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– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you six tips to
do with hypnobirthing, and also talking a little
bit about my experience. I have made a video on this in the past, but it doesn’t include the experience of my recent home birth, so
I thought it was about time that I updated the video, and yeah I really hope you enjoy it, I hope you get something from it. Whenever one of my friends or someone I know becomes pregnant, the first thing I say to them is have you considered doing hypnobirthing? Because I have had such good experiences, I have had three natural births, I only had some gas
and air and Paracetamol with the first birth, and it
was all very straightforward, and I was really, really lucky. Obviously, you go into birth not knowing what’s gonna happen. You might have to be
induced, you might have to have a ceasarean in the end, but by doing hypnobirthing,
it can even make you more relaxed in dealing
with those situations. So, I would just recommend it. I think any prep that you can do for labor is really important, and you
wouldn’t go and run a marathon having not trained at all. So, for me, hypnobirthing’s been amazing. So the first thing to
know about hypnobirthing, is that there is actually
a scientific reason why it works, or helps. There’s something called FTP,
which is fear, tension, pain. So when we fear something, we tense up, we get loads of adrenaline,
and then that results in pain. So, what we want to try
and do in birth and labor is stay as calm as
possible, and have all those good, oxytocin hormones coming in, ’cause basically if you have adrenaline, and fear that can actually
stop the blood flow to your uterus and things, and it can result in a lot of pain. So, you want to try and
remain as calm as possible, so listening to hypnobirthing,
practicing your breathing, or pain techniques can
really help with that. So there are a few different ways that you can practice hypnobirthing. I actually found a local hypnotist who specialized in that, but you can download audios from apps or from online, or you can also find local
hypnobirthing classes. So whichever way you do
it, it will definitely help if you practice it at home. So I went down the route
of seeing a specialist, and we had three sessions together, and I ended up taking my
husband, Matt, as well, so that he was fully on
board and understanding what was going on. In the first session, she did some relaxation hypnosis with me, and also talked about any fears I had. I had a big tear about tearing, so she included that in my hypnosis. She actually gave me CD’s,
it was CD’s back then, that I could then put onto my iPhone or iPod or computer or something so that I would have it
available during the birth. I was given three different audios really. One was a relaxation hypnosis, one was pain techniques, which would kind of talk you through you’re
walking through a cold lake, and now you’re completely
numb from the chest down. So it kind of learning pain techniques that you could then use during birth. And then the final one was one that I was not to listen to until I went into labor because it
did talk about you are dilating at the exact right speed for your body, and it was actually things that if you listened to before you were due, that could actually bring on labor. My next tip I already touched upon, but it’s definitely worth putting whatever you download or
get given onto your phone, or there are also some great hypnosis apps that you can get. But, wherever you are
when you go into labor, you will have your phone,
and it’s even worth putting it onto your partners phone. ‘Cause if you run out of battery or anything like that,
definitely bring chargers to the hospital as well. And also get some headphones. For me, when I was in
labor, one really nice thing was that I had my headphones on and I was listening to
my relaxing hypnosis and I couldn’t hear everything that was going on in the room. And with my second son Caleb, we actually arrived at
the hospital and I was already seven centimeters dilated and my husband Matt said that the midwife actually started to panic
and get things ready and you could tell she was worried how quickly the baby was coming but because I had my headphones on I was a little bit oblivious, I was kind of just rocking and swaying and she just got on and did whatever. But I think that if you
were actually in the room seeing how panicked the midwife was, it could have been quite unsettling. And another thing that I did, in my first birth I had
just normal headphones but in my second birth I
actually had wireless headphones, because in my first birth the
wires were really annoying me and I had to hold the phone
and have all these wires. So it might be worth
getting wireless headphones but you have to make
sure that you charge them before the birth and then
there’s obviously that worry that they could run out of charge. So just think about all that
when you pack your hospital bag put headphones in, maybe ones
with wires, ones without, because you won’t want to
run out of the hypnosis. I suppose you could put
it on speaker, worst case. But yeah, that’s just a tip from me. My next tip is probably the most important and that is to actually practice it. You have to do the do. It’s all well and good saying that you’re gonna do hypnobirthing but then if you don’t do it when you’re at home, what’s the point? So what I did was from 30 weeks pregnant I would just listen to
the relaxation hypnosis. It was 20 minutes long
and I would listen to that every single day. With my first I used to have naps, but then when I had my second son, I didn’t have the luxury of having naps so I would just literally turn
on when I was going to bed and sometimes I would
fall asleep with it in but it was still going in. So that’s a really easy way to do it. Just literally put it on
when you’re going to bed. It’s so relaxing anyway,
I used to sleep so well. But you have to do the do. If you’re watching this though and you’re 35 weeks pregnant,
it’s not too late. You can do some practicing
and you will find that helpful anyway. I just think in the ideal world I did it from 30 weeks with each of my pregnancies for 20 minutes a day. My next tip is an important one and that is to make sure
that the hospital staff or the midwives know that you
have practiced hypnobirthing. You will be much more calm
than the average woman in labor and I definitely felt that. With my first son, I went into hospital I was three or four centimeters dilated, and I was having a contraction, but I was able to kind of
talk to the midwife a bit and the midwife sent me
home because she said if I was really in
labor, if my contractions were really that bad, that
I wouldn’t have been able to breathe or talk through my contraction, but I was because I was
practicing hypnobirthing and I was so calm. So they sent me home and then it was a bit of a nightmare. Then I had to call an ambulance and get rushed back ’cause
the baby was coming. So definitely make that
your husband’s job to say she’s been doing
hypnobirthing, she’s very calm. I personally feel like I wasn’t taken as seriously, in a way,
because I was so relaxed, they didn’t kind of give
me a room straight away and they said because it was my first baby that it would take over
24 hours and he came in just seven hours. My next tip is that there are
a few things that you can do alongside hypnobirthing
that can really help with your birth. I practiced pregnancy yoga
or pregnancy pilates to keep my body supple,
and whenever I did yoga I would sleep really well that night. So it was great for
breathing and relaxation. I also ate a healthy, balanced
diet as much as I could bar the cravings toward
the end of my pregnancy. And I also had acupuncture and reflexology in the last couple of weeks. I actually had that ’cause I was trying to bring on the labor ’cause
all of my babies were late. But, it can be really, really, good and there are things they can do in acupuncture that can
really help apparently, I mean I’m not a doctor or anything, but can bring the baby’s head down and that can give you those really nice oxytocin hormones which are so important when you’re giving birth. Right, so there’s my
tips and I really hope you found them helpful. I really wanted to share my
experience with hypnobirthing because I’ve had such good births and I think there are actually a lot of positive birth experiences out there if you look for it. When we watch movies or TV
or we hear the horror stories that our friends have
been through in birth it can really make you scared of it and that is exactly what you don’t want. So if someone starts telling
you about their horrendous birth experience maybe just don’t listen or just tell them to stop, because you just don’t need that in your head. And I know my experience was really good, but because it was good
it’s also quite forgettable. My first son came in just seven hours, my second son came in just three hours, and third son I had at home,
right there, on the floor, and it took just 40 minutes from when I got to five centimeters dilated. I was extremely relaxed. My husband always said,
“You were like in the zone.” And I did have a friend
that tried hypnobirthing but then unfortunately
she had an induction and not the birth that she had planned, but she said that the
hypnobirthing was so helpful in the early days of being a new mom. She was a very relaxed new mother because in the hypnobirthing it does say you know, you’re a natural,
you’ll know exactly what to do, so it can also help for when
your baby is actually here. So yeah, it’s worth a shot. But anyway, if you’ve got any questions please put them int he comments down below and I will be sure to answer them. And thank you so much for
watching and I’ll see you soon. Bye guys.


