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7. Useful tips and FAQ SHOPIFY | 9 Instagram influencers vs Facebook ads

7. Useful tips and FAQ SHOPIFY | 9  Instagram influencers vs Facebook ads

Well hello guys and welcome to this video and this video I will talk about Juarez better whether it is an Instagram influencer or a Facebook ads. So let’s go through the pros and cons with Instagram. You got the element of trust. And why do we have the element of trust. Well because you are sharing the product on a page that the follower already likes so the follower already trust the page that you are sharing your ad on. So he already got a dozen says he’s not acting suspiciously about you. So he already trusts you because you are sharing some stuff on his favorite page. So that is definitely a good thing. Also Instagram influencers are much cheaper than Facebook Ads Instagram influencers who have about 50 or 150 followers thousand followers he will take like 10 to 20 dollars for a shout out. So that is a lot less. That is not so much lot less than Facebook. Facebook will kind of Facebook will want so much more money. So this is definitely a great thing. And even the shout outs with like that cost you like $10 you can make on them like 50 for example. So this is definitely good if you are a beginner and if you are if you like dont want to try try out different products on Facebook and do all the Facebook ad campaigns. The problem with instagram is that it is not scalable. So for example you find an influence or that you like. So for example the influencer have like 50000 followers. So OK you then run and shout out on his page for for example for $10 bad you find out that it is successful or I do make you made $50 of it dad. So you definitely want to invest more and make more you would like to like pay for example a hundred bucks and get 500. That would be much better. Right. But you simply cannot do that because the guy still has only 50000 followers. So you cannot scale your ad it simply you simply can use only the 50000 that the that the influencer have read. So is a bit of a problem. Another problem is that you have a limited amount of influencers. You simply cannot share your I have no peccadillo on a kid’s website. Right because nobody would buy it. So that is definitely a problem because you don’t doesn’t necessarily have to find like five pages that you can share your ad on for a reasonable price. So it’s this is a big problem and the problem with so so from this problem the problem with instagram is that it is not scalable. So for the beginners it’s maybe good because you get to spend smaller amount of money and get a bigger amount of results so that is definitely good bad from the kind of long term you cannot scale the ad so you will just keep the profit will be still the same and you wanted to go up. Right. You want to be able to scale your audience. You want to be able to reach out to more people and you simply cannot do that with Instagram. So that leads me to Facebook with Facebook. You have definitely trust issues because even though you share your Facebook ad it will appear to people that they haven’t been on your side. Right. They go to your website first and they saw your website or your product on an ad and they never saw it again. So they definitely have trust issues with your website. And that is a problem because they are not not so much likely to buy Reddit then the Instagram followers that already trust the page so they already trust you. So the Instagram followers have probably a bit higher conversions because they trust you bad with Facebook when you kind of scale the the ad budget. And when you get bigger the trust the trust issue it kind of goes away because the people will visit your store multiple times and your store starts to be like bigger you have a lot of likes on your Facebook page and that immediately blows up your trust. Right. You will be definitely much more trustworthy in the future. The Probably most the biggest problem with Facebook is that it is more expensive. So. Right. Yeah. That speaks for itself right. You have to have like in my opinion at least hundred dollars aside to start Facebook campaigns right for your Shopify store at least 500 because you need to test multiple products. So for example like at least 20 products and for $5 for five days. Right so that is five times five. That’s $25. And times 20 products so that’s $500. So you need to be able to put aside at least these five hundred dollars. So yeah Facebook is definitely more expensive that way because an Instagram influencers you simply hire a guy for like 15 bucks. And that said that with Facebook you need more matching by the Swede benefit of Facebook is that it is more scalable and that is great because with Instagram and influencers you can make only a limited amount of money and you can have like only at most like few thousand dollars that with Facebook you have so broad audience that you can reach out to millions of people. Right. And you can sell to millions of people. So Facebook is definitely better in scalability because you can kind to scale your ads and you always have audience to read. And another thing I want to touch on is that when you run these small at the small budget ads like $5 or so the Facebook algorithm works that way that the smaller ad budget will Canada will display the ads to like the I know how to put this but the bet bet kind of users. The users that doesn’t engage too much. Right. The good news is that by a lot of stuff online and engaging these are kind of more expensive right. Facebook have to do that because when you are on a $5 Facebook at 40 expensive people it will kind of begun. These these $5 will be gone within five minutes. So he has to kind of advertise the small budget to the kind of bet audience right. So that’s another thing you want to touch on because when you scale the budget you don’t get to reach out. The good group of users that will buy more. So that’s another thing to keep in mind. And also Facebook has a big. And you probably don’t know what is Pixar So I’m just going to quickly explain that. And it is simply a kind of and then and the lithic to that Facebook use to kind of track what the user does on your website what Evans he does. So for example when he adds a product to a car and when he checks out and stuff like that. So eventually went with your ads you can run Facebook ads without even setting up the audience and the neige Facebook will do that on its own. Well the big sell because you simply is simply just put a link and a image and that’s it. The rest will Facebook will take care of the rest of the problem of putting the ad in front of the right people. So that is also another thing to care about because with Instagram you still need to find the influencers and you still need to negotiate with them. So that is another part of that. With Instagram you have to have kind of the soft skills to kind of negotiate a good price with the Instagram influencers. So that is pretty much it. I would probably recommend for starters trying out the Instagram influencers the Instagram shout outs but for a long term I would recommend Facebook and that’s pretty much it for this video if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will soon next time.

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