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A Man And A Woman Compare Running Alone At Night

A Man And A Woman Compare Running Alone At Night

I’m Sarah I’m Frank we are going to be filming ourselves running at night okay I can run at night no baby I’m not scared you know of course not of course not told this kind of shaded and dark at night it’s New York City so anything can happen dreams can come true a nightmare soon there was this recent survey in runner’s world that found that 58 percent of female runners were harassed while running does that sound high to you yeah it’s outrageous another Gallup poll showed that 50 percent of women polled were afraid to even walk at night in their own neighborhoods that’s why after hearing about all these women being assaulted while running at night I don’t know whether that’s a fear that I I should have I first emailed out looking if anybody would run at night I was surprised at how many men responded and how no women responded I had no one it was my video so I was like well if somebody has to do it I guess I have to do it before you started doing this experience did you tell people oh I’m doing this yeah actually I took a Instagram poll on for my followers and to see if it’s a smart idea a lot of them say said that it’s not a really smart move why run at night I put yourself out there in that risk and the ones that were like interested for drama definitely pushed me towards running at night when I started to tell some people I was doing this everyone was like no what are you doing don’t do it I had friends that were texting me Sarah are so stupid like it’s not worth it and my husband in particular was like very freaked out by it he thought that by doing this and doing it because I was interested in the experience I was going to be somehow inviting negative things to happen to me like while I was running I usually run three to four miles every other day I could travel no three four miles please for miles sometimes five I’m pushing it but you usually do treadmill yeah always doing the treadmill I prefer to run outside or on a track when I do run which is admittedly not as often and not as far I’m going to start running tonight as you guys can see it’s midnight and I’m kind of nervous because currently I don’t see anyone in this place and I’m just kind of worried that if I were to spook for help in case of any emergencies I’m not sure if I would see anyone come to the rescue it’s freaky I felt relatively safe because my first trial was in like a very well-off neighborhood it’s like by the Westside okay so just water and there’s the highway and buildings I looked up tips for running at night and somebody said like run with your dog I’m gonna go on my first run tonight I think I’m gonna try going with Lucy I think having her with me maybe will make it easier they’ve probably met like a big dog yeah I’ve been tiny dogs so that’s not what they meant they also said like Oh run with you know pepper spray these were off for like wreck women running like women running at night and I did find an article that was like an article from a male perspective he thought meals shouldn’t run at night was because you might fall and injure yourself and I just thought that was really funny I was actually super surprised at how many people I saw running there were so many people at the park that were running late at night and it made me feel much better like I was like oh my god so many people do this I you know there’s no reason to be afraid at night it’s so cool it feels so much better to be outside running than it would be in the middle of the day see other people run at night and they’re women so that also makes me feel better I understand why we would be afraid to ride a night I never sing get it but I also from this experience feel like if you have a place that is safe or there’s a lot of people I don’t think you should let that stop you I’m hearing all this music and I’m running in the park there’s some event going on I mean anytime you feel less alone when you’re running I think it’s a good thing surprisingly there were like only a few people around I just run two miles I only saw a total of three people during the whole entire journey to be honest I was kind of shocked because I was expecting more people who are suspicious whereas you like selling like drugs or something like by the water I don’t know I don’t know I was expecting something weird so the second trial I decided to run closer to home it was a little bit dark and shady and there were not as many streetlights there were moments where I felt really unsafe I definitely took precautions everything I wore was as neutral as it can be so sometimes I the gym I might wear a pink tank so just to make sure that I don’t invite hostility or any reason I just chose our neutral color like for females if you don’t want invite cat collars and harasses that kind of idea of trying to wear neutral things that don’t make you stand out in some way to invite attention I think about it too yeah yeah it shouldn’t have to happen for either of us the parks nice let me try different room so I actually went to a bar class and I decided I was gonna run out instead of being just like pleasant neighborhood it’s like I’ve ran gently Avenue like that it’s a very bit it’s busy honestly the fact that there were so many people that maybe not feel that uncomfortable there really is safety in numbers my concern was less about my physical safety more of the safety the equipment cause like I said I did feel like yet you were inviting unwanted attention because of that so as you can see there’s this like blinking light that’s following me everywhere I go like you’re not wearing a bright colored shirt so you don’t get attention but you’re wearing a camera that has a red light that’s yeah that’s unpleasant attention human flashlight you know running around I felt scared at points but I was expecting to be more scared and then the weekend happen I wasn’t running didn’t have the GoPro on but I had I parked our car like farther away from our house and usual because I drove back from somewhere it was late at night like 1:00 a.m. and I got the car had my dog big bag and there was like a guy there and he started like talking to me he was obviously drunk and I felt very uncomfortable started talking to me asking for my number and I was trying to be gracious or whatever I don’t know I was trying not to think of that I was just kind of like no no I don’t think so I don’t do that but then he like followed me he followed me towards my apartment at this point I’m thinking okay well don’t go to your apartment no no you live but I had my dog with me and she was like I tried to walk by my apartment my dog was like what are you doing I was like umm this is obvious and I I’ve coded entry so I was like I don’t want him to see me putting my coat in oh if I said like get the hell away from me go away like he’s obviously inebriated I don’t know what he’s gonna do I made it inside and I shut the door and I don’t know I was just like literally had to lie down because I was so like on edge when I start to think about it I’m like Sarah what are you doing is it really worth doing this because I think before that happened I was gonna kind of say these fears are overblown if you want to run at night run at night but then after that happened I definitely I changed my mind I felt like okay I don’t know the solution I don’t know the answer if you would war and like a bright pink shirt what’s like your worst fear of what would have happened I would be worried this person could be potentially homophobic if they were to like attack me or like harass me and that’s the last thing that one do you think women are LGBTQ or anybody do you think they should be running outside at night even though it might be an intimidating environment if you want to run at night definitely take precautionary measures and just have a back-up plan my recommendation probably would be to run with a group safety numbers but also it’s a group activity makes you more likely to keep doing it and I understand the fear but I think I would rather live in a world where we all can feel comfortable running at night and I would like to work in that direction this bad stuff does happen but I don’t think we should let it rule us I think we should take control of it [Music]