  1. I'm due any day now with baby #4 ( last one!) my last baby was born 4th September last year so is 14 months old I also have a 12 & 6 year old (7 in December!) all boys! 💙💙💙However this one they say is a Girl!! 💕 anyways I had contractions today thought it was going to be it but they have eased off now. I know it's last minute but I'm scared and need some hypnobirthing tips, because although all my 3 boys were natural quick labours ( only had gas & air ) I think the fact that I only gave birth last year the pain is still so fresh in my mind ( u tend to forget the pain don't you lol)
    So any tips from anyone on this technique would be great…make it quick though it could start anytime now lol x

  2. Hello Emily! Thank you for the video. You have inspired me to try hypnobirthing myself although it sounded a bit "hippy" to me at first. I was wondering if there are any Audio downloads you have heard of should be good or whether you think going to a class is worth it?

    Lots of love

  3. I did Hypnobirthing with water birth for my last pregnancy, it was amazing. Even the nurse didn't believe me when I said I was ready to push, because I was so calm. Going to be doing hypnobirthing again with my current pregnancy, so I love watching all these videos again 😊.

  4. Hi Emily, this sounds great! Just wondering where I can find the music or app that you listened to? I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant & would love to try this out! Thanks so much

  5. oops.. I'm 36 weeks today but will certainly dig in now. Fortunately I have prepared myself the last couple of weeks mentally with positive labor-stories

  6. Hi, Emily! You mentioned you were very scared of tearing, as am I! How did you cope with forgetting about that in the actual delivery?

