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8 Things About Alec Benjamin You Should Know! | Billboard

8 Things About Alec Benjamin You Should Know! | Billboard

– Hey, this is Billboard,
and you should know me. Alec Benjamin, I grew
up in Phoenix, Arizona, but I also lived in Long Island,
New York for a few years. I did like kindergarten and
first grade in Long Island, and then I moved back to Arizona. But, I live in California now. But I’m still growing up so I feel like those are like the three
places that I’ve grown up. My first job, I was a karate instructor at a karate studio in Phoenix, yeah. I actually was a black belt in karate, but then I stopped because
one time this girl I liked, she walked by the karate studio and she saw me doing karate and she didn’t think it was cool. And then that word got back to me and then I was like, man maybe
I shouldn’t do it anymore. And then I stopped. But I learned a lot of very
valuable skills so it’s okay. The first concert I ever
went to was I saw NSYNC at Madison Square Garden,
actually Nassau Coliseum, with my mom, my dad and my sister but I actually think
before that my mom took me when I was really little to see Billy Joel but I slept through the whole thing so it doesn’t really count. My biggest accomplishment, I think probably like
making my grandma smile is like really cool. When she was 90, before she passed away, she saw me perform at this
venue called Room 5 in LA and she walked up like a full flight of stairs to see me play. And just like seeing
that smile on her face was really cool, you know,
’cause like it’s like, two generations of people,
like my mom and my grandma that were proud of me and
that’s a big accomplishment. Especially at the time
I didn’t know if I was gonna be able to make music into a career, so for me that was enough. I used to perform in parking lots because I moved out to California and I went to college for a year and then I got signed to a record label, dropped outta school and
I was like yo, this is it, like, imma be famous, like peace out. And then I got dropped from
that label like a year later and I had to kinda figure
out how to get started again. But I didn’t really own the
rights to any of the music that I had produced while
I was signed to the label, so the only thing I could do was to perform live on
the streets for people. So, you know, someone like
Shawn Mendes or Troye Sivan would come to town they
have a line outside and I would go in the
line and sing my songs and hand out business cards. If I had to describe my music in one word it would be stories. (upbeat music) My music-making process is I usually like to start with a concept because the most important
thing for me in songs is to make sure that I have a message. If I could just start from
there it kinda gives me like a good roadmap of
like where I need to go. At least know where I wanna end up, and that makes it easier. ‘Cause then it’s like a puzzle. You play Sudoku and you know, you’re starting out with certain numbers, and you’re like okay, well, there’s already two numbers here we just have to figure out the pattern. If you know the concept then
it’s kinda the same thing. Let Me Down Slowly was inspired
by my first relationship. It’s just about feeling like
you’re at somebody else’s mercy where you like really
still care about somebody but they kind of hold all the cards and it was kind of like
a helpless feeling. So it’s about asking for somebody to be gracious if they’re gonna leave. ♪ Could you find a way
to let me down slowly ♪ ♪ A little sympathy ♪

100 thoughts on “8 Things About Alec Benjamin You Should Know! | Billboard

  1. i've heard lemme down slowly first time in the stories of insta it's pretty famous there Btw… nd then i was like OMG I NEED to check out this song on YoUtube nd then i ended up a big fan of this cute man ….. i mean he has a really special music that u're not gonna find anywhere else.

  2. That label that dropped him…HUGE mistake!! Also, I can see why Jimin of BTS loves you so much 🙂💜 you are such a rare pure soul in the often dirty music arena right now

  3. I'm impressed that his biggest accoplishment is to make his grandmother laugh.
    3 minutes is too short for me. I want to watch a 30 minute video ( ்▿்)…♡
    Alec! Thank you for the good song

  4. I love that he don’t curse that much or in videos So I am like in 5th grade
    I am a girl diff acc
    I love Alex Benjamin (in good way )


  5. I low-key but not so low-key hate the girl that told Alec with a black belt that karate isn't cool… yo ur opinion isn't cool, let people do what they do.

  6. "Stories." I've always felt so amazed by the powerful stories I find myself in listening to your music. Also, the helplessness=DEAD ON. P.s. karate & sudoku are 👌👌

  7. I already like your grandma. Literally😂😂😂

    I play sudokus as well😁

    My songs are getting written in the same exact way😎

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