumping them up there and bolting them in he had to know time is running short But he couldn’t do it anymore couldn’t see he couldn’t barely work. I love this. This is the most inspiring thing I’ve probably ever seen in my life These flowers all of these flowers here Lenny would take them put a ball of clay on there and pow, and punch it with his fist And if nobody remembers my name or sees, or, you know, mentions me again when I’m done cool I don’t care leonard did this and it his baby, and I’m just honored to be the dude they got to be here Thank you. Thank you. Yes, why we do it everybody loves it like Now we’re going to try and go to slab City. Which is about two minutes away And we’re gonna try and meet some locals and see these people living in this lawless city, I guess Do you think we’ll be able to meet somebody? I don’t know we arrived in slab City and felt both shocked and weirdly Welcome This is East jesus you see the big statue over there all of these things right here. Just art installation look at this I thought it was gonna be super hostile, but its like not. Yeah its like very welcoming Its like, come join We have arrived at East Jesus As we rolled in we realized. There’s probably not a single city in the world like this one Originally Slab City was a military base used during world war two, but after the war ended. It was taken down and left abandoned But it’s still located near an active bombing range Quickly the rumors spread about the abandoned land and dozens of squatters arrived and made it their homes for the winters with no running water Electricity this alternative Living community now hosts thousands of retirees and Army Veterans every year. Many of the residents are attracted by the feeling of freedom and lack of government that comes with living in an uncontrolled off-grid area in the middle of the desert How you doing sir? How many people were talking about here? First off, I must explain to you that no, I am certified insane, and really, no, I have Papers I am certified insane But this place is is is a power vortex. It’s you know, you feel this weird kind of I don’t know, charge in the area here and If you look out there you see you know art everywhere. What brought you here Bad luck and a poor guide. Bad luck and a poor guide? Yes, I see. This is a sheltered workshop for the work ethic impaired. Work ethic impaired means lazy Okay, I have two jobs, okay I’m spiritual guide here at East Jesus and I empty the **** buckets I do so, yes. The whole yeah, there’s three of them there and I change them out and clean them out, and scrub them out and everything so so basically you have **** in one hand and **** in the other A lot of people say that Slab City is lawless How would, would you say it’s lawless or would you say no? no, not lawless it’s very courteous very courteous, and if you step over the line to discourtesy It is lawless yeah, you know pretty much that you know be courteous to your neighbor Or they will they will shoot you Attract people who are willing to give More to a project than they got back from it. On paper, I’m a very stable person I am certified insane I have papers otherwise I’ve traveled pretty much everywhere in the world I’m here for six months and I go to Vietnam for six months. I have a wife and two two grown stepdaughters Well Wizard, thank you so much, we appreciate it. I’ll give you a hug. All right. [yes] I can tell you give a hug. It looked really good I’m in love Very intelligent questions Thank you. Those were great answers too. We’ll wander around a little Oh, yes please do. Have a great time. Thank you Thank you so much it okay. You wanna play bowling? No way, this is an actual bowling alley? Yeah Dude, there’s a putter! I’ll be Tiger woods back in High school You throw like this right? sure whatever Can I kick your ass? I’m ready bring it on! Oh. Damn, not bad. Yes. I’ve had uh creating things without rules You built the whole thing Yeah. I built a bowling alley, the golf course. Oh, thank you [Sacred?] tree. Decided to quit society and Become a driftwood artist I started traveling around the country and then uh ended up here, decided I want to be part of this So I used to make high-performance turbocharger machines. Get out. Twin turbos for Corvettes. Leaving the city behind I mean This is my backyard, this is my home. You go to your job, you punch the clock so you can pay for your place to live, so you can pay for your vehicle? so you can maybe get a vacation once a year and Get up and do it again every day. This place is Interesting because it grows from like it is today where there’s seven of us to in about two days there will be 120 of us here, and we’ll be doing fire bowling and fire soccer and fire volleyball and stupid stuff In fact, it’s called Stupidity. Like they’re literally on fire? They are literally on fire. We got a metal net in a fireball we’re going to wear Welding gloves, and it sounds really stupid safety third. That was the whole point of this place recycle it, Re-use it, re-purpose it or set it on fire That’s one of them. We love your house! I’ve found my home You gonna move here [dude?] I’d love to come here once in a while and just set things on fire Cos that’s so much fun! This is literally insane like this is And that’s the best part is there’s no logical correlation or association in anything that is made here. That’s why it’s amazing So it’s hard to have refrigeration here So it’s usually hard to get a cold beer so we bought some cold beer on the way And we’re going to give it to them as a thank you. We have a bunch of beers for you guys. Just as like, thank you They’re still cold right now. Yeah, they’re pretty cool Just wanna say thank you, and yeah Thank you so much for having us. Cheers to you guys. Cheers! He got so happy. I know. He hugged the beer. Alright, so we’re leaving Slab City, we’re gonna head home. It was a pretty incredible experience just people that live there are pretty much surrounded and immersed in love It’s a pretty amazing community of people, just living through art, and through the community. If there’s one thing you should ever do in your life Its hit that subscribe button.