  7. Thank you very much for the infors. I bought the book and whilst reading it, I felt under pressure because at 21 weeks I didn't start yet. But glad to hear that there is still time…

  8. Hi Emily, I only found out about hypnobirthing on my 38th week… even if it's too late to even start 🙁 , could you recommend an app or anything I could practice for this little last week before my baby arrives? Thanks!!

  9. Which wireless headphones 🎧 do you have? I want choose,but don’t know which ones 😬🙈 thank you,you are the best
    I did practice,it was amazing,1 hour after we arrived to hospital,I gave birth 😍🙈 so I will do the same to my next baby 👶

  10. Hi Emily! I’m 21 weeks pregnant with my first baby (a boy) and you have been such a guide through all this – thank you!! Could you tell me what the CDs were called (I’m guessing the last one was affirmations?) so I can try and ensure I have all aspects of hypnobirthing covered please? Thanks!

  11. Thank you so much for your video. I am 34weeks and have been mentally preparing for only 2weeks with a personal mantra that I wrote myself. But hypno birthing sounds wonderful and like an extra tool in the birthing tool belt.
    This is my second but first time going natural, so I appreciate your video. It's validating and keeping me in the mindset that I want to be in.

  12. Hi Emily… When I got pregnant I started searching on pregnancy, childbirth and raising kids… I found your channel and fell in love with hypnobirthing because of you. I'm a naturally anxious person and I suffered frequent panic attacks. I'm now almost 35 weeks pregnant and tomorrow will be my 2nd session with a hypnotherapist. I read the book first and as knowledge is power, the book helped me to reduce my anxiety in such a way that the panic attacks became rare! I really look forward to giving birth next month.

    I really want to thank you for promoting hypnobirthing so much and helping moms to be to find their way into motherhood in a more healthy way. Bless you!

  13. Emily I'm preg with my first and unsure whether to do a hospital birth with midwives or a home birth.

    Do you find a home birth is more relaxing ?

  14. I am watching this at 35wks pregnant haha..just as you said. However, do I need headphones or to be actively listening to something during labor? Can I just zone out?

  15. Hi Emily I always look for your videos when I need some “advice” 😊 I am 36 weeks pregnant and just had the new that I can’t have a water birth because my first baby was delivered by c section so at this moment I am again looking for ways to cope with the pain of labour , without needing pain killers like epidural or so , do you know if there’s YouTube videos for hipnobirthing? Is there a better one? I don’t have much time and would love a little help .

  16. Have 2 boys; no. 1 w/out hypno was rough, 2nd birth with hypno-birthing was much easier and he came in 2 1/2 hrs! Def recommend hypno-birthing, accupuncture and yoga during pregnancy – all so worth the money!!!

  17. What hypnobirthing program/audio did you use and can it be purchased internationally? I am 38 weeks and would like to try this (if it’s not too late).

  18. This was amazing. Love your tips. I'm only 10 weeks, but am very excited to try hypnobirthing. My first pregnancy I went in 5cm and delivered in 3 hours, but it was very stressful hearing everyone talking while I was giving birth.

  19. Hey Emily, I'm in New Zealand but I want to try Hypnobirthing. Do I need to go for physical classes (quite expensive) or do you know online courses I can access? Thanks.

  20. Yes! Hypnobirthing totally works. Did it with both my kids 9 and 5 yrs ago. Most important lesson for me was birthing is not a cerebral activity. When you let your body drive the process and your head take a back seat, it gets better. Your body knows how to birth a baby you just dont know it until it happens! Also need to start hypnobirthing as early as possible. Also stop listening to other pple's stories and make room for your own. Good luck!!

  21. I used hypnobirthing with my second child. The nurses kept talking and asking questions. They didn't believe that the contractions were as close as my husband and I told me. Finally a nurse came to check me and I was 9 CM dilated. The staff began to panic, prep and move me to another room… and within 15 minutes my sweet baby was born.

  22. Hypnobithing is very helpful, i got my 1st daughter only 12min in labour pain, my 2nd daughter was birth before arrival to the hospital, couldnt imagine she was born in a car but i manage to be calm and handle the labour.

  23. Emily, which apps did you find the most helpful? I don't see many options in my app store that have very good ratings! Any help would be much appreciated!

  24. I love all of your videos, all of them are so useful and I really like the fact that you speak clearly and to the point 🙂 I have been looking for a good hypnotherapy app and unfortunately can't seem to find one on the apple store. If you know of any good ones, please mention them in one of your videos. thanks!

