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8 Things About Anthony Ramos You Should Know! | Billboard

8 Things About Anthony Ramos You Should Know! | Billboard

– Hey, this is Billboard, and you should know me, Anthony Ramos. (upbeat music) I grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn. My first job was at Victoria’s Secret in SoHo, so shout out to David, the only person that would hire me, the boss at the time of Victoria’s Secret. You’re the man. It was definitely cool. There was, like, every night
it was like somebody new. It was like, oh, Oprah’s here. The, you know, prime minister
of this country’s here, Obama’s here, I’m like, whoa. We all knew it was special,
we all knew when we were, even when we were, before we were downtown at the Public Theater, even before then, we were just doing workshops of it, and we’re all making like
$400 a week or whatever. You know, doing the same
show people saw on Broadway. We all knew, like, yo, this is different. Like, everybody, everybody
would get up and sing and be, like, looking around, like, y’all listening to this? The first song is called
What You Mean To Me. Baby, I see you blushing, but all I want to do is give you some loving. You think that I’m just playing, but I’m taking you out and I’m paying. Brand New by Ben Rector. You feel like you’ve just been teleported to wherever he was or
wherever his mind was when he wrote it. Full as an album, because it’s just every song
hits you in a special way. I don’t know about most memorable. I know one of the gifts that
were the most meaningful was the guitar that my fiancee bought me and, actually, I’m so happy
that she has such a good heart, because the first guitar she bought me I left in a Yellow Cab and she was gracious
enough to have pity on me and patient enough and loving enough to buy me a new one and it was better than the first one, and I was like, “Dang, girl, you fly. You dope. “You didn’t have to do that and you did.” So, pretty memorable. The first song on the album, Dear Diary. I think that is a good
introduction to who I am and you can, you know, we can go down The Good & The Bad, Mind Over Matter, Little Lies. Then we can start digging Woman, you know, but I think Dear Diary’s
a good place to start off. The inspiration behind my music is, like, my life. So much happens in life and sometimes we don’t
get to talk about it. Life is just so inspiring
and if we really just take a step back and
take time to look at it, and examine it, and, kind
of, laugh at the things that we wouldn’t necessarily laugh at, and be open enough to cry
at things that we wouldn’t, we feel we don’t have
enough courage to cry about, I think we can come up
with some cool stuff.

16 thoughts on “8 Things About Anthony Ramos You Should Know! | Billboard

  1. omg I am so so so obsessed with Ben Rector!! That was kinda unreal to hear that Anthony loves him too

    Also Anthony’s whole album is freaking fantastic

  2. Omg he’s so adorable!! He’s so humble and kind ♥️♥️ he’s gonna go far in this world
    and brand new is my fav album toooo!!

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