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7 Propaganda Techniques Used on You Every Day

7 Propaganda Techniques Used on You Every Day

– Hello, welcome back to the show. Thanks for tuning in. Matt behind the camera, say hello. – [Matt] Hello. – And Agent Scully, say hello. (electronic noise) Great, and I’m Ben, and that makes this stuff
they don’t want you to know. Now before you clicked this, you probably already saw the title and the big question is your country using propaganda? Well, let’s get past this right now. Yes, of course, absolutely. Your local government is almost certainly using propaganda and companies operating within your country are
definitely using propaganda. They’re calling it advertising, but eh, six in one hand, right? In fact, there are so many
different organizations using propaganda across the globe that instead of listing all
of the different organizations that might be in your country, we’ll save some time and we’ll give you the tools to tell whether or
not something is propaganda. So here are some of the
common propaganda techniques. In no particular order. One, name calling. Also known as stereotyping. This would be when you invent a name to call someone to help
dismiss their credibility. Treehugger, Republican, Democrat, conspiracy theorist. Two, and this is a pet peeve of mine as you know very well, Matt, and I’m sorry that you have to hear all the rants about this. The virtue words, the
glittering generalities. Oh, values. What about our values, our morals, things like that. And heart, right? Not the worst of Captain Planet crew, but when people say, “Oh, we’ve put a little
heart into our values.” Next thing you know, boom! There’s another war. Number three, the good ol’ testimonial. When you want to get people on board with something that you’re doing and you don’t want them looking
at the facts too closely, why not have an
authoritative person just say that they also like it? You know, it doesn’t have
to just be Morgan Freeman, it could also be the Dalai Lama, or if you could get the Pope, though I imagine that’s kind of difficult. These testimonials make
people more attracted just to the idea of the person
presenting the information rather than the information itself. Four, transfer. Now, testimonials are depending upon the credibility of a person, then transfer depends upon the credibility or the unlikability of an institution. This is a guilt by association thing or a street cred by association thing. You see a statement that
sounds kind of weird. I’ll just make one up. Eating hay bales turns out
to be good for your heart. And this statement was found by a study conducted through the
Northeastern Regional Farmers and Doctors Association. Be very careful when you
hear an unfamiliar group authoritatively condoning something. Five, the bandwagon. Hey, everybody else is doing it, right? So why can’t we? Or, hey, all the smart
people are doing this and you better get in now buddy before time runs out. And six, and I love this one. Ah, the name of it at least. Plain folks. You know, just plain ol’ fashion folks puttin’ food on the family dinner table and just tryin’ to, just
tryin’ to make our way. And be a good conscientious citizen and just do the right thang. It’s just the right thang to do. The idea here is that
you will be suckered in by the argument that the common man unanimously understands this. Another phrase like, “You know, it’s just common sense. “Why don’t the guys in
Washington get that?” Elect me. Now these are just a few of the propaganda techniques that are commonly used in countries and by
companies across the world. So the next time you hear an extraordinary or contentious claim presented as an inarguable fact, then make sure you play these techniques back in your head and ask yourself who’s really telling me this and why? Oh, and one more before we leave. You longtime listeners are probably going, “Why’s he dressed like a doctor? “Matt and Ben and Agent Scully
are certainly not doctors.” That’s true, but if you did not know us, and you just happened
to be in a waiting room somewhere and you saw
a guy in a white jacket like this onscreen talking to you about say, I don’t know, a new health risk, or maybe global climate change, or an endangered animal
or something like that, you’d be more likely to believe them whether or not they’re a doctor. I mean, this is just a jacket. But enough about those
propaganda techniques. As we’ve said there are many more that we could discuss. What are your favorites? Or what are the strangest examples of propaganda in the country that you are living in right now? So we hope you stay tuned
for our upcoming episode on the use of propaganda in the modern day and while you’re waiting, if you haven’t checked it out yet, please check out our
three-part video series on a guy named Edward Bernays, commonly called the father
of public relations. One last thing. Would you like to be
a part of our upcoming Halloween special on our audio podcast? We hope so. The best way to do it is
to send your spooky stories to us directly. Our email address is [email protected] (static) Why did we put an eye patch on? – [Matt] On Scully? – Yeah. – [Matt] Well, she’s in for
an eye appointment, I thought. – Oh, yeah. Right, okay. All right, yeah. Let’s do it. So you need to be an optometrist, right? A coat? – [Matt] Yeah, exactly. I’ll get the clamps. – All right, there we go. Can I see yours? There’s gonna be a lot of blood. Yup, okay. – [Matt] We’re gonna have to
collect some of it with this. – Oh, yeah, all right. – [Matt] And I got the jumper cables so let’s get started. – All right. – [Matt] Let me put this thing away.

