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Wow, what a beautiful day out! There’s the sun, there’s the breeze. Of course, what’s a better way to celebrate a beautiful day than to go and find something to eat? Polangto. You, Phoebe, MC 8IELTS? Yes. I fanclub you. Thank you for watching the show. Can I have three? – Khoai lang, khoai lang (Sweet potatoes). – Khoai lang. Khoai lang, sweet potatoes in English. Thank you, how much is it? I give you free. – Free, really? – Yes Ok, thank you so much. Thank you. We appreciate and we’ll share with the whole team. Thank you so much, thank you. Bye bye. What do you have? Card visit, Khoai highlight. – Khoai highlight, that’s your brand? – Yeah. It’s amazing. Thank you. – Next time, discount. – Ok perfect, thank you. – Bye bye. Alright, see you. – Ok, bye bye. It’s amazing to see what people use to advertise nowadays. Back in the past, we use words of mouth to advertise or television. But nowadays, there’s digital out of home, there’s printed ads everywhere. Look at that lady, she even has her card visit to advertise a product. What are better ways to talk about a topic of the 8IELTS, of IELTS right? Because advertising is also a big IELTS topic. I think today is a good time to talk about it, especially in this beautiful weather, and also with beautiful guest. We’ll check out who he is, ok? Follow me. Hey, welcome back to the studio and today we’re gonna be talking about advertising. Just as I had advertised for you right outside with the Polangto, which we talk about later on. But in the studio with me right now is Son Doan and he’s been a veteran in advertising world. He’s done it in the U.S. and he’s now doing it in Vietnam so he probably has a lot of things to share for us such things right now. Very nice to meet you. Yeah, thank you for coming. So you’ve been back to Vietnam since 2012, four years. And you’re working in advertising in the U.S. for eight years, right? So 12 years potentially in advertising? How is that advertising now different from eight years, 12 years ago? Oh man, I mean advertising back then was just from grassroots to prints to TV commercials but nowadays it just shifts all of that to social medias. And social medias’ always changing, so you have to keep up with the content and try to come up with new creative ways to make your ads stand out in the crowds. You won an award in 2011for Asian American ad, right? Why do you think it want and what piece want? We did a commercial for direct TV, which is a TV service provider in the stage. And our market is for the Vietnamese community market overseas. And we started out the thing behind it is that the older generation loves to watch Vietnamese contents so direct TV package these stations that broadcast in Vietnamese and they tried to sell those. But the thing is the older generation, they don’t know how to purchase it, so they often come to younger generation like myself or you, like their kids, their grandkids to call up and register. So we had to come up with TV commercials that not only speak to the older generation but the younger generations that when they watch it. They’ll be interested to pick up the phone, and like calling and order for their parents. So we enabled having a Vietnamese Youtube sensation at the time during the whole like commercial as a raff video. So it’s when various in the Vietnamese communities and the feedbacks were really well-taken. So that’s how we end up winning that awards. A lot of audiences actually asked what is the advertising process like you know how it starts from initial brief to the end product, that’s out in the market. So generally speaking, we meet up the client, they present us the products that need to be featured and need to do an ad for. And we come back and we have to do a homework by studying the products, studying its competitive, the same kind of products out there. See what have they present, what is the pro and con of our products, compared to the others. And from that point we then create a concept that are unique for the products, and we present it back to client. And if they agree upon that, then that’s with smooth selling from that point….. But there’s a lot of backs and forths in that process between the clients and an ad agency. So a lot of the times when you’re in ad and you work for a client, you have your own creative mentality, you have your own viewpoints. Clients may have a different viewpoint. How do you balance it out or do you need to convince the clients of what you believe in? Most of the time we do the convincing in my experience anyway. I mean, we take in their inputs, of course, because that’s the brand and they understand it, they have to understand it. And they show us the true value of the production, what we need to focus on. Then we take it in and we find an inventive way to feature the plus point of views products and put it out then to the markets. So sometimes the concept would be really weird out there. And then the clients come in and they will be like. I don’t think our audiences would response really well so we have to down it back. We have to explain to them that the reasons behind why we’re doing it so differently. Just think about a regular product, there could be thousands of similar things, right? So that what advertising comes in to make sure that your product is special, make sure that it’ll be one that people choose instead of the other ones. So now is there any room for creative ego in the advertising world? Oh my god. Is there any room? Is there ever