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7 Easy Steps To Create Video That Converts Customers

7 Easy Steps To Create Video That Converts Customers

– Hey, before you go
and record a video ad, I wanna make sure you
watch this video and watch all the way through to the
end ’cause I got a video ad conversion formula for
you, that you can follow so these are gonna be the
exact steps you can take to create a really effective video ad. Hi, I’m Marlon Doll. I’m one of the founders of Vireo Video. We are in beautiful
Vancouver, British Columbia. Actually it’s not that beautiful out. It’s really gloomy. It’s winter time and
it’s only 4:30 right now. Okay, so the first thing
we need to focus on, for an effective video
ad version is having a target audience that you are addressing. Right in the beginning, you
want to address your target audience, just as I just did. I addressed you. I told you what the video
was going to be about. That is targeting, so if
I am an eggplant farmer, I am gonna say, hey, if
you’re an eggplant farmer and you’re looking to
increase the growth of your eggplants, I want you to
watch this through all the way to the end. That is addressing your target
audience and then also the next part, which is, the hook. Now, the hook. You want to say something
intriguing that is gonna get people to watch all the way to the end, and that’s kinda what I
just prefaced with you. I told you what the video
was going to be about. You want to intrigue people
so that they watch all the way because you only have five seconds. You really need to intrigue
people in those first five seconds or you
are going to lose them. What you can do is speak to
who the video is not about. So, if you’re not an eggplant
farmer, I want you to skip this video right now and
get the heck outta here because this is not for you. So next we want to talk about the problem. What is the problem that
your audience is having? You wanna address and make them feel that. You want to build a rapport
with them so that they can connect and see that
you’ve felt that problem before as well, and as a business
owner, you probably have felt this problem and
you’ve created a solution for this, but for the problem
you can say something like, are you tired of planting
eggplant season after season and you just get these
tiny eggplants comin’ out and a really small yield? I’ve been there. If the conditions aren’t
perfect, whether it’s Japanese eggplant or a globe eggplant,
if the conditions aren’t really strong, you’re just
not gonna get a beautiful, full length eggplant. They’re gonna get a short and
stout, and you’re just not gonna get that same yield. It ends up costing a lot of money. You come home to your
wife with empty hands, minimal eggplants, and it’s,
it’s just not the result that you’re looking for. So next we want to
transition into the solution. So with the solution, we want
to make sure that we cover all of those pain points
that we just addressed, and what our unique solution provides. Now, most eggplant farmers, they continue to try
things like pesticides, growth hormones, scarecrows,
but it just does not get the result that they’re looking for. So we developed the eggplant
emojinator that has been a game changer for eggplant
farmers like yourself. Our eggplant emojinator
uses a patented artificial intelligence, augmented
reality computing systems into a microchip that we
put into every single seed to achieve the ultimate growing conditions and get perfect emoji-like eggplants. And we can get the exact
growing conditions so that we can give it the appropriate
sunlight, the appropriate nutrients, the appropriate
water, and the appropriate amount of soft jazz music. (soft jazz music) Next we want to talk
credibility, so we want to give a bit of credibility to our solution. You can do this by showing
the clients that you’ve worked with, the results you’ve achieved, the case studies that you have. Our patented technology has
helped over 4500 eggplant farmers get two times the
yield on their eggplants, and we’ve licensed this
technology to the key industry players, the big dogs. Next we want to have a
strong call-to-action. We want them to take action so
we need to verbally tell them what to do, and you can
get them to take action by giving something of value
that is relevant to what they just watched or were looking for. So I want you to click the
link in the description, and you’re gonna get
taken to a landing page where you fill out your
information and we’re gonna send you five free microchips
that are gonna get you five perfect eggplants, so go
ahead and do that right now. Next, we want to send them
to that relevant landing page and so we’re giving that
verbal call-to-action to get them to go there
and for that ad to perform well, you have to have a
great appropriate landing page very specific to the
offer that you just said. Make the landing page simple
and concise so people can easily see what to do just
like we have for Vireo. We have a very simple
landing page and it has drawn the most conversions. Our most simple landing
page is just a white page with a video on it,
speaking about our service offering, those paying
points, and pretty much what we just addressed. That is the main premise of
the formula, and I actually have a free offer for you. If you just click the link
actually in the description, it’s not gonna be about eggplants, but I do have a checklist
for you, basically covering what we just talked about. You can use this to apply for
any videos that you create and it’s gonna give you a
lot better results in an easy kind of way for you to have
a structure to your next video ad. So thank you for watching. I’d love to have you subscribe
if you’re on youTube or follow if you’re on LinkedIn,
but thank you for watching. Bye for now.

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