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6 Tips for Facebook Video Advertising!

6 Tips for Facebook Video Advertising!

How you going guys? Luke here from IPM media so today I want cover what makes a great Facebook ad, I’ve got six things to talk
about. So with formatting of the video you can produce your video to be
horizontal, like this, or you can film it to be vertical. I think vertical works well
if you’re a very laid-back business like a clothing line or a gym. Because that’s
how people consume social media and media nowadays, they look at it on their
phone, but I feel like a more serious thing like a dentist or a lawyer
so on and so forth filming um horizontally it’s probably better for
everything, so when talking about duration of Facebook video ads it’s
important to bear in mind that as a marketer you’re forcing someone to watch
your ad and it’s a privilege that they watch it and everyone’s so time-poor
nowadays that they’re they don’t have time to sit down and watch a minute ad
of your brand that they’re not really interested in and they’ve never heard of
before so keeping that in mind it’s best to give you ad as short as possible and
as interesting as possible so under 15 seconds is a must but around 10 seconds
is probably what you should be aiming for any longer than that it’s really
just disrespectful expecting so I want to spend that much time watching your
videos especially if they’ve never heard of your brand before. So the description
of your video is what appears just above the video in the newsfeed and this is
important to keep it short sharp and simple well I mean by this is you want
to be attention-grabbing. You don’t want to have a paragraph of
text that no one’s gonna read, no one’s got time for that. You want it to
contain those keywords they’re gonna interest your customers and anything
else is unnecessary. You can see in this maccas ad that the text is quite a bit
and probably too much I wouldn’t recommend this is just bad example.
Another underestimated thing in video marketing is thumbnails, everyone talks
about content and that sort of thing which is important but thumbnails are
vital, the other thing that your viewers are gonna see and it’s gonna make them
decide whether they click it and watch your video ad or whether they don’t.
So they actually have the biggest influence on who watches your ad, so spend time
designing your thumbnails. What I think is important in thumbnails is that it
links to your video, it teases what your video is going to tell you about but
also makes it look a bit more interesting so add some color to your
thumbnails I had some graphics that make it look interesting and add some text
that kind of builds on what you’re going to discuss in the video. Another amateur
mistake people make when doing a facebook video ad is that they expect
people to watch the video with audio on when in reality most people don’t watch
Facebook videos with audio on especially when they’re out in public or public
transport or in a private office somewhere so when you film your video
it’s important to remember that people, most people won’t watch your video
with audio on, so add subtitles or make it easy enough to understand without making
someone listen to the audio, but don’t discount audio make sure you still put
it in there. And finally in a Facebook ad it’s importantly end on a strong
call-to-action and what I mean by this is if someone’s finished watching your
15-second Facebook ad, they’re probably interested in your product or whatever
you do and you want to convert them to a sale so you need to
push them down your pipeline of sales so whether you want them to send you an
email, or you want them to go to your website or you want them to like your
Facebook page you’ve got to make it obvious what you want them to do and
hint at them or tell them what to do so it makes it easy for them. Thanks so much
guys have a great day

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