100 thoughts on “7 Propaganda Techniques Used on You Every Day

  1. Crude eugenics programs aimed at created a docile population, brainwashing children into unquestioning ideologies in public schools, but best of all, the good old 9mm hollow point in between the eyes. All great ways to shut people up.

  2. UKIP pretty much got raped by propaganda in the UK. There was a channel 4 show called UKIP the first 100 days, it was a kind of mockumentary but not really, it was a show that was about what would happen if UKIP were in government. It depicted swat teams in all black with machine guns, going into people homes and forcibly deporting them. It was complete fantasy and it was such a blatant propaganda piece but the hole country just kind of went along with it and now loads of people just think UKIP are evil, it's kind of nuts. Especially as if you look at the other political parties in the UK, Conservatives, Labour, Lib-Dems even the Greens, some of their people have acted far worse than anyone in UKIP and UKIP have more ethnic members than the Lib-Dems or the Greens, UKIP have Black, Sikh, Jewish, Muslim and gay members but they're are still seen as racist, homophobic and kind of sexist, even though they have a lot of prominent female members, it's all very strange. You'll here this a lot in the UK from politicians "what {insert name} thinks is or what UKIP want to do is, if the subject is immigration they'll say, "what UKIP want do is pull up the draw bridge" making it sound as if UKIP would stop all immigration, when really all they want to do is what every other country outside of the EU does, they've never said they would stop all immigration, it's going on all the time and people fool for it, it's absolutely bonkers.

  3. Here's an example. Unarmed black man is killed by police officers. In order to discredit him and label the cops as a hero, the local media calls the dead man a thug, vicious, brings up old records, and use a pictures that shows him in a not so honest light. This will scare the pants off white america #AltonSterling

  4. i really really hate how many will see this video agree but some how fail to apply this topic to their own lives.

  5. Wow they taught me all of these in my Government class my senior year of high school! That's actually pretty nice.

  6. A few examples:
    – We in the West define what is a terrorist, it is in general someone or an organisation inflicting terror upon us. The terror drone campaign of the US in the middle east we call "a preemptive strike".
    – We have no qualms supporting or doing business with murderous regimes, when it is in our interest. Double standards.

  7. I wonder how many people that think they awake missed that one eye symbolism on that skeleton. That's called attention to detail.

  8. Question, if you speak so eloquently about "what they don't want us to know" why don't you speak on the fake events? Those certainly fall under propaganda. Not tryna dog you or anything just seems like your tip toeing around the very current and relevant examples

  9. And then it just hit me: Why are doctors coats white? Wouldn't it make more sense to make them red so you couldn't see the blood? or is it to look sanitized? Or maybe we just put more authority in the color white so they chose that…

  10. the biggest one I can think of is "the police are the good guys and are here to help"
    the biggest lie and piece of propaganda they push.

  11. Quick definitions from Macmillan (propaganda)
    American English Definition British English Definition
    ▸information, especially false information, that a government or organization spreads in order to influence people’s opinions and beliefs more…
    adjective more…
    noun more…

    Provided by Macmillan Dictionary

    Quick definitions from WordNet (propaganda)

    ▸ noun: information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause

  12. You need look no further than the US "news" media and their campaign against Donald Trump, conservatives, and White America in general to see the state sponsored propaganda machine in action.

  13. Guys please do a video about the medias involvement in cases between cops and civilians. Many say its racist, and such. I wont say either way but recently since im from Fort Worth Texas ive heard of an incident within FWPD's precinct. Upon viewing the video of it and all ive heard it from both sides.

  14. Watching this video is a propaganda technique for fuck's sake. Propaganda only works on dipshits (majority of the population)

  15. miss you both so much Ben and Matt you are so totally cool dudes!!. . 💚✌🌼😀💛💜💟💚🌹

  16. how about the peaceful demonstrators in Syria during 2011 ,waving their placards and ak 47's! now that's propaganda with a big scoop of dirty war!

  17. propaganda in morocco: the government owns all the national tv channels which are very few so whatever propaganda technic there is, the government is certainly doing it, thats why i quit watching tv since i was a kid. at times there would be some big time protests in some region, and you turn on the tv and you find dancing and music and stupid dumb shows. yes propaganda exists everywhere but in some places its more extreme than others

  18. Propaganda is often blatantly obvious…. to those not within the target audience.  But effective propaganda is essentially invisible to the intended target audience.  And knowing we are swimming in a 24/7 ocean of propaganda does not confer immunity to it.  In fact, people who are aware of and skeptical of propaganda are a specific target audience in itself.  

    How would you design propaganda for someone who knows the publicly available techniques of propaganda?

  19. this morning i went to pump gas and they have little televisions on the pumps playing loops over and over of news about celebrities or "trends". today as i was just about to pull away the lady on the screen told us that researchers believe that north korea actually doesn't have a bomb. oh cool, guess i have nothing to worry about, i wonder what the kardashians are having for breakfast…

  20. I disagree very strongly that "treehugger" and "conspiracy theorist" are insults in any way comparable to "Republican" and "Democrat."

