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7 Tips On How To Advertise A Painting Business Like A Pro

7 Tips On How To Advertise A Painting Business Like A Pro

7 Tips On How To Advertise A Painting Business
Like A Pro Hi, Lee Cusano here from HowToPaintLikeAPro.com… Here are 7 tips on How to advertise a painting
business. 1. Know your market – do you plan on painting
commercial, residential or industrial? Only then can you determine how to market
best. Only then will you know how to make contacts,
who to contact and what to say to them. 2. Referrals – these are a natural occurrence
in the painting business and you can induce it to work more for you by offering incentives. My referrals have always come naturally by
the way. I never had to ask anyone for a referral or
offer anyone a referral fee. Usually as I am busy painting, someone will
call me for a painting estimate. 3. Keep your name and contact info out front
for your customers to call you or call you back even. You can do this with follow-up specials, holiday
cards, thank you cards and even a monthly newsletter. Many times people would call you again for
more work but cannot remember what they did with your phone number. That can cost you thousands and thousand of
dollars in lost painting business. 4. Do good work for lots of “word-of-mouth”
and callbacks. People are loyal to those who treat them good
and also to those who do good, neat, professional work. People will talk to others about your painting
business whether it’s good or bad. So make sure it’s GOOD so you will get plenty
of word-of-mouth business. Referrals or word-of-mouth advertising is
the BEST advertising you can get on the planet and it’s FREE! 5. Yard signs – people like the status of having
work done at their homes or businesses. Might as well exploit that fact with a nice-looking
yard sign. Even leave it there in the yard after you
leave! They are fairly inexpensive and who knows
how many jobs they can bring you. 6. Truck signs – magnetic or decals, this is
free advertising for you everywhere you go and they make you look more professional. Especially when you are parked outside someone’s
home. People in the neighborhood can get your phone
number easily without asking anyone. 7. Direct marketing – go for the jugular “We
know where you live”. As in direct mail, when you know where to
fish, you will reel in the big cash orders! Bottom Line: treat your customers well. I can trace back thousands of dollars (as
high as $15,000 – $20,000 or more) in FREE painting work that has come through just ONE
customer referral. Customers are golden to your painting business. Get into their circle of friends! To find out more about how to advertise a
painting business and make good money right away, please visit my website and also get
my FREE REPORT titled: “How To Quit Your Day Job This Week and Double
or Triple Your Income” http://painting-business.com/

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