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A/B Testing Tips Proven to Increase Advertising ROI

A/B Testing Tips Proven to Increase Advertising ROI

A/B testing is how you compare two
different versions of a landing page to see which one performs better. How to
conduct an A/B test is simple enough All you need to do is choose which
elements of the page you’d like to test. For example, maybe you want to test
something subtle like which color is more attractive on a CTA button or more
obvious like which of the two headline variants gets more hits. Next, you send equal traffic to both
versions. When your test reaches a predetermined
endpoint, you’ll be able to see which version converted the best. The A/B test is so vital that it ought to be punishable by law if not implemented and this is how you
get it right. Step One: Set conversion goals. Your
conversion goal depends on the purpose of your landing page. This could be anything from reaching the
number of ebook downloads to email signups to free consultation requests. The conversion goals you set determine the success of one variation over the other.
Step Two: Create Variations. Variations are changes to the original landing page you
make to see which change your visitors respond to the most. Step Three: Start Testing. When you begin your test, visitors are randomly sent to one of the two, sometimes three or four of
the variations you’ve created. The conversion goal is measured every time a visitor lands on each variation. Some testing tools, like Instapage, give you the opportunity to duplicate, pause, transfer or delete any variation,
at any time. Once your test reaches statistical
confidence, it’s time to analyze your results. The
essential metrics you’ll want to track are visitors Meaning the number of unique visitors
that have viewed a particular landing page variation. Conversions, which is the number of
visitors who have filled out a form or click a CTA button on a variation.
Conversion Rate, defined by the percentage of visitors that turned into
a conversion on a particular page variation. Improvement, that being the
difference between the conversion rate tested against the control version and
variation A. When it comes to what landing page elements you ought to be
testing, the answer is all of them just be methodical about it. Test your headline against another then
test your headline with a couple of body copy variations. Maybe make one long and the other short or 1 can be written in a friendly familiar tone while the other is more
formal. Test your CTA button, the color and the copy. Test the form if you’ve included one by
adding or subtracting the number of fields you would like the visitor to
fill out. Whatever elements you decide to test, make sure that there is a logic to
it akin to apples to apples comparison. It should go without saying that testing
element tap hazard Lee will produce haphazard results. Lastly, keep in mind that there is a
chance your test could come back with results you’re not at all expecting. This is a good thing because this data gives you just as much insight as a successful
experiment. For more granular detail about what elements to test on your
landing page, consult our guide on A/B testing by following this link.

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