enough room? Yeah, but the end of the day, I think creative people, their minds are just like all over the palace maybe. But that’s how the creativity comes from. So at the same time, the clients always help us to focus it down, I think zoning us down. But yeah I think there’s a lot of ego, heating debates and you know lots of findings for what you think with work. But it’s in a very positive way because we all want sale the same products, right? We all wanna create the same designs, right? So what is a day life for you now working in ad? Day in a life. Come in the office, look at the brief, and you know come up meeting, say OK, this is we should do for this ads or this tradition buds or you know this various campaign that we’re doing. So luckily, I work with a really good team. And we bounce a lot of ideas with each other. So after we had the initial ideas, and then we just assign two designers, or to illustrate us to start to sketch. That’s great. And once all of the processes done, we present it to the clients. So because we are in an English show, what are some of the things that you think is really important about the comment of the English language in the advertising world. Oh I think it’s very important, and because right now even Vietnamese products, we always see like a little bit of slogans in English as well. Just because I think not only that people try to sell in Vietnam market, they try to push up products internationally as well. And English will help you a lot to study all of the ads campaign that other countries has been done. Because obviously right now there’s a lot of brands from you know, States, from Europe coming in. So at the same products, you could see how they adapted in Europe market, Chinese market, Thailand market, so you could learn form that. And English is really a key for you to do research, and read upon how they approach the advertising process. Absolutely. So thanks so much for all the sharing, I think it’s gonna be really useful. You know if you’re interested in the advertising world, make sure you comment in English which is correct. Because you know it’s not only your research tour, it’s also your working tour. You would have to use English language during your direct work, right? Exactly. So we do have a section for you before we move on the IELTS MARATHON. It’s YAY OR NAY section. It’s gonna be a collection of question, and you gonna answer YAY or NAY. OK? OK, let’s have YAY or NAY. Alright, so YAY or NAY section. Alright. OK. You’re a typical morning person. Oh, definitely a NAY although I do have to wake up early in the morning, though. I wake up around 6:30 – 7. And if you didn’t have to wake up, when were you wake up? Noon. That’s like exactly like me. Alright, T-shirt over dress shirt? YAY. That’s a YAY, so you love your T-shirt? Oh, I love my T-shirt. If I had a choice, just T-shirts and shorts. That’s great. You prefer to keep one style, as compared to changing your style often? YAY. YAY. So you like one style? What is your one style? It’s more relax, I put in a lilt bit of colour. But that’s about it. It’s more active lifestyle. So simple? OK, so you prefer to bring a story into your activity, compared to just talk about the products? YAY. Definitely. Emotionally speak better. Absolutely. You prefer to work at other places over the office? Definitely I work really well at coffee shops. Really? What’s your favourite coffee shop to work I go to ….pretty much, anything that’s often I try it out. That’s great. OK, so now we’ve done the YAY and NAY. I’m gonna invite you to participate in an IELTS MARATHON. It’s gonna be quite simple, I think. Alright. Let’s do it! Hey, guess what section is. It is the 8IELTS Marathon Challenge. And who is better to contain for this challenge than Son Doan Alright, we gonna go to the “Devil Space Challenge”. Are you ready for this challenge? You know what to do, please put it on. Thank you You have a cute 8IELTS eyes for you. I’m gonna direct you. So, this is your first box. Alright so you can look at your first box. You know you have to find three items. Passport, confirmation letter as well as key. There are a lot of stuff animals in there. Do you like stuff animals? Yes, maybe The cards…Oh I think I found it. No, it’s just a cover. Is this a key? Maybe you want go onto the next box. You can find something. This is the next box. I think I found an envelope. That is the confirmation letter. You got it. Two more items to go. This is your box. I love directing people in there when they cannot see. Pom pom You may like a pom pom to cheer you? Ok, I’ll get a pom pom to cheer you. I got the passport. Ok the last item is the key. Maybe you want to look again in the first box. Cause normally the only box you couldn’t find anything, it should be… Is that the key? Perfect, awesome. Ok, you can put it here. You onto the next challenge, which is the “Picture taking challenge”. We see you can finish in a really quick period of time. Ok 10 second, Make sure you turn one round at least. Don’t fall. Is it taking? Perfect, you off to the next challenge, “Finger prints challenge” Please making a really nice finger print picture because it gonna be given to our fans. Ok, I do it a lot when I was a little girl. I don’t know you have been done before? Ok right, that’s smart. All ten fingers printed. You’re onto the next challenge. First, that is the Headphone challenge. You gonna hearing a couple of things. Anytime you have the answer, just stop the sound and just answer as quickly as you can. Start! “Mental