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A Simple Guide to Digital Display Advertising

A Simple Guide to Digital Display Advertising

Hi, I’m Susan from digital marketing agency
upriseUP, and in this video, I’m going to give you a guide to digital display advertising. What is display advertising?
Display ads are the ads that you see when you’re surfing the web, the ad boxes that
appear at the top of a website, to the sides, or even video. They’re incredibly interesting because they
can be really well targeted to the exact kind of people that you’re trying to reach, be
that through their online behaviours or interests. Also, due to their visual nature, they can
be very creative. When to use a display campaign.
Display advertising can compliment, or be an alternative to, search engine marketing,
and that’s where you’re trying to get your website listed in the search engine results.
If people aren’t already searching for your product or service, you need to create that
interest and create brand awareness, and that can be where display comes in. Where to show your ads.
By buying ads on Google, we can reach nearly everyone on the internet, but you can also
consider YouTube. Run a cost-effective video ad on YouTube where you only pay when someone
watches 30 seconds or more of your video ad. Facebook also has fantastic amounts of information
about its users and offers complex targeting options, and this is another place where you
can see great results. How to target your ads.
One of the most exciting things about display advertising is the array of targeting options
at your fingertips. You can target people based on their age, their gender, where they
live, what they’re interested in, and even what they’re considering buying. But in our opinion, the most effective form
of targeting is remarketing, which is targeting people that have already been to your website.
How many times have you been chased around the internet by ads from websites you’ve
recently visited? That’s remarketing, and it can be incredibly powerful.
You can target people who have put something in their shopping basket but not made a purchase,
remind them about you, send them a special offer. You can also target people who have
made a purchase, upsell a related item, or get brand awareness for a new item.
There’s so much you can do, and this is really where we suggest you start with your
display. How much do they cost?
They can cost as little or as much as your budget allows. Display advertising doesn’t
have to incur huge creative costs and you can easily create effective ads using Google
and Facebook templates. We love display advertising and creating effective
campaigns for our clients, and we’d love you to get in touch. Thank you for watching
this video, and look out for the next in our digital marketing series.

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