100 thoughts on “A Man And A Woman Compare Running Alone At Night

  1. OmG Running at night is the NOP

    Im scared of everything at night like I turn off the lights in the living room an litarrallyy run for my life to my room cuase i get scared

    I get scared to get water at night like once i started crying in the middle of the hallway in my house cuase It was soo dark and I couldnt see the end from any sidee

    and my neighbors cam to check on be and i thought it was a murderer or something Sooooo i started screaming and the police came……..

    and one of the female officers stayed until i fell asleep


  2. I wanna walk out at night but #1 I don't have a baseball bat and #2 I don't wanna go alone it's lonely but it's nice

  3. I'm a 5'2", 105lb woman and I don't run because HAHAHAHA, but I take nighttime walks all the time. Nothing happens, and I live in a very urban area. Meanwhile, I have male acquaintances who have been shot or shot at, which to me sounds crazy.

  4. "A Man And A Woman Compare Running Alone At Night
    " – I'm surprised they found a woman open to do that.

  5. It's not the people in my neighbourhood, it's the wildlife: mainly coyotes and cougars. So. Uh. Ya. No walking or running in this area when it's dark, which in the winter is like 4 p.m. to 8 a.m. 😁

  6. My friend runs at night and she loves it, doesn’t feel unsafe at all… but I think her being 6’0 and 190 pounds + having her 110 pound lab with her helps with that lol. Wish more women were genetically blessed with her size.

  7. And here I am asking who runs at night? Personally, I only exercise at home since running is inconvenient for me. Maybe run with groups at a lighted area (at a park) even if you are male or female.Anyway, running on a treadmill with the window open while watching your favourite TV show is wayyy more fun than running outside!

  8. My friends hate that I run at night but it's when I enjoy it the most and have the best results. I have several safety precautions I take and always am on guard. Unfortunately all that is necessary..

