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A Counterintuitive Video Marketing Technique

A Counterintuitive Video Marketing Technique

James Schramko here with a counterintuitive technique to actually improve the results you’re getting from your video marketing that may not be something you’re doing right now. In fact, you might actually be doing too much or putting in too much expense or effort to make the video content you’re making. And that tip is simply to have a more unpolished, organic style of video. One of my clients who has a very popular YouTube video was using two DSLR cameras and sound gear and he had technicians and everything. And he was doing a very polished product. And his audience thought it was great. But when he actually just went to a selfie-type camera, like this video I’m making now by myself, with an iPhone, he actually got double the views because people thought it was more real, they were connecting with him. I’ve seen some of my other clients adapt this approach, and it’s working well for them. If you want to get a camera, I’d suggest the Canon G7X. That’s a really good camera, that’s not a DSLR camera, that works great on a little tripod that has a flip-up lens, and a huge memory card and it can film long videos. But if you don’t have then, just use an iPhone and get an iPhone clip, and a little handheld thing. And then you can be in the video production business. But also you can expect to get really great cut-through because it’s organic, it’s real. And, of course, the best camera you have is the one that’s in your pocket right now. So there’s no excuses. Start making organic videos, get them out there and see what results you get. If you do try this, I’d love you to make some comments. So if you’ve got some tips, if you’ve got some results already, put a comment right near this video and let others know what you’ve been doing and what results you got. And I’ll be really interested to read and respond to that, too. I’m James Schramko and you’re watching SuperFastBusiness.com.

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