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7 Lessons Learnt From Spending $1,000,000 On Shopify Facebook Ads Dropshipping

7 Lessons Learnt From Spending $1,000,000 On Shopify Facebook Ads Dropshipping

so what is it I’ve learnt spending over a million dollars on Facebook ads what’s popping people wish your boy the Beast of ecom back with another video jump in you already know value bombs if this is the first time ever watching one of my videos then hello and welcome it’s nice to see you but where have you been you’ve missed out on tons of value a drop nothing but insane videos on a weekly basis to help you guys make more money with e-commerce Shopify drop shipping and all of that good stuff so make sure if you get some value like comment and of course smash that subscribe button and make sure you hit that notification about as well so you stay up to date with all of my latest videos why because you do not want to miss out on any of my upcoming content so in today’s video I wanted to share with you some lessons that I’ve learned from spending a lot of money on Facebook as over the years I’ve spent well over a million dollars and there’s some lessons to be learnt that I personally want to share with you guys who may not be spending or have not spent that much on Facebook I’m a person who’s always about testing so I don’t mind giving sucks a little bit of my money now of course in return of made money but most importantly I’ve learned lessons which I want to share with you today that hopefully acts as a little bit of a shortcut when it comes to marketing on Facebook so make sure you stay to the end watch all of the videos you know I dropped nothing but value bombs so let’s quit the talking jump straight into the computer and start learning okay so let’s jump straight into this one okay things I’ve learned from spending over a million dollars on Facebook so hopefully these things help you out okay back to the presentations I know you guys like these so trying to do them a little bit more but anyway let’s crack on with this video okay so first thing testing is the key okay it goes without saying you’ll always hear people see testing testing testing testing is the key okay the person who tests the most wins okay the person who tests the most wins it goes without saying the more tests that you run the more times that you put different things together the more chances that you’ve got to find in those winning access now never stop testing new audiences even when you have winning ad sets is something that I previously used to do I used to focus really on scaling those ad sense that were working for me and not test new audience and what happens is when you keep focusing on those ones that are currently working what happens then is when those generally start to die out you have no new audiences to you know keep yourself afloat so always test new audiences even when you’ve got ones that are winning okay use cold interests broad interests to make sure that you’ve always got a never-ending flow of new audiences that you can test your product to never stop testing products even when you have winners and if this is so easy to do and again I started to do it when I first got my first winning products what you tend to do is you just tend to sit back let the money roll in and you don’t start testing new products you know you just kind of let the money roll in you think everything so happy it is at the time okay don’t get me wrong but those products generally have a life cycle unless you’ve got some sort of evergreen products then what happens is when that product does die out you’ve not got any sort of products to fall back on what you want to make sure you’re doing is instead of just having one massive winner you want to make sure you’ve got multiple products that are bringing in income okay I’d rather have you know 10 products bringing in you know $1,000 a day rather than one product just bringing in $10,000 a day because if that one product goes kaput then you’re you know you’re back to square one wherever’s if you’ve got ten and one goes bust you still bring an 89 Kay so think of it that way experiment with places ages countries and devices okay never stop testing there’s a you know a multitude of ways you can carry on tests indicate breaking things down placements age countries devices all sorts of stuff okay second point the data is right you are wrong now this is going to be a harsh truth for some people and it’s kind of hard to accept if you’re just starting out but the data is always right okay if you are who is wrong essentially so the data will always be right if something isn’t working it’s because you are wrong okay that they are will always miss that’s off there the data will always be right if something isn’t working it’s because you are wrong okay you have done something wrong okay or you are not showing the product to the right people or your ad creative isn’t good enough you know it’s you who is wrong not Facebook okay don’t blame Facebook for your failures it’s not Facebook doesn’t work because there’s still people pushing it out there every single day with Facebook ads so it’s not Facebook it’s not the platform it’s not your pixel you know you have to fix things in your advertising okay so lack of mention it’s your job to find out what you did wrong okay and fix it for example if the creative isn’t great like I’ve mentioned fix it okay if the product doesn’t resonate with the audience frame it differently it’s you as soon as you start taking the blame yourself and not blaming it on Facebook not blaming it on you know the things that are happening or CPMs arise in and all these sorts of things then the better that you’ll get at marketing okay never get emotionally attached to products I’ve done it in the past it’s easy to do the numbers you know men law women line numbers don’t and at the end of the day issue numbers that you have to be relying on never get emotionally attached to a product even if you think it’s gonna work or you’ve seen it working on another page just don’t get emotionally attached to it okay be analytical with everything remember the cell is a process and I will probably bring out a video on you know breaking things down and you know what stage they are in the process but you have to be analytical with your marketing and break down everything that you possibly can because the cells essentially is a process from you know awareness to decision making to then complete in a cell and and obviously after cell and you know making sales after the purchase okay all our accounts are different remember this all add accounts are different this goes I mean some people seem to think that all that accounts are the same but fortunately they are not iron multiple ad accounts and all of them react differently in terms of scale and testing and stuff like that so every single ad account reacts differently and you know it’s the reason why people in a group saying doing duplicate and that’s not working I’m reading budgets that’s not working when the same person maybe you’re doing the same same exact same product just in a different ad account and it’s working hundred percent fine okay so what works in one ad account may not work in another and there’s been instances where I’ve had a product working in one in one AD account and of course to scale out you can use multiple ad accounts which is something I like