  9. Women shouldn’t have to fear doing things but we do because men are ALWAYS excused from what they do

  10. Why you left all weekend time and decide to run in night!? you got Friday, Saturday and Sunday !
    and you still don’t have to do it if you worry about your physique after you ate ice cream because you can use the Japanese matcha green tea powder or you can go out in any gas station and buy Red bull free sugar .

    problem solved!

  11. Years ago, living in basically a suburb, one considered desirable, my routine was never at night, and after establishing my route and times, I had the following experiences…
    1.) One family frequently let their little dog loose that would try to bite me—I caught the owners peeking from behind their curtains—all stoped after I started chasing the dog all around it’s yard.
    2.) One family let out their two pitbulls that circled me as I stood still in the middle of the street not making eye contact, when a car came, the dogs ran to their yard, and I take off running to fortunately not see them again—house was on a corner, I pitched pebbles at the front door hoping to get the owners attention since I had to run again past the backyard, she opened her door and yelled at me but I was able to get out words about her dogs but all she did was ignore me and then said stop throwing rocks at her door or she would call the cops.
    3.) A few men made it a point to stand at the end of their driveways and make comments about my body as I ran past
    4.) Elderly man of a mom & pop store was asked to play matchmaker and inquired if I would be willing to date a divorced man up the block, he said the guy noticed me jogging and was interested in me—no thanks.
    5.) My best friend informed me of one woman in the neighborhood who informed her she paid someone to put a curse on me because she believed I jogged because I thought I was a big deal, that I think I’m better than other people—WTH.

    ALL TRUE STORIES. So, imagine running at night in that neighborhood. 🤨
    I did start wearing a fannypack that carries a weapon for protecting myself against dogs. I did inquire with Animal Control which was not very helpful in those days. Eventually, I had to completely stop running because of reoccurring stress fracture.
    People who know me say I should write a book on all the kookie things I’ve experienced in my life thus far.

  12. I wish I could walk at night. I'm a night person and I enjoy that time of day outsides. If it is getting close to dark I'll talk myself out of doing. It just sucks that there are things I can't do as a woman.

  13. Only 50%??? I'm shocked! I really think it would be more like 90 or 95% of women that would be scared of walking at night in their neighbourhood. It's flat out dangerous!!

  14. Before I was plagued with back knee and hip problems, I enjoyed running at night (between 8:00p and 2:00a) throughout my neighborhood. This was about a five mile radius and included a large park with a lake where I occasionally would go swimming at 2:00am, of course I'm talking about the 80's. Even if I could there's no way in hell I would do that today.

  15. I still felt afraid to run at night even when I was living in the Philippines and same with China. America was way worse. I would never run outside alone at night.

  16. I would think running at night would warrant wearing bright colors. Definitely wear some sort of alarm, carry spray, and don't listen to music. Be aware of surroundings. Not many people run around here unless it's at the park, but it's mostly rural.

  17. It’s a fact that if your a woman walking alone at night, you have a 50/50 chance of some sorta harassment going on. The chance is too high, I feel like even during the day it’s still 50/50 if your walking…running maybe less but walking somehow makes the chance greater.

  18. Guys have fears about running at night, and so do women. Both have fears. Most fears are not based on reality.

  19. damn this is crazy, i don't even walk alone in the daylight. one time i was walking home from a store less than 1km from my house, in broad daylight, and soo many creepy old men shouted at me… one younger dude even followed me with his motorcycle for a couple of minutes and keep insisting to come with him

  20. I ran at night and I was less catcalled than when I run during the day. In the day light they can see me and during warmer seasons car honk at me or people in the car catcall, only if they are in the car, but at night everything was quite quiet (small town) none ever followed me (I'm pretty fast since I do track and field)

  21. I’m edgy during the day in packed places.
    I lock my doors when I’m driving and I’m always security conscious. I don’t think there’s another way to be these days.