teeth” is number 3. That’s absolutely correct. You’re onto the next one. Pick three words and find synonyms for them. “Shows” I can replace it with “displays” Air traffic is “exceedingly” Is it acceptable ? It is acceptable. You’re onto the next challenge, the “Pronunciation Challenge”. You have to read the whole paragraph. Once you get one sentence full correct, you’re onto the next challenge. Ok, go! You pass, and you can take it off. How does that feel? That’s actually really great and I feel a little pressured because of time counting. That’s all students will feel when they have the IELTS exam, right? Exactly. So we’re onto the next final challenge. It’s called the “Sneak of shame”. You move to the end of the road and I stand here, ok? Alright, “Sneak of shame” starts now. Ok, go. One, two, three… How long do you want to hold this position? Hi em. How are you? I’m pretty good. How are you? What’s your favorite standing position? Standing upright. When I caught you … One, two, three That’s a nice position, isn’t it? I love the hand posture. One, two, three. Ok, I don’t want you to fall. I gonna save you, ok? I have the power to get the thing that I want. That’s a lot of power. You’re good. Ok you got the letters. I have the last letter. What can I do to make you happier than that letter? I think that’s “Tra sua” (Milk tea) maybe. That sounds good. I’m actually thirsty right now, too. So maybe you give me this letter, I complete it and then we can go for a “Tra sua” after that. That sounds good. Alright, thank you. Let’s see. Let’s see what we have here. Quite interesting, right? Sorry, can I borrow it? This is something that elicit a crow. An good advertising campaign will elicit a lot of attention from public. What can possibly elicit the crow, with a P in it? Have you guys got it already? It’s not easy. I don’t think it’s easy. It’s quite uncommon word. But once you get it, you’ll know it right away. It’s probably British English, that’s why it’s a little tricky for me. Think of a strike. Ok, let’s see the word match-up. Perfect. How is that experience ? That was interesting. I know you’re not good at scrambling words and bringing it together. It’s coming by surprise. However, it favorite audients. Awesome. To close up this section, what would you like to share to our audients if you have to say three ideas about advertising? three ideas about advertising? Not so much as an idea, but I think it’s more like an advice: Be creative. Stay true to yourself and always study your competitors. Ok guys, Be creative, always be true to yourself and always study your competitors. Those are something you can talk about when you talk about adverting during the IELTS exam. Thank you so much for coming in to play. Thank you for having me here today. It’s our pleasure. Hopefully, you’ll come back again soon. Alright, awesome. Thank you. Bye bye. This is a great hug. Ok guys, so next is “Idiom of the week”. And you know, we always have interesting present for you. So this time, it gonna feature something that relates to advertising. If you’re excited, stay turn, don’t go anywhere. “Idiom of the week” is next. Today topic is on advertising. Before we share some of our comments on advertising, let’s take a look at our STARS DO IELTS this week. He is a person who has a lot of advertisement deals, his name is Harry Lu. He’s a Taiwanese living in Vietnam. He’s quite famous. – Let’s see what he will say, when it comes to talking business. – Interesting! Alright, Harry Lu, take it away. Please come in and take a seat here for me Good afternoon, how are you? I’m good, thank you. We gonna start speaking part one with questions about jobs.What do you do? Actually, I’m a little CEO. I’m just getting start at my own ice cream shop in District one and District ten. Do you like your job? Of course I love it, because I bring it from, when I travel to Korea, I really love it and I bring it to Vietnam. What do you see yourself doing in ten years time? That’s a long time, then. I think I hope I can over franchise. After I have my SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), I over my franchise to South East Asia. Ok, so we gonna move on to speaking part 2. I gonna give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for one to two minutes. Before you talk, you have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes if you wish. – Do you understand? – Sure. Here’s some paper and a pencil, and here’s your topic. So you have one minute to prepare, starting now. I’m ready. So you have two minutes to speak and I’ll tell you when the time is up. You may begin. If I have a chance to start another business, I think I would like to open a restaurant. Because nowadays, global economic is going down, so people spend less money on entertainment, kind of things. But people will not stop eating. So I think if I will open a restaurant for them to eat. Because nowadays, people spend more time on working, so they will not cook at home as often like before. The skill I require to start a business. Basically, we need to have some knowledge about our product. And then we have to have some accounting skill to startup company. And then for our flow, we have to do some marketing to promote our product to attract customers. Inside the company, we have to be good at accounting. What I mean is actually is that management to manage our finance, product, logistics and then our SOP (system operating procedure). What will my life change after I have a business? Of course, we have less free time because