100 thoughts on “ABANDONED city in America with NO LAWS | Yes Theory

  1. Technically even if they don’t have cops or local laws they still have to follow federal laws. They are on federal land.

  2. I have never seen anything like this before it looks well when people who live like that are more charitable friendly and more excepting of others than most of society! When you gave him those cold beers his eyes lit up 👆 and that you cannot buy anywhere. Thank you for sharing ♥

  3. I am not sure how to feel about this whole situations at first I felt super sorry for them living out here with very little contact with the outside world and no modern alliances that make life so much easier to live in our modern society but on the other hand they chose to go out here and not to live in the modern world at least some of then were not forced here by poverty and decided to come out here and do what they love.

  4. Every time I see someone introduce Slab City to the public, I never see any people of color. Is Slab City for White's Only?

  5. When Freedom is more important then Comfort and do called "sefty" Control of Goverment when you become SLAVE of Goverment

  6. This is why I love you guys, you visit a place like this and treat it with respect and curiosity, and not like some other YouTubers (that Logan Paul douche) who go and disrespect a whole culture just to create "funny" content.

  7. all this art that seems kinda random..it feels like u are dreaming when u walk through the city, and u see weird things that some of them don't make so much sense..

  8. been there many times with my family, didnt get to see it too cause it was painted over again very beautiful

  9. I wish more people would come with papers and just straight up admit they were certifiable crazy. Saves so much time.

  10. A lawless city that's courteous.
    Iceland where there's no ice.
    Greenland but snow's everywhere.
    Factual ironies✨

  11. Hey I’m trying to meet you guys to help me with my dreams I’ve been a huge fan and my world would be blown if I at least got to meet you guys (hopefully i get your attention)

  12. I hope you racked them pins after for your own safety. Oh and you shook hands with a man that stated several times he handles shit all day like wtf 🤦‍♂️ next time someone admits to that stick to hugs then change your top 🤮 💩 🤮

  13. Slab City should never ever be shut down and society should start being more like Slab City and places like it like Poole's Land. Sending good vibes and LOVE to everyone at Slab City and living their life like this, you are AMAZING and people like this will change the world for better. God is GREAT 💜💛💙💚💯💯

  14. Travelers always get a different story of slab city and niland area. However if you are from the valley (like me) you know the sad truth of the towns. There is actual serious dangers there and it is probably the most crime ridden place in the valley

  15. I’ve been to Slab City a few times. You just have to be cautious with where you go. Most people are very welcoming, but if you go into an area you shouldn’t, you could find someone with a gun or a bad attitude. Other than that, it’s a beautiful place that I hope stays lawless and free with these positive people you can find there.

  16. You have these places in Europe, they are called free havens. They are quite small and artsy and the people are great. When you know the people inside these community's they are very welcoming. These communitys are actually full of creativity and positivity. Ir's sad that governments want to close them up.

  17. Lmao I’m probably late but we’re just gonn act like we didn’t hear it 4:07 he was listening to Mexican music☠️☠️

  18. It might be a weird place but it is better to be in a lawless city with less violence than every big cities of USA.

  19. omg i watched this video 2 years ago and i've only just stumbled onto your channel like a couple days ago and had no idea i had visited you guys before 2 years ago!!! <3

  20. Only half way through (at the part when they arrive and there are a line of dolls and I expect this to be an advert for "students go to dangerous place and get eaten etc/ random horror film)

  21. Californian men are such BIG p#ssie$ with all their soft tender deep emotional feelings and all their warm sweet hugs. I don't like seeing full grown men be sweet on other men, it grosses me out and makes me sick to my stomach.

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