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6 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Are Not Showing Up?

6 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Are Not Showing Up?

Hi, Mike Mancini from PPCVideoTraining.com. Today we are talking about a question that
I get a lot, especially when I turn out a brand-new campaign for somebody. They will inevitably call me, and say, “Why
can’t I see my ads?” “Why are my ads not showing up?” “Where are my ads?” We’re going to give you an answer to that
right after this. Stay tuned. Okay, so, “Why are my ads not showing up? When I do a search, I’m doing a search for
my keywords, and I can’t see my ads.” “What’s going on, what’s happening, what’s
broken? I’m paying you to do this, what’s happening?” That is inevitably what I always will hear
with new clients that are really, maybe uninitiated about Google Ads, or how it all works. And it’s totally fine, it’s not their fault,
but sometimes they just don’t know the nuances of the Google system, and what’s happening,
so we’ll have to walk them through this. Now we’ve gotten to a point where we will
literally talk them through this before we launch their ads, just so they don’t get all
worked up, and make sure that they understand exactly what’s happening. So, why are your ads not showing up? Let’s do an example. If we go to Google, and you type in, I’m just
going to type in Google Ads training. Now, as you can see right here, this is our
agency. That’s a keyword that we use for our agency,
our agency is Mancini Digital, you can see our ad is showing up. Great, love it, it’s right there. It might not be in a position I want it in,
but that’s always going to vary, and sometimes you will find that ads in the third or second
position, sometimes they’ll outperform the ones in the first, regardless, different video
for a different time. But what you’re looking at here is, there
are a lot of people do this search and their ads won’t show up here at all, they can’t
see them. First thing I want you to look at is, scroll
down to the bottom of the page, and sometimes you’ll see ads at the bottom, and here, we
do see ads at the bottom of this. Okay, so it could be there. The next thing could be, is perhaps you’re
doing a search a lot for your ads. And this is usually the biggest one that we
run into, somebody wants to see their ads, they want to see their ad for every single
keyword that they’re typing in. The problem is, is that Google’s served me
up this ad, okay, but I’m not going to click on it, because if I click on it that’s going
to cost me money, and I don’t want to do that. So, if I keep searching for specific keywords,
and they keep showing my ad, if I’m not clicking their ad, or if I’m not clicking my own ad,
Google’s recording that. They’re saying, “You know what? We have served this ad up several times to
this person who’s doing this search, but they’re not clicking on it. I don’t think this is a very targeted ad,
I don’t think we should show this ad anymore,” and they’re going to stop showing it. That’s obviously not going to hurt you, it’s
going to affect your stats a little bit, but not unless you’re searching 1000 times a day. But what you want to make sure is, is that
if you’re doing a lot of searches and you’re not clicking on your ad, Google’s not going
to show it. They want to show ads that people are going
to click on, so that can be one of the issues. How do you fix that? You go in and you clean out your cookies and
your cache from your computer and from your internet browser. How to do that? You can basically Google that for Internet
Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, how to clear my browsing history. So, you can say, how to clear my browsing
history, Google Chrome, and a video will walk you through it. Other people do it on their phone, same thing,
if that ad is showing up a number of times and you’re not clicking on it, Google’s not
going to show your ad anymore. There could be some other things that are
happening as well. So, if your ad is not showing up, and it’s
not that, maybe you have a clean internet history, are you looking from the right area? So, we have to work with clients all over
North America, and if I’m working with somebody, a business in Toronto, and they’re just advertising
to the Toronto area, and I’m doing a search from here, for that business up there, chances
are it’s not going to work, because that business does not want to advertise outside of Toronto. I’m in Minnesota, I’m not going to see their
ad, okay. So, make sure you have your settings right,
you can change your settings right by going in here. Another thing, maybe, is that keyword active? Go into your campaign, click on the keywords,
and click on the status and sort it. Is that keyword coming up below the first
page bid? What will happen is, right here you will see,
below first page cost per click, and it may say you have to bid up to 501, whatever it
is. If that’s happening, you’re not going to see
your ad, so you may have to adjust your bids. Also, you can see right here, low search volume. If Google determines that not enough people
are searching for your keyword then what will happen is, they’ll just stop showing it. So, they won’t show your ad for that particular
keyword, okay, that could be another reason. Another reason could be, go into ads and extensions,
and up to ads, look and make sure that your ads are all showing. You can go in here, and you click on status,
you should see approved under all of these. If not, maybe you made a mistake, maybe your
landing page isn’t set up correctly, where it’s not firing, so your ads not running. That can be another reason. One of the safest ways to check to see if
your keywords are working is to go into your campaign, go up to tools, and click ad preview,
and diagnosis. Now, here you can change the location, make
sure you change the location for the area that the business is in. I don’t want to search Chanhassen in Minnesota
for this business since this business is in Las Vegas, alright. Make sure you’re in the right English, you
can change the devices, whatever else might work there, and this will not affect what’s
going on, how many times you’ve searched it on your computer, but you can enter in a search
term and you can do it there. I’m going to test it right now, let’s say,
hot tubs Las Vegas. Nothing is going to show; this ad is not showing. Now, do you know why? Because this is a Las Vegas company and we
are in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and that’s where we’ve set the location at. So, if I set Las Vegas here, then you can
see that the ad is showing. Alright, do you see how that works? And here you can check it on mobile, desktop,
and tablet as well. Another way use an incognito window. So, for Google Chrome I just would right-click
and click new incognito window, and now it means I’ve got incognito. You could try and do a search that way, but
once again, make sure that you are going to be in the right area. If I did a search for the hot tubs in Las
Vegas, I’m out of Las Vegas right now, Google knows that, they’re not going to show me those
ads, okay. And one last tip, and obviously there’s a
number of other reasons, but usually the reasons that we’ve gone down and covered will cover
99% of you. But one of the last reasons could be right
here, limited by budget. So, for instance, if you’re looking for those
ads today, go up and make sure you check on today inside that date field, and if your
budget is $19.75 and you’ve already accrued $22.37 worth of clicks, you’ve gone over your
budget, your ads aren’t going to show. So a lot of the times, somebody might be looking
at the end of the day, they might look at nine o’clock at night, when they get home,
and they’re like, “My ads aren’t showing up anywhere.” Chances are you’ve already depleted your budget. Some campaigns, especially when they’re getting
started, until Google figures them out a little bit, they will blow through their entire budget
by 9:00 AM, and then you need to go in and adjust that. But that can be part of the issue, if your
campaign is over budget for the day then your ads will stop running, so you won’t see them
when you do a search. So, I hope that helps you figure out, why
are your ads not showing up. Hey, if you like our Google Ads training please
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8 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Are Not Showing Up?

  1. Have you found another reason why your Ads may not be showing up? Let us know in the comments below.

  2. Hey Mike, Thanks for the video. I got a question. I have an ad that has status Enabled and i can't find info regarding this status. Do you know what enabled means? (When from under review -> enabled)

  3. Hey Mike, I have double checked all of those possible reasons and my ads are still not showing up. My keywords are all eligible, but a notice is saying my ads are not triggering due to a low ad rank.The quality score is blank (-) for each of my keywords. What do you think is going on?

  4. Where the he'll are my ads Mike ..?…. ha ha ha. Google ads are like the perfect exercise in patience. Like growing a victory garden. Seeds planted today don't emerge for 7 to 10 days. My experience is google shopping which always was slow in the beginning. Now I am running call only and a separate search ad for a window cleaning business I just fired up. I admit, I am getting restless after a week and few impressions. I think I need to up my bid. Your video was very helpful, thanks

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