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7 Habits Of Self Made Millionaires | What The Best Marketers Have In Common

7 Habits Of Self Made Millionaires | What The Best Marketers Have In Common

If you’re interested in learning the
seven Habits of self-made millionaires so you can adopt and apply and
essentially implement these exact same habits in your life then I’ve got the
video for you. Hey there my name is Adam Earhart marketing agency owner, online
advertising consultants and modern marketing strategist and welcome to The
Modern Marketing Show, where we help you grow your business by making way better
marketing. So if you’re interested in learning the latest and greatest
marketing strategies, tools, tips, tricks and tactics, well you may want to
consider subscribing and hitting that notification bell. Over the last fifteen
years I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with a number of different
millionaire, multi millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs and CEOs and I
can tell you with certainty that there’s some very distinct habits that the
incredibly successful people have that those who are just scraping by or doing
okay do not and that’s why in this video I want to share with you the seven
Habits of self-made millionaires that I’ve personally witnessed and
experienced among my most successful clients and colleagues. So with all that
said let’s dive right into habit number one. Self-made millionaires all
understand that time is their most valuable and precious asset as a habit
they prioritize efficiency over almost everything else because they understand
that they can always make more money and they can go to sleep and get more energy
but you can never get back more time. Personally this was a game changer for
me. I remember the exact day that I made my first hire and my first employee into
the company and essentially my week and my weekly productivity doubled overnight.
You see, this is such an incredibly valuable habit to have and why all
self-made millionaires really have it by prioritizing and essentially putting
time at the absolute top of their list. They know that they’re good at a certain
and specific thing, their zone of genius where they operate Basten can do things
better than anyone else and what they do is they stay in this zone and they
delegate everything else. This is why one of the first things to go on the path to
becoming more successful is to start delegating tasks that you’re not that
good at or you don’t enjoy or that aren’t the best use of your time. This
can include things like housecleaning or yard work or simple errands or
administrative type work that someone else would be equally qualified to do. This in turn frees you up to focus on higher value tasks that will really
drive your business forward. Self-made millionaires also often prioritize
efficiency over comfort. Now one of the most hotly contested debates in the
self-made millionaire world is the first-class travel and
even business jet travel as you get into the higher echelon is it worth it is it
cost-effective and so on now if you look at it from a strictly numbers point
where say flying in kochore economy is gonna be $500 and a first-class tickets
gonna be $5,000 well then clearly it doesn’t make a lot of sense financially.
However, when you factor in things like time savings and the ability to work and
not be disturbed and priority boarding and things like that you start to
realize that there may actually be a good return on investment by flying in
first class opposed to coach. Now, of course some people just do it because
they like it and that’s alright but the reality is is that as you become more
and more successful you’re able to start allocating resources toward things that
make you more efficient, freeing you up time and allowing you to become even
more productive. Alright, so the next habit of self-made millionaires is that
they stay incredibly competitive. This one should be pretty obvious but the
reality is is that you can’t win if you don’t really want to win
which is why self-made millionaires all have a very strong drive and a desire to
accomplish and to compete and essentially to win. Now, sometimes winning gets a bad rap because it means crushing the other guy and that’s not at all what
I’m talking about. Fact: most self-made millionaires really
want to seek out those win-win situations but, again, they’re gonna
prioritize winning over losing, obviously. You see, one of the unique mindset shifts
that a lot of self-made millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires have
is that they view business is kind of a game and money is really just a
scorecard kind of like collecting rocks, if rocks were money. I guess some rocks
kinda are money, like diamonds and stuff. The next habit of self-made millionaires
is that their mind never stop. Always thinking. They’re always working on
something and they’re always learning or growing or essentially fueling the fire
and driving themselves forward. Often, they’ll always have a pen and paper or some kind of note-taking device, maybe even their mobile phones with them no
matter where they go. Richard Branson is famous for this. Always having a pen and
paper with them to jot down ideas and notes whenever they come to mind and
this has been a massive habit that I’ve adopted into my life which has enabled
me to quickly capitalize on ideas or fleeting thoughts or random inspiration
that comes and quickly goes. But whether it’s a habit that they developed over
time or just part of naturally who they are, mine tends to keep going and going
and going and really never slows down. It’s a bit of a bummer when you’re
trying to go to bed and it’s 2:00 a.m. but that’s sort of the price you have to pay sometimes. Again that’s another place