  22. I'm 14 and walk to a grocery store sometimes that's around 1-2 miles I constantly got honked at from older men every 5-10 minutes every time it would happen I would pick up my face and look behind me, I've gotten sexually assaulted so I also use the reflection of my phone to look behind me and keep pepper spray in my hand. It's truly terrifying.

  23. i know that something really bad can happen, but i don't wanna live my life like a victim, confined to my home on the chance that it WILL happen. Ladys, get your concealed hand-gun licenses and educated yourself on gun laws. Also, I've been looking everywhere for a women's self-defense class that actually works or would have some practical application against a man. I hear there are some out there that can evenly match you against an untrained man, but not in my town.

  24. I Run at night almost every day and i live in a pretty big city, so i take my older brother with me as like a Body guard. he's like 6'ft tall and dressed in all black most of the time when he comes with me on runs so Ain't nobody attacking me with him around.

  25. I'm a teen mom and it's really scary to run at night. Because I have 5 children, it's risky, knowing that someone could hurt your child and being young enough to not be able to defend yourself.

  26. I almost got killed because my aunt left the door open to the car and me and my cousin who is a baby were in the car and this guy looked threw the window from kinda far and then my aunt came so thank freaking god

  27. The only thing I’m scared of at night is weird creatures hiding in bushes made up from my imagination

  28. Safety in numbers, and even men can get harassed in this situation so if I see women running at NIGHT BY THEMSELVES, I literally fear for their lives

  29. It doesn't matter what gender you are, we should all be afraid to get murdered when running at night 😂😂😅

  30. I’m actually scared of walking alone in daylight. I live in a fairly residential area and have been catcalled/ followed in daylight

  31. Ummm…. Men are more likely to be victims of violent crime….but lets ignore them facts…🙄

  32. People are less likely to harass you if you run with your dog regardless of their size. I was harassed when walking my dog in my apartment complex, but i know for a fact he would have been more persistent if i was alone.

  33. I thought women were not physically different than men? It looks like Buzzfeed is pushing a sexist narrative with thus video.

  34. Literally run at 12 to 2 am every day for the past year and it’s the best thing ever. Y’all are completely overreacting

  35. I ran once outside my neighborhood in the daylight and was harassed. You couldn’t pay me to go at night. I’ll stick to the treadmill. It may not be fair but as a woman it’s not safe. I put my safety first instead of trying to prove a point.

  36. I need to walk to my mosque in the morning i can't drive and my mosque is a bad area in a small city so no safety in numbers. pray for me

  37. Another video featuring a bunch of city privileged feminists who have been brain washed and think that everything is some how sexists

  38. Those percentages are inacurate i checked the websites and they were out of 50 people and only out of pos angeles and newyork some of the most liberal states which I'm not trying to offend people but liberals are more emotional and afraid

  39. If I’m outside and I see someone running at night, I’m going to chase them. Idk why but that’s just something I can’t help. I wouldn’t be right behind them id be in their blind spot so they don’t know.

    Oh and don’t let them have earphones on… Yeah it’s over for them.

  40. I thought they were comparing men vs women running at night? Just women rn did anyone see a man in this video?

  41. As a skinny 5’6 guy I’m scared to run at night too..but I have a dog, a very big one that is, though she’s very friendly when I scream she attacks. So I only walk with her by my side 😅

  42. If you run at night and when something eventually happens to you, man or woman, you got what was comin to ya. There's a reason why humans have an instinctal fear of the dark.

  43. I hate going out side by myself at all. I could never imagine going outside at night let alone going out to run. I don’t really know why I’m so scared, I’ve never really had a bad interaction with a stranger, but the fear is way to much for me.

  44. Also, a helpful tip is to run with a cellphone and if someone starts following you or just looks suspicious, talk on the phone (just to seem like someone knows where you are) and they will usually leave you alone. Also, you would have easy access to call 911.

  45. Lol i was tracking a dunk couple walking on a highway with night vision while i was exercising on my bike …… made some gargling nozies while waiting for them to get hit by a car ……like hide and seek SO MUCH FUN LOL

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