we have to stick with our business. So really focus on the business, spend less time with our family, which is really bad, spend less time with our hobbies. Thank you very much. Can I take the paper and pen back? Ok, in part two, we were talking about a business that you’d like start. So in part three, we gonna talk further by job and business. Do you think that is easy or difficult for people to run their own business? To me, it’s absolutely difficult to own a business. If you’re just going to have an own business and not really focus on it, of course it will be easy. But you look far to have a long term plan, like I just said, I want to franchise to South East Asia. I’d like to have a good SOP. I’d like to make everything detailed, so I can convince people to invest. What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business? – You mean owning our own small business? – Yeah. The first advantage of owning a business is we are easier to make our own decision because we’re the company CEO. We have hundreds of shareholders and we will have hundreds of ideas. It’s very hard to do things. We can react to some situations faster. Thank you very much. That’s the end of speaking test. Alright, Harry Lu, talking about business. When we think about advertising, it’s fundamental to think about the business that it’s supporting, right? He’s the CEO of a ice cream shop. What do you think of his delivery just now? In terms of pronunciation, he’s always willing to speak. I thought he has a good range of grammar and he used relative clauses, conditionals and things like that. In term of his vocabulary, he uses some very good vocabulary related to marketing like promote a product, attract customers Very good collocations. But made also one of the typical mistakes with an intensifier and an adjective. He said “It’s absolutely difficult to run a business”. Difficult is not a very strong adjective, so we can’t use ‘absolutely’ or ‘totally’ with it. We just say it’s really difficult to run a business. Some really great tips there. Let’s see what he thinks about his performance, shall we? Harry, what do you think of that performance? I think I did it ok. Just ok, not so good. But I think I have just talk all my feeling, so I think I’m really ok. If you were to take the IETLS exam again, what would you do differently and would you take it again? I think I just need to adjust my feeling because I was too panic. So I think I just need to take a deep breath, get ready and be relax. That’s all. One very important aspects of the writing task is to be able proofread. A lot of time people run out of time to even proofread. How can they time manage, so they can proofread? Right, I think it’s a very common thing that’s overlooked by a lot of students. Because when students are at a low level, they’re concentrating on finishing their essay. When they’re high level, then they can maybe finish their essay just in time. Then you want to get absolutely high score, you really need to proofread your essay to make sure that you make no mistakes. Even as a native English speaker, when I write things on a white board, I make mistakes. I have to read through my words to check. So common mistakes that I might make would be, perhaps it’s a missing article. Or maybe there’s a subject-verb agreement problem that I just didn’t quite see. I always check my own work, but you do have to have a bit of time for it. I mean if you’re writing a task two essay, and you have 40 minutes. Maybe three or four minutes to plan, thirty minutes to write your essay. And if you have time, that’s five minutes of the end to see if you can improve it in any ways. In terms of improving it, there’s a couple of things I do. First of all, be aware of what mistakes that you make normally, and then look back to your essay and correct those mistakes. I also be aware of what I might call lonely words, words which just look so sad on their own and they’d be much happier if they have adjective or an adverb to go with them. Just remember, the examiner wants to see the collocations and longer words together. So I go through a work. For example in task one, if you say something increase, say something suddenly increase or something dramatically increase. Just look for any words on their own and think about how you could add something a little bit more to that. How would they be able to add it if they’ve already written in the essay. This is a very good question. I just draw a little upside down V and then write it next to the word. Absolutely! From what you said, proofreading is an necessary, must-have step. It is. I would recommend the first thing that students should do is practice at home when they’re writing an essay at home. If they get an essay marked with a correction code, then they should take that home and practice, maybe rewriting that essay including the corrections. Just be aware if you make the same mistake a lot, make sure you look for that mistake in the future. Absolutely! Now that’s we’re on the topic of correction, let’s see if our next VOICE OF THE WEEK has a lot of corrections to use to his video. Let’s take a look at the VOICE OF THE WEEK section this week. If you’re on, applause yourself for a very good video. Let’s take a look. It was ad about six to seven years ago. I guess. It was so far the most famous Vietnamese TV commercials of all. I don’t really remember what it is. It was an advertisement produced the Vinamilk, biggest dairy company in Vietnam to promote their liquid milk products. I think there are many