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7 Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads

7 Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads

– One of the most important parts of any Facebook ad is the copy. Your ad image might grab
your audience’s attention, but it’s your copy that’s
going to convince them to take action and become
a customer of yours. In this video, I’m
going to quickly explain seven copywriting techniques that will help you generate
more leads and sales from your Facebook ads. Keep watching. (upbeat music) Tip one is to write
with one person in mind. If your ad is trying
to appeal to everyone, then it’ll end up appealing to no one. It’s best to write your ad copy with a single individual in mind. Imagine that you’re talking to
your absolute ideal customer, and keep that person in mind
as you write your ad copy. Tip two is to keep it simple. Your audience should be able to work out what your ad is for within
seconds of seeing it. Try to avoid long words because they can come across as condescending. And complicated sentence structures can make your ad copy
difficult to understand. Your ad copy should be easy
to read and conversational. Tip three is to use one call to action. I’ve seen a lot of ads
that are asking people to do two or three things. When really, the advertiser
probably wants people to take one very specific action. Don’t tell people to check out your blog or follow you on Twitter if what you really want
is leads and sales. Instead, tell them to buy your products and inquire about your services. Tip four is to tell a story. Why should people buy your
products and services? If there’s a short story behind why your company was created or how you discovered the need for your products and
services, then tell it. Stories add a personal touch to your ads, and they will make your
ads much more memorable. Tip five is to include price
or discount information. If it’s relevant to your offer, then make sure you include
price or discount information. Everyone loves a bargain, and if your products are
particularly price-competitive, then make sure you show that up front. Tip six is to be consistent. You want people to recognise that your ads are from your business. So you want to be consistent
with the tone of your ad copy. It’s best to consistently
be fun and playful or serious and informative
with your ad copy. And finally, tip number
seven is to use scarcity. Any words that instil a sense of urgency will get your target market to respond. Including things like
hurry, now, today only, for a limited time only,
makes a massive difference. I’m always surprised at
how much of an effect scarcity has on the performance
of a Facebook ad campaign. And nearly all products
and services are scarce. You probably have limited stocks or a limited amount of
time to fulfil a service. So make sure you tell your
audience that in your ads. And I’ll talk to you soon, guys. Bye-bye.

3 thoughts on “7 Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads

  1. Good stuff, Ben! What do you think about the FB News Feed Update: https://media.fb.com/2018/01/11/news-feed-fyi-bringing-people-closer-together/ ?

    Do you think advertising on Facebook will become more difficult?

  2. This is just superb, I have been researching "how to write catchy headlines" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Fonucas Ziyyatt Tip – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

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