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7 Advertising Strategies to Crush Your Competition (Ryan Deiss, Ezra Firestone, Irv Shapiro & MORE)

7 Advertising Strategies to Crush Your Competition (Ryan Deiss, Ezra Firestone, Irv Shapiro & MORE)

In this video I’m gonna talk about my
favorite ad strategies from Growth Everywhere which is a podcast where I nerd out on
entrepreneurship and I interviewed world-class entrepreneurs so enjoy the
video. –so when you drive query-based traffic you don’t have to do a whole lot
okay here’s my product you know buy it here’s a picture of it here’s a
description of it you were looking for it anyways when you’re driving
contextual traffic it requires more than that you have to move someone from
looking at a picture of their friend to making a buying decision and the way
that we do that is we send people to what’s called a free sell engagement
page an article that engages them in a conversation about a topic or a problem
that they are interested in that alludes to a solution that is our product and so
what happens is instead of us being like hey buy my stuff or like hey check out
this article and then in the article there’s a transition into the
conversation amount of product so it’s like hey I had this experience I had
diabetes and I started eating well and it was amazing and I feel so much better
and I used this particular supplement and then they click the link for that
supplement and now they’re chasing the offer and then they go to the sales page
if you’re just starting out and you have very little traffic going to your site
what we recommend is um our quizzes really worked well with Facebook Ads and
you know you don’t have to be a big spender on Facebook in order to see huge
results from it so we recommend driving Facebook traffic from Facebook ads to
your quizzes and advertising it what ends up happening you get a ton of
engagement on your ads where people are sharing the quiz adds itself commenting
and putting their results and Facebook sees the quizzes as like a highly
engaging content add content so it drives down the cost of your ads so for
some of our customers and users there’s like they’re able to capture leads at 5
cents so you love to you know 90 cents a lead and depending on the type of quiz
that they’re running to their website you know I said I’m impressed was done
some retargeting and we found Facebook is where we’re seeing a lot of response
where people are entering our funnel after we retarget them to that that
channel I you know I love LinkedIn we certainly run stuff with targeted ads
like viz oh it is more expense certainly than Facebook or Twitter but
there’s a good you know the good there’s good targets on LinkedIn and our sales
team of courses is very active social selling and using LinkedIn I’m most
interested in setting a retargeting pixel so I can follow up with them
through retargeting ads so what we’re doing now is we’re buying advertising
and the list that I’m interested in building initially at least is not a you
know list of demos you know not a list of subscribers even but I’m interested
in building our pixel audience list so how many people can we pixel with
Facebook retargeting and Google retargeting so that now we’ve given
value in advance right they came to our site they read it I didn’t make him jump
through a hoop it wasn’t quid pro quo it wasn’t hey give me your name and
email address and then I’ll give you some content it’s a I’m so glad you’re
here here’s some great content you know maybe they click around but now I know
they came to my site and I can follow up I get multiple bites at the Apple
through retargeting and then it’s in those retargeting ads where we ask
people to you know give us their name and email address or take a demo but
it’s only after we delivered value in advance but now the brand advertisers
are also getting into the game and newer ways of correlating what happens when
you invest allow these brands to really see the impact of their spending so you
can really see these days also with with mobile location data you can see if
someone has seen your ad actually visits your store and then you can correlate
that with your point-of-sale data let’s see if you actually sold more things so
it’s an exciting time for marketers they can really see better how their money is
working for them but it’s also a super confusing time for marketers because
digital is so much more complex than just buying a newspaper ad or a
television spot and we have Pixability tried to provide clarity to those brand
advertisers with great content unique but really adds value to your cast
no matter if they are customer or they will never buy the throttle and then
when you have great content Facebook advertising becomes a really huge weapon
to maximize that content so content is booked advertising to reach as many
users as we can with a content and when we have give the funnel so once you
visit our blog with website custom audiences from Facebook advertising we
will target you and we tell you hey we also have this great ebook that you can
download we only want your email for example or
your email and your name we can work them into leads and then we use HubSpot
to do lead nurturing and with time convert them into face customers so in
any of these cases they found that by putting the ability to engage with their
call center right up front be a telephone number increase their call
through rate we call a phone through rate and because they knew what AdWords
and ads were driving those calls they were able to optimize around those calls
and those calls are the best quality leads because there’s immediate urgency
nobody’s picking up the call it they’re not seriously thinking about going to
your resort where somebody might down click on an ad or fill in the contact
form just to gather information for next year so the interesting thing about our
use of telephones of mobile devices of smart phones is they communicate to the
brand a certain level of urgency that you don’t necessarily get from a click

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