reasons that make this ad a very interesting and successful one. But today, I would like to focus on three main reasons. The first one is, the ad was able to gather attention from the public, because they were very quick. Vinamilk was the first company to say that their products were made of totally a hundred percent of fresh milk. In order to transmit and to stick that message into the audience mind, they use very catchy tunes to their advertisement. It’s so easy and so catchy for everybody, especially the kids and the audience to sing along. So the message was spreading and spreading wider and wider. In order to engage the audience to the advertisement, they feature very happy and funny cows singing and dancing. So interesting! It was not appealing to the children, their targeted audience, but also me, aldult. That’s all about my favorite advertisement. Thank you so much for listening and goodbye. What’s the good thing about that performance that you saw just then? I like the way she used unusual language against this topic, specific language like she talked about “the catchy tunes”, “sing along to it”. Nice phrasal verb, I like to sing along. She used thing like to “to engage the audience”, “their targeted audience”, which is very topic specific vocabulary to do with the marketing sales. So very good use of specific vocabulary. She also used some nice discourse markers, like at the beginning she said “I think there are many reasons why something is interesting”. But I think the most important ones are dddd, which is nice… Again, in in term of her pronunciation, it was very natural. I think a lot of speakers on our program do have a very good pronunciation. A little bit of the Aussie. Maybe she lives there. I have a suspicion a lot of things she pulls her study in another country. Because I hear a lot of ….accent Yes. I enjoy that performance as well. She’s got a great singing voice. Thank you for sharing with us some of the tips, sharing with us some of the comments for the video. When it comes to the topic of advertisement, what are some of the good vocabulary as well as idioms people can remember? I’m not an expert in marketing and advertising. Some of these people are experts in it, so they do know some of the collocations like “having a targeted audience”, things like that. I think there are a few idioms that I could suggest. On the negative side, we can use marketing to pull wool over people’s eyes, which means they can’t see the truth. For example, if you’re consuming chocolate, we might say “Chocolate will always generate feeling of happiness in your mind”, but also you might forget it also might cause obesity if you’re eating too much. We might also talk about “the tricks of the trade”. Some of the tricks of the trade of marketing are to use psychology tricks of the trade, those special things that you do within your job. Teachers will have tricks of the trade, advertiser will have tricks of the trade and television presenter will have tricks of the trade as well, I’m sure. One of the abilities that advertisers might have is “talk the hind legs off a donkey”. If you can “talk the hind legs off a donkey”, it means that you can just keep on speaking without stopping. And you’re very enthusiastic about speaking. Another thing I think it’s very important that to “speak about something in glowing terms”. If you speak about a person in glowing terms, it means you speak about it very positively. You can speak about a product, an idea in glowing terms to try to convince your targeted audience that you’re right and they need to buy it. Agree. Thanks so much Oliver for coming onto the show. Thank you so much. It’s always been a pleasure talking to you. Guys, if you love advertising, then you should also advertise your speaking video. The reason, the purpose of advertising is not just to sell the IETLS examiners your speaking skills, but it really is to sell to the others the community that are also studying for the IETLS your progress. And I think knowing your progress, other people’s progress will definitely help you a lot in that run towards the perfect score. So don’t forget to post those video and you might appear on our VOICE OF THE WEEK next week. Hey, advertising, we see it every day, we deal with it every day, we look at it every day. Of course, it’s the major topic in the IETLS exam. So advertising is something that’s very interesting. You don’t just talk about it, you look at it and you feel it. But of course, when it comes to the IETLS exam, talking about advertising, you really need to remember the vocabulary that’s associated with it, as well as the effects, the benefits, disadvantages of ads. Once you remember that, we’re all quite good in our run towards that IELTS perfect score. Remember that guys and don’t forget to continue watching us and supporting us. We’ll see you again next time. Ciao. As I said, when we talk about ads, we don’t need million dollars to create a good ad campaign. We just need to make use of whatever we have, like the potato seller this morning who’s selling sweet potatoes. It’s amazing, just make use of whatever we want, make use of inventory, our business contact information to as advertise a product. And of course, offer discount whenever we can. That’s great, right? Guys, I really want my Polangto, my sweet potatoes back. Guys, where’s my Polangto? We don’t know. But you’re chewing it. You don’t know. I gotta go and get my Polangto back. I’ll see you again next time.

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