  21. Propaganda is manipulation by censored or partial facts to obtain a goal. Statistics and emotion are the 2 most common tools.

  22. Although I think it was originally probably a decent point & kind of fits into the 'value word' category (or whatever they called it), saying that a group is on the "wrong side of history" seems to be in style, as a way to invalidate someone with an opposing viewpoint.

  23. I've noticed more news reports are telling the viewer what they are seeing….the Charlie Hebdo thing sticks out the most..newscaster told me I was seeing someone getting shot in the head…I wasn't seeing that.

  24. Propaganda:
    They use a fake person (Actor) to persuade you into a fear so that you act on it or against it and attack who does not agree with you.
    This is how they get you to behave like them and this is why people call it the puppets because they got you by strings.

  25. What happened to you guys? You dropped off the face of the Earth last year, shortly after saying you were back. Wish you guys would return, hope you're ok. ✌️

  26. "Job creators" – it makes any dickhead who's ever hired someone sound like some godlike nobleman.

  27. everyone says they are a authority and another authority contricts them….u can google everyone contridicting themselves ….

  28. I think the “narrative” is the biggest, and best tool used by media. The way they sync it up between stations & incorporate it in to seemingly non political non news entertainment shows is the most effective way of controlling people’s reality

  29. This is my first time watching one of your videos. My first thoughts about your jacket and whether you're a doctor are not positive one's. I thought hmm, if he's a doctor he's not a very good one… look at that scraggly beard… nah, this guy's up here lecturing us about propaganda while propagandizing us himself… what a snake. LoL Anyway, liked and subscribed.

  30. Just visit Bulgaria and you will see that the smart people are less than the dumb ones 😀
    My parents are threatening me when i ask questions about stuff even when i am 25 years old…
    People here don't like the truth…


  32. In North America the network news is pure psychological manipulation, that not only works well on the uneducated or dumb ones, it's quite affective with highly educated types who's over confidence that they can't be fooled or assume they're well informed.

  33. PROPAGANDA WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_Zw4WcNtPU&list=PLN6xa7kD9dZ8z-aUNrWvyvdfGfHQpLyp9
    CENTURY OF THE SELF: https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-century-of-the-self/

  34. No, the BIG question is NOT "Is your government using propaganda". It's "What is propaganda, and how do you recognize when you're being exploited and manipulated."

  35. "local government" 😂, that's weirdly specific while deliberately being less than half a truth..
    You're an idiot

  36. I've talked about this before, but frequently the problem with propaganda is more the way it's utilized than the specific techniques. For example, most people associate propaganda as being the ham-fisted stuff you see in films or other media where it's trying to fundamentally alter a core belief, but this kind of propaganda is regarded as impossible or at least close enough to it, that it's not worth the time of an organization to attempt because even with unfettered access for extended periods of time, it still doesn't work very well (as evidenced by indoctrination attempts on UN PoWs during the Korean War).

    Most propaganda is, instead, focused on subtly altering the subject's opinions/behaviors using baselines that they agree with. You're not trying to change a Democrat into a Republican, you're trying to get a Democrat on board with a piece of Democratic legislation or a Republican on board for harsher abortion laws, etc. for example. And this is where the real problem of susceptibility comes into play because people are far less critical of things they are inclined to agree with. It basically hits your brain's laugh test and gets a free pass because it seems legit even if the information provided has no factual basis.

    I did a breakdown of a number of memes/etc that were getting passed around of a political nature (mostly left leaning, but that was just the material I had at the time) and they were all wrong in ways that could ber verified in less than 2 minutes of research and some of them catastrophically wrong, but they got thousands of likes and shares by left leaning individuals who might very well be intelligent individuals, but the memes were crafted on a ideology they agreed with, so they just gave it a free pass and assumed it was correct.

    TL:DR You're more likely to be fooled by your own people than those opposed to you, so it's best practice to always apply more critical thinking if information seems to support a position just a little too well.

  37. After you've read this comment, watched the entire video, liked, shared, and subscribed, you will go to the bathroom and brush your teeth with an Oral B tooth brush and Crest toothpaste. Don't forget the Listerine.

  38. I'm trying to figure out why you're in a lab coat. I work in a lab coat every day so I have to imagine what it's supposed to mean to a lay person. Appeal to authority?

  39. Throwing the baby under the bus while washing it with the bath water when my karma runs over your dogma.😆

  40. one that i like the most its: ''''''97% of scientists agree with this'''''''' …
    (science its not defined by the number of votes) .. this kind of statments are appeling to the
    'collectivist' person inside each one of us ( the large majority its affected by this propaganda technics) ..
    you have also speak about 'the milgram experiment' <– the authority figure (the jacket ) giving the information …

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