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8 Astral Projection Techniques for Beginners

8 Astral Projection Techniques for Beginners

how to astral projection methods and
techniques out of body experience is a phenomenon
that goes back as far as legend itself the first scientific study was made by
Celia green in 1968 since then great teachers like a William Buhlman
Robert bruce and Albert Taylor have discovered that the experience can be
triggered and explored this phenomenon has since taken on the term astral projection in this video I will give you a list of
methods and techniques to trigger astral projection some of these methods take
time and repetition to work and different methods work better for
different people the first and foremost techniques to
activating the astral body is what Albert Taylor Calls pre flight
preparations this is a routine intended to relax your physical body and prepare
your astral body for action some find it convenient to do this before bed others like to astral travel during the
day the preflight preparations can be
anything from meditation to a warm bath or even activating chakras use something
that makes you relax and receptive method number one for those who have a
good imagination said or lay down and take your mind for a walk imagine that you are taking a walk
somewhere familiar focus on all of the details possible buildings shadows time
of day take each step in your imagination some people even count the steps and
suddenly find themselves in their astral body if you are more in touch with your
feelings then this next method could be for you method number two lay down or sit close
your eyes and think about floating focus on the feeling of floating and then
float away method number three is for a more word
oriented person repeated phrases as you fall asleep or sit comfortably use
simple phrases like I move out of my body now or I awaken my astral body
now you can use any phrase you like and then repeat it out loud or in your mind
sort of like chanting these first three methods basically
addressed the three major categories of separation techniques number one imagination oriented number two sense or
feeling oriented and number three word oriented the rest of the methods are
different versions and combinations of these three with a few added twists method number four is a mixture of
imagination and feeling lay down or sit and imagine that you are a pulling
yourself a rope use your non-physical arms to pull yourself out of your body
through the ceiling and into the sky keep trying and suddenly you simply
awaken in your astral body method number five many accounts have been reported of
people asking for help or assistance from an unseen force such as a deity
spirit guide or loved one who has passed regardless of where the help comes from
I believe that we each have a way to get assistance sometimes we need to do is ask method number six imagine a scene method number six is
similar to method number one except for instead of taking a walk you imagine
that you were in a place that you’re very familiar with the importance of
this is to get as many details as possible imagining the experience to be real and
remembering the feelings and smells and sounds and everything about the place focusing so much that suddenly you find
yourself there method number seven lay or sit
comfortably close your eyes and fill the room with white light imagine the light
surrounding you feel it as an extension of yourself feel that the light is made of
comfort and warmth and love and spread out into the room becoming the light and leave your body
this way method number eight if ever you are
attempting to separate from your body and you hear or feel buzzing sound or a
vibratory sensation that is an indication that you’re ready to separate
focus on that sound or feeling until you find yourself astral traveling once you get to where you are feeling
the vibratory sensation then you can try techniques such as simply sitting up or
standing up and boom you’re astral I urge you to go ahead and try some of
these if it doesn’t happen right away keep it at my friends some people
struggle for months before having a break through the key is concentration
best wishes and thanks for watching see you next time

15 thoughts on “8 Astral Projection Techniques for Beginners

  1. "Some struggle for months" I was able to do it in a day by just having FULL trust in me that it works tonight

  2. I totally agree with your methods. Unintenionally i have done the first three methods and it kinda worked. I wanted to ask-
    Everytime i go to sleep, before falling asleep completely, i experience a sudden shake in my body like a current shock. Is this the indication of being very close to it? Awaiting your reply

  3. my method that worked for me after about a month of trying every night. I listen to a guided meditation by lilian Eden on you tube. she has about fifty different meditations. what she does is puts your body to sleep while keeping your mind awake. The trick is to not fall asleep and wake up in the morning with head phones on. that happened to me many times. When I had my first oob I fell asleep during the meditation but I woke up before the meditation was over. when I woke up in was surprised that it wasn't morning and was happy about that. So I didn't move and I kept my eyes shut and I was focusing on the meditation and then I heard this very loud screacthing noise that almost sounded like when someone runs there finger nails across a chalkboard. It lasted for about ten seconds and then all of a sudden I felt like I was rising out of my body and soul I opened my eyes or I visualized opening them and I saw ghost feet rising out of my body and I felt my self in that body and feet first I raised up out of my body and I got scared all of a sudden because I started having negative thoughts like I was going to encounter a ghost or I might not be able to get back in my body. That moment I fell right back into my body. I then jumped up out of my bed and woke up my girlfriend to tell her what just happend. Fear ruined my first experience.

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