that a pen and paper comes in handy, beside the bed so if ever inspiration
strikes in the middle of the night, you can always jot down your ideas. The
beauty of having a mind that never really slows down however, is that you’re
always observing and learning and sort of watching and trying to assimilate new
information. This allows you to constantly be on the lookout for a
better way to do things which at the end of the day is what business is all about.
The next habit of self-made millionaires is that they all have clear
communication both written and spoken. You see, not much happens in the world
whether business or otherwise without communicating what you want to get done.
This is why self-made millionaires have the ability to clearly articulate and
communicate exactly what they’re after. Now granted, some self-made millionaires
are gonna be better at the written form of communication and others are going to
be better through spoken but regardless they’re going to have some way of
clearly communicating what they’re trying to get across. What you’ll often
find as well is that the communication is straightforward and often blunt,
because again, there’s no sense in wasting time here. Is the most precious
resource after all. The importance of having really clear communication though
can’t be understated. After all, it’s going to allow them to
inform and persuade and convince and get people over to their point of view a lot
quicker and a lot more efficiently. Sounds a lot like marketing, doesn’t it?
The next habit of self-made millionaires is that they embrace failures. Now, one of
the most interesting things to note is that the most successful people in the
world well they’ve failed a heck of a lot more,
simply because they’ve tried a heck of a lot more. See, if you looked at the track
record of the most successful people in the world you’ll rarely find that one
shot instant success but rather you’ll see just a string of really abysmal
soul-sucking failures along the way. Soul sucking on the outside but on the inside
yeah there might be a bit disappointing but the self-made millionaires that
become truly successful realize that all of these failures are really just
learning experiences. I know, I know, that sounds horribly cliched and it kind of
is but it’s also the truth. You see, the analogy to fail fast and fail hard is
very true and it allows you to rapidly rack up a ton of experience by figuring
out what works and what doesn’t. Plus, the more you fail the more it kind of
desensitizes you to failure which means you become less and less afraid to fail
as time goes on. An expression I love here is to feel the fear and do it
anyway. Self-made millionaires understand they need to take calculated risks and
they do so and might be a few butterflies or a bit of
nausea or apprehension before they make that big decision but at the end of the
day they understand that failure isn’t fatal
and they’re gonna need to take that jump. More often than not regret comes from
the things you didn’t do rather than the things you did. The next
habit of self-made millionaires is that they stay passionate and excited about
the work they’re doing. It’s no surprise that if you hate your work and you hate
what you’re working on you’re not gonna be able to do a great job if you’re not
gonna do a great job well you’re not gonna get great results and if you’re
not gonna get great results well you’re not gonna become a self-made millionaire,
which explains why the most successful self-made millionaires, multi
millionaires and billionaires are all passionate about the work they do. Now,
I’m not saying there’s no down days and there’s no tasks involved that just
don’t completely suck but the reality is is that the good far outweighs the bad
and they’re always interested and always passionate to get up and get to work.
Again, this might sound cliched but I used to really hate mondays until I
found work that I was truly passionate about and truly enjoyed. Now I love
Mondays and Tuesdays, Wednesdays are pretty good too, really like Thursdays.
You get the point. The next habit of self-made millionaires is that they have
the ability to act before having all of the information present. Now, this habit
is easily one of my favorite points of them all, because you’re never gonna have
all the information you need in order to make the perfect decision or one that’s
absolutely bulletproof. You’re also never gonna feel truly ready especially if you
air more on the perfectionist side like I kind of do because things are never
gonna be perfect. The analogy here is that if you’re on a street and you’re
waiting for every single traffic light to turn green before you go, well the
odds of them all lining up at the exact same time pretty much slim to none. But
by consistently and steadily progressing towards your goal going light to light
to light well you’ll get where you need to go a whole lot quicker just by
getting going. It’s kind of like The Tortoise and the hare if the hare was in
a car stuck at a red light. Another way to put this is a bias for action.
Basically meaning that you tend to take action a lot more than you tend to not
take action. Not surprisingly, self-made millionaires all have a bias towards
action. The next step is to check out these two videos I have listed here: the
first is 10 signs are going to be successful which will allow you to
predict and plan and essentially stack the odds
your favor and the second is the most powerful mindset for success which will
take what we talked about here and drill it down even further giving you some
actionable takeaways and what I believe is the single most important factor. So
check them out now and I’ll catch you next time, on The Modern Marketing Show

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