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7 most Emotional | Thought provoking | Indian TV ads – Part 4 (7BLAB)

7 most Emotional | Thought provoking | Indian TV ads – Part 4 (7BLAB)

Hmmm… What Hmmm…? Where are you? Where will I be at 3.000 pm on a Monday? Obviously at office… The day I get a straight answer from you, I’ll distribute sweets. Had you lunch?
Not as yet. Of course… you must be busy. How are you? Did you arrange for the medicines from Zigy?
Have they arrived? Yes I ordered them from Zigy… All your meds for the month would be there. Do check… What happened? After all that has happened… Oh Maa… My divorce is with your son… Not with you… Want to hear a gossip? Pammy Aunty… started drinking again.. (laughter) I told you… she can’t do better Shall I come next week… First day… India? Hi! Vikram from Delhi Shehnaz… Lahore. They are close just for the sake of saying it… By the way… We are not that different.. But our Biriyani is better… So when are you inviting Yes Sir! the goods will reach by evening. Don’t you worry sir… (Laughing)
Uncle? Yes Sir will be done… Uncle? Let me call you back in two minutes.. Please close the tap, the water is being wasted. Why? The water is you father’s? Yes. It belongs to my father. The heart which took care of so much… who will take care of that heart? In India, every one out of 5 women have cholesterol problem… So that no one casts an evil eye on her heart… Papa? You? You didn’t get me a gift today… So I came here myself. Gift, today? But there is time till your birthday or death anniversary.. Son, today is father’s day… I am sorry Dad… Sit… I had a thing to tell you… I couldn’t tell you in your lifetime.. Because I am a dad myself today. I understand, how it would feel hearing it from his son. I always loved you very much … Raju?
Dad… I love you Dad…

100 thoughts on “7 most Emotional | Thought provoking | Indian TV ads – Part 4 (7BLAB)

  1. Even though Pakistan and India are against each other, we can't forget that we used to be one and I hope someday, we can be together again😊

  2. 9:54 though I'm still a teenager but I never said it to my dad that how much I loved him and regret it when I lost him. Miss you dad a lot.

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  4. I and my father love each other but never show and tell to each other I don't know why …….. I want to tell him how much I love him but don't know when I tell to my father. I don't want to leave my father even after my marriage. I know this is also difficult for my father .

  5. when she said "mera divorce aapke bete se hua h aapse nhi", my eyes were wet. and to conclude it with 'I love you dad' <3 . ever heard of good mood swing?that's what i got.

  6. One of the best ads was Oyo hotel ads it make me tear… But in reality oyo hotel … if you know what I mean..

  7. The Zigy advertisement won hands down!

    It was raw, real and an unexpected twist!

    But in reality, it would be challenging to find out how many such unique relationships exist between ex daughters-in-law and ex-mothers-in-law.

    The sad reality is that mothers-in-law are always portrayed as the evil women who burn alive their daughters-in-law but we know this is not always the case.

    If women want to break free from the clutches of traditions which consider women as the inferior gender, women must continue fighting the battle by empowering other girls and women.

    More empowering advertisements similar to Zigy should be aired.

    Keep up the great work! Peace everyone!

  8. In Kohinoor ad there was a lot of truth about Indian and Pakistani outside there country ….

    Studied in Europe I worked for a pakisthai store owner they treated me like their own family ….

    We don’t call ourself as Indian or pakisthani we called as Asians …

    Working in ships I got Best of Pakistani co workers and bosses…

  9. The last one is very Emotional . Jab asi emotional videos dekti hun rona ah jata hai. Mai b bachpan say apny abu ko batana chahti hun ka how much i love her but kabi himat hi nihi hui because mai un kai itny close nihi hun na but i love u abu

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  11. Aaj samjh Mein aya…….. Dil desh nhi dekhta…… Chhe Voh pak ho ya China…….. Is liye Sania mirza ne shoaib se shaadi Ki……… But people can't see this

  12. Bhai sabhi add rula dene wale the. Par kohinoor rice wale ne pure video ki vaat laga di. Btw love you brother😍😍

  13. Its great,amazing no words to tell,every incident made me thinking about our dynamic world and different kind of people in it,me also…its gives me a optimistic view about our ones own life.like it☺☺

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