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7 Epic Advertising FAILS

7 Epic Advertising FAILS

Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi generation! I’m Graj, I’m a Bollywood producer. I’m looking for the most delicious thing on the planet, like Kardashian man, I would give that dog a bone. Proof once again that nothing sucks like Electrolux …would allow me to call this a grade A chicken. But my standards wouldn’t.

99 thoughts on “7 Epic Advertising FAILS

  1. According to Snopes, that first one is "undetermined." If you have adequate proof that it's true, I would appreciate you sharing it.

  2. TELL ME


  3. Living in Detroit I can say with certainty that that tweet still holds true and should never have been deleted. Bout time someone called those fkers out.

  4. KLM (The Dutch airline company) once used this sentence in an ad: 'If you arrive you'll get free breakfast'. They meant 'When you arrive' of course xD so scary xD

  5. Heard of the Japanese tourist agency Kinki Nippon? I heard they received a number of bizarre sex tour requests when they opened up in the British and American markets. Awkward. XD

  6. Profeesional LED display manufacter, can make your advertisement more attractive.  Wants more details, feel free to contact me.


  7. – First one and sees – "PEPSI WILL RESSURECT YOUR ANCESTORS" – I suddenly look to my right and next to me in a Pepsi Can – NOOOOO!!!!!!

  8. Why is "pedobear" so bad? if you idiots would grow a brain you would realize the trolls and youtube commenters we all laugh at were the ones who changed it from being an admin alert system into what apparently people think it is now.

  9. I've heard all these before, adn the spanish one was much, MUCH worse it was actually:
    "It takes a hard man to make a chicken aroused."

  10. im polish and polish people dont get to see many different color people which make them hate them i dont know why but i dont hate them,

  11. I don't get 1. How they can't translate anything right and 2. How they never thought "Huh, that sounds odd.", it only makes me wonder what they thought when they translated the chicken one… nevermind, on a second thought, I don't want to know…

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