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8 Monarchies That No Longer Exist | British Pathé

8 Monarchies That No Longer Exist | British Pathé

Founded in the 3rd century, it conquered Constantinople in 1453, controlling most of the old Byzantine Empire.

100 thoughts on “8 Monarchies That No Longer Exist | British Pathé

  1. This channel forgot Kingdom of Hungary under regency of Miklos Horty, Kingdom of Serbia (laterly renamed as Kingdom of Serbians, Croatians and Slovenes in 1918 and Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929 after collapse of Austria-Hungary and joining of Montenegro), Kingdom of Montenegro and Kingdom of Bulgaria. Finally Serbia, Romania and Montenegro gained independence from Ottoman Empire as principality in 1878 and Bulgaria turned itself to kingdom after declaring independence from Ottoman Empire in 1908.

  2. to be honest: this is just rubbish report as we all see they missed much more small kingdoms, empires, monarchies. not much informative. there is many more of those who existed, but don't anymore (try to do a better report, than publish it and this one delete for ever, British Pathe).

  3. I know Nicholas II did some seriously bad things when he was the Russian Emperor, but I honestly believe those actions were the result of being naive and, dare I say it, essentially innocent by nature. He had no idea what he was doing. I feel so sorry for him. I wish he had managed to escape.
    Thank you for this evocative footage.

  4. The entire IMPERIAL Romanov family (7 altogether) was executed but only 17 out of 52 official members of the extended Romanov family, including the Emperor's whole nuclear family, were killed by the Bolsheviks, leaving 35 to meet different fates.

  5. Bulgaria is interesting example, 'cause the Monarchy false after illegal referendum – in that time the country is occupied by the red army.

  6. PEOPLE heed my warning, in the 23rd century the Turks re-establish their empire and conqueror the WORLD!!! I must return to my time now, but heed my warning!!!!

  7. Maybe in Britain when the present Queens reign comes to an end, rather than having Charles foisted on them the British people will decide enough is enough. One can but hope.

  8. In view of the current situation in the the former monarchies listed here, as well as the former monarchies in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia . the question has to be asked is, are these countries better off now as republics ( of various kinds ) than they were under monarchies ?
    Monarchies do like all forms of government have short comings, but the " republics" in the world today seem to be far more corrupt . chaotic and self destructive than most of their monarchical predecessors. A return to monarchies might well solve many of the secretarial problems the world faces today.

  9. very good video, I enjoyed it! but who supported Mussolini was Victor Emmanuel III, not his grandfather, Victor Emmanuel II

  10. if any ruler deserved to be executed during the first world war it should have been the Kaiser who started the war in the first place

  11. 3:06 Did I just hear "Gott Erhalte Franz" (Imperial Austrian anthem) in the background while you are talking about the PRUSSIAN-led German Empire?

  12. European states which has mistakenly release Monarchy should return to Royal origin which has been create their complete civilizational presence history of all kind as European states presenting today.

  13. European states which has mistakenly release Monarchy should return to Royal origin which has been create their complete civilizational presence history of all kind as European states presenting today.

  14. Austro-hungarian existet between 1867….thats only the half truth, because Austria as name fot this region in europe excists since 996 allways ruled as a monachy and the Habsburg , wich is shown as the last emperror in your video where reign it since 1246. Only it last form as Austro-Hungarian Empiere was founded 1867. It would been pretty the same as you would say GreatBritain was founded 1800 after the act of uinion, wich is also no the whole truth. thanks.

  15. They forgot to mention that time Willy came back from the dead and became a cowboy… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHCDU7qrTSQ

  16. I like the snarky referral to the queen of Italy as "stately," which manages to insult both her and the king. Well hey, cheap humor in newsreels was probably necessary, to hold the audience's attention. 😀

  17. As a Time Traveler from the 25th Century, The Ottoman Empire was restored on April 9, 4018 which was then dissolved on December 25th 5500. It's now called The Republic of Vilazkavia

  18. If anyone has the names of the songs and music that was played in the background, please let me know, I love that song the children singing during the german empire

  19. An excellent compilation of images. I think I never saw video footages from the last Portuguese King, D. Manuel II. Very very interesting. Thank British Pathe!

  20. what about the Kingdom Hawaii? its also a constitutional monarch under illegal occupation by United States of America

  21. Interesting historical connections between the Germans and British .
    The family connections between the royal families of Europe prove all those nationalists are fools :everyone is related so stop fighting over territory .

  22. A very knowledgeable video and equally useful footage and relevant pictures . Thanks for this presentation .

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