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9 Things About Yungblud You Should Know! | Billboard

9 Things About Yungblud You Should Know! | Billboard

– Yo, what’s going on? This is Billboard, and you
should know me, I’m Yungblud. Where did I grow up? I grew up in Doncaster
in the north of England. I say to Manchester most people in America because everyone’s
like, where’s Doncaster? What is the story behind
the name Yungblud? Everyone always expects me to say like, it was this magical myth
that I walked under a ladder and it smacked me in front of the face, but I was actually youngest
person on my management roster, and I thought Dominic Harrison,
for the music I was writing, was a bit polite, so I was
like, what can I call myself? And my manager always
just started calling me the young blood, so I
was like, oh okay, sick. And then he comes in the room and says, alright, young blood, I’m
like, bing, light bulbs! And then double the u, double the flavor. What is the craziest thing I’ve ever done? I’ve done a lot of crazy things. I think probably like, just
something on stage, man. I’ve like, I’ve tried to back flip off a rigging before, and
it didn’t go very well. I’ve tried to like, do
a lot of crazy stuff where I’ve like, resulted in broken bones, like jump off balconies at parties just to make people laugh. Yeah, I’m that person. Typical Leo, trying to make
people laugh, do stupid stuff. What is my approach to
social, I love social media. I love connecting to people, that’s how I connect to my fanbase. That’s how I can directly
connect to a person who might be on the
other side of the world that I may never meet in real life. Now I mean, everyone’s like,
oh, it’s the end of the world. I don’t think it is, I think it’s just another form of communication. You can either like, rock
out to it, or hate on it. But I’m rocking out to it, hard. When have I been the most starstruck? Probably when I met Dave
Grohl, to be honest. Drave Grohl is like, such
a rock and roll star, and just so chill, he’s like,
yo, Yungblud, what’s up? And I was like, sorry? I’m like, I shit myself,
and I’m like, pissing myself thinking about shitting myself right now. I was like, fucking Dave Grohl! When did I start making music? I remember one of the first instances, I was like 11 years old and I walked down and I wrote a song and
I played it for me mom. I was like, Mom, I’ve written a song and I’m so excited about it! It was total rubbish, probably. But I was like, what do you think? And I played a song and she looks at me, she goes, oh yeah, it’s alright, that. And I’m like, oh, thanks, mom. Your 11 year old son just
wanted you to be like, ah, it’s amazing, it’s insane! And my mom’s actually really nice, but I was just like, I’m
gonna prove you wrong. I’m gonna write sick songs. What was the inspiration
behind 11 minutes? It was a story that genuinely moves me. It was about two young people
who kind of fell in love, and because of the way we
act right now in society, they felt like they had to split up to get a good job or to get
somewhere in their life, and they realized they couldn’t
live without each other, and they said that they would meet up to try and rekindle this
spark, because they realized they couldn’t be without each other. And on the way to meeting up, she got killed in a car accident. And, I don’t know, the story was such a moving,
beautiful tragedy to me, I just think it’s a
resemblance of you never know how precious something
is until you’ve lost it. When did I first meet Halsey? In LA, man. We just literally met up for
a drink to talk some shit. And then bish, bash, bosh, here we go. Wow, what is my biggest
accomplishment so far? I don’t know man, I think I’m
really proud of the community that kind of Yungblud,
as a whole, has built. I think I’m really proud of the connection and the safety of this community that’s been built around that name, and I’m just getting started and I just want that community to grow and
grow and grow and grow.

100 thoughts on “9 Things About Yungblud You Should Know! | Billboard

  1. I've been a fan on dom just after the lodge and I've seen as the fan base gradually gets bigger it gets more toxic ;(

  2. At first I heard my twin 15 year olds listening to his music and I was like wth are you listening to. I looked up his music privately. and after listening to him and watching him on YouTube . I became hooked!! My twins were like mom you like YungBlud? Yes ,yes I do and I know I'm old, but dam hes so sexy looking. Made my babies happy!! Now we all listen to his music!!

  3. Being a British person and also being born in the north of england I still dont fucking know where Doncaster is🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. I've been looking for a new interview I haven't seen yet, and I just realized every single picture of yungblud has different hairstyle.

  5. If Nancy (from The Craft..) and Harry Styles had a child..😝😆

    Edit: why all the people see the Joker in him??!!!! Not every guy that wears messy make-up is the Joker ..
    He doesn’t have the face or anything else like the Joker or that can remind us about any type of Joker that we have saw.. (Gotham series apart.. but I think that Gotham‘s “jokers” are not even worthy of being remembered or named as such.. for me Gotham it must be viewed as a fan made film..

    (I don't want to offend anyone but this is what makes me feel that series ..
    It makes me feel like I’m watching a fan made movie..)


  7. he and Cara Delevigne have such a similar energy like them together would be like drinking a billion bottles of Red Bull lmao plus they look alike

  8. There's alot to say about someone of they can make thousands of people smile without even meaning to. Dom is so bubbly and energetic, it's hard not to just feel happier watching him duude-

  9. his personality, his expressions his 'his'. he is the child of Joker and Harley I S. W. E. A. R. 🤘😂🤘

  10. When he said most Americans dont know Doncaster, I was like… "Well, you haven't been to North Carolina. 99% of the girls here grew up on One Direction. Louis was from Doncaster."

  11. The world is ending, gay men with more more and more less masculinity became ok for more people which makes me say wtf, and alot more people starts liking them …. A man should have hair on his hands and foot , dress like a man, what would be the beauty of women if men would start wearing dresses and other feminine things . Wtf
    I dont understand humanity , they are all of the line

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