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A Word from Our Customers

A Word from Our Customers

Man 1: We think the AdRoll platform is really
easy to use. Man 2: The new dashboard is really great.
I love the datepicker. Matt: When we signed up for AdRoll we immediately
saw a huge boost in our ROI. Terry: Our clients have experienced on range
of 40 to 50X in terms of ROI. Sergei: From day one AdRoll helped us gain
a larger exposure. Neil: I would recommend another agency use
AdRoll because AdRoll really makes agencies look great. Brad: AdRoll made it really easy to meet us
on our terms and made sure that we have visibility into the performance of our campaigns. Bill: It literally takes 20 to 30 interactions
before someone will eventually sign up to become a lead and you need to have the back
end technology that’s going to allow you to nurture that prospect all the way through. Josh: Being able to target high quality inventory
across the web really helps us maximize the impact of our very small startup budget. Adam: It’s allowed us to scale our search
engine marketing because we’re able to drive traffic to Bustedtees and then retarget that
traffic later and then bring them back, which has improved our ROI on SEM as well as just
retargeting specifically. Sean: AdRoll is a no brainer when it comes
to recommending someone looking for a retargeting solution. Bill: Retargeting with AdRoll is just one
of those key technologies that we couldn’t live without.

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