to do and you put it into the account exact same target in exact same you know interests and stuff like that and it just doesn’t work the same way that it did in the previous account so don’t think that you know just cuz it’s working in one account it will work in another account learn what works in your account and double down okay so once you start to learn what works in your account whether duplicating works or raising budget works or manual bidding works okay double down on it and make that be your preferred way don’t give up on tests indicate different ways but double down on it and if that is working on your winners then double down on it and make sure you go hard and scale using multiple accounts to scale campaigns is a very effective luck I’ve mentioned it’s easy to import easy to export ad sets and import into a new ad account and that is one very effective way to scale so you know and with this essentially as well it’s the reason why you know one you know one scaling method just won’t work for everyone you know some gurus out there might say do X Y and Zed and you’ll get you know whatever it may be and you try it and it doesn’t work it doesn’t mean that the Guru’s you know guru should I say technique doesn’t work it’s just that it doesn’t work exactly in your ad account okay so that’s one thing to bear in mind Facebook can f you at any time happen many times okay the stories okay many many clothes marketers there are no as well this happened to pretty much all of us and F Facebook will you know f you at any time be prepared for Zuke’s banhammer at all times okay prepare yourself please please please prepare yourself if you just knew to come to Facebook Ads please prepare yourself okay then I wore honor thirties in my mouth add multiple people to your business manager and admins so you know if you’ve got your mom your dad’s got a Facebook your brother you know add multiple people to your business manager as admins because what has happened before is if your personal Facebook gets locked down for some reason you know well you got to do some verification process and you’re the only person who’s the admin on your are your business manager then you know you can’t touch your eyes you can’t do anything you just stop letting them spend money until you you get your account back so it’s always important to have multiple people as admins so if that does happen you can just log in to your brother’s Facebook and still access your adverts okay create as many add accounts as you can goes without saying Facebook ad counts can get banned on any day anytime for any sort of reason I’ve seen some ridiculous reasons before so make sure you got as many Eddie counts as you possibly can request more if needs be create two or three business managers ok so you’ve not just got one business manager you’ve got multiple and again add the people and create the add accounts on those as well so you’ve got multiple multiple multiple backups and of course create a backup pixel on your website this is optional you know you only really need to have one pixel on your website but you can also create a backup pixel as well video is king okay so all of my massive winners have been video ads it goes without saying all of the ones I’ve done six-figure campaigns they’ve all been video ads ninety-eight percent of all products that are launched have a video now so I’m always using you know video when it comes to launching products because video generally is key it’s easy to explain a product via video you know and show it in using explain the benefits now I catch him thumbnails can increase you’ll see TR your click-through rate you know so using arrows emojis or a mid actions shot like in one of my previous videos that purse that dog brush was you know someone trying to pull up in a mouth and brush their teeth it makes you want to click on it okay ideally lot my has to be and the video has to be under a mini or a minute 130 it’s in there a minute then you can use on Instagram as well it just makes things a lot easier than having to re-edit the video again for Instagram square videos work a bit better for me so square version takes up a lot more real estate as well so 12 by 12 or 720 by 720 is another option that you can have as long as it’s pretty much square it can be any sort of dimension now optimized for exactly what you want okay so Facebook put people on their platforms into buckets whether you be buyers you know buyers people who just engage you know time wasters actor carts and their leave those sorts of people I almost 90 not 98 percent start with ads optimizing for purchase even for a new store even for a fresh pixel okay at all times a lot of people always ask me you know I’ve got no pixel date I want to start with I just do pitch with purchase I rarely if ever optimize for view content you know I just don’t do it you know never really use view content to be honest PPE engagements can be used to compound engagement they came all find new winning creatives if you’ve got PPE campaign then of course you can use it with your purchase campaigns as well just to get a lot of engagement social proof is it’s very powerful in the game that’s how I generally like to use them and of course to find new winning creatives in test CTR finally I think is the final point look like audiences and retargeting is critical now build custom audience look like audiences and test them also you know VC add to carts initiate checkout purchases say 5 percent 95 percent paid engagement page engages LTVs time spent a ton of them you know once you’ve got something that’s working you can test literally all of them and have tons and tons and tons of options to scale your product retargeting ads will 99 % be your robust campaign your iOS campaigns goes without saying ok always be targeting will be you know high fives high sixties high 7s X bro asses ok sometimes as much as 10x so make sure you focus in on retargeting as as well ASAP setup mind your retargeting like I said ASAP view contents who did not add to cart’ and obviously Add to Cart so you did not purchase and of course set up DPA ASAP as well carousel as offering discounts and you know free shipping and stuff like that so make sure they’re up ASAP as well because they will be again your highest robust campaigns that is it for this video value bombs as usual so I hope you got some value from this video if you did and you’re not a subscriber make sure you like comment and of course hit that subscribe button hit the notification about as well see stay up to date with all of my latest content we are nearing to 10k now so make sure you become a part of the gang testing is super important when it comes to e-commerce and when you’re advertising on Facebook okay remember you’re buying day app not losing money I want you change that mindset watch things just start to fall into place I have got a free mastermind the link is down below I’m in there other marketers when they’re all helping each other out with e-commerce Shopify Facebook Ads and everything else we’re over 3,000 members now so make sure you join is 100% free link will be down below that is it for me reach out to me on Facebook drop me a line drop me at DM drop me a follower and we’ll connect on there like I said that is it for this video I hope you got some value take care and I’ll see you in the next one

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