  25. Gotta love the oxytocin–our natural pain reliever. Most people don't realize that when you get panicky and fearful, it blocks the oxytocin from releasing because your adrenaline gets pumping instead. Panic, fear, and stress is the worst thing someone can do for themselves while in labor. Let that oxytocin flow, ladies, and the epidural won't even cross your mind 😉

  26. I must say I had a miracle delivery. I didn’t take any class or anything. I was active throughout my pregnancy with lots of walking and also slowly walking up and down stairs several times a day. I only had problem in the last two weeks of pregnancy when I had diarrhea everyday when I actually rested. Even when I was resting, I used to do prenatal yoga 3-4 times a week, and I used to listen to pregnancy affirmations when going to bed and used to fall asleep. I had a preterm labour as my water broke in 34 weeks. However, my labour didn’t last more than 2 hrs. Let’s say I had pain only for an hour which includes the time I started pushing. Miracle delivery because, I was a first time mother with a height of only 4 ft 10 inches and my husband couldn’t believe it. When I reached the hospital, my opening was already 5cm dilated and by 15 minutes it was 10 cm. I a short time, I delivered my baby 🙂 I’m pregnant again and I hope I can deliver in half an hour now..hehe..of course, I did experience immense pain for about 40 minutes but I was surprised how quickly I delivered. So, this is the first time I’m watching this video.

    Edited: I recently delivered my second baby in exact 40 weeks and my labour was less than an hour. Yoga and meditation helped me a lot. I advise all pregnant mommas to do prenatal yoga at least a month before. It will really really help you in your delivery. 12:45 contraction started, 1;44 I delivered my baby 🙂

  27. my first Labour was 13hours all in and I tore. I want to try hypobirthing because I don't want that fear again. what apps do you advise? Danni

  28. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and only just starting to look into hypnobirthing. Are there any apps you could recommend?? Thank you!

  29. Emily , thank you for this video. I followed the tips for the past 6 weeks . My second daughter was born yesterday after 10 hours of labor. I couldn't believe how well hypnobirthing helped with this delivery compared with my first one. I was so calm and focused . It was a great experience

  30. In this video, you suggested listening to the 20 minute hypnosis during a nap or before going to bed. Is there a way to access this hypnosis? Thank you so much!

  31. Hi 🙂 this method sounds great. Can you tell where are you from or where did you do your labours. I'm living in Poland, these kind of things are quite new there

  32. I’m hoping these tips will help me out this time around! I had back labor and opted for an epidural as soon as I possibly could once I was in the hospital (I was 5.5cm when I got there maybe 45mins after my water broke) but I really want to labor naturally this time if possible!

  33. So I am 29 weeks pregnant and considered high risk due to my mum previously have preeclampsia and DVT's when pregnant. I really love the idea of Hypnobirthing and I had a few question to ask.

    1. If I decided half way through that i would like pain relief, is that okay?

    2. You talk about downloading MP3's but I can only seem to find relaxation music, I would like to have an MP3 telling me how to breath and reminding me to stay calm but I can seem to find one.

    3. Am I too late to start thinking about hypnobirthing? I read in someones blog to practice from 25 weeks and to attend classes. The local classes are really expensive and I dont think I could afford them this close to christmas.

    I want this experience to be as positive as It can be and I think breathing would help me massively so it is something i really would like to do.

    Sorry for the essay.

  34. if u can give an example how to do hypnobirthing , or from where I can get hypnobirthing in India that would be helpful

  35. Thanks for this video, good intro. Would you be willing to share those mp3s? I’m curious what kind of music/speaking it has so I can be prepared with something similar

  36. can u explain complete hypnobirthing , as in the link which u have provided has only some guidelined. If u can explain completly than it would be helpful

  37. Thank you for this video, Emily! Your story is very inspiring for me! I'm going to become a mother the first time and I'm reading Hipnobirth book now. Your review is helpful, thank you!

  38. Does anyone know where the link to her hypnobirthing apps/audio material is? I wanna get them, but I need to know what these are first. Am I missing something in the description?

  39. I did a hypnobirth class with my wife after the class I felt a spirit of anxiety when I reached home I felt depressed and suicidal. The next day I researched hypnobirthing and I noticed it's from Hinduism. I'm a true Christian and I opened a door for the enemy to attack me. I prayed and repented, and now I feel good again. God is against these practices childbirth was meant to be painful as a punishment for the first sin hypnobirthing will only cause problems spiritually and mentally

  40. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and have been listening to hypnobirthing for a couple of weeks now.
    Did you find you just didn’t feel scared at any point, or did you have specific techniques to quell the fear of it tried to read its head?! I’m concerned the fear will just take over once labour starts! Thanks xx

  41. I tried hypo birthing,…my baby is super zen. I think meditating everyday made her peaceful. I had to have an emergency Cesarean, I wanted an au natural water birth. I'm happy I tried, and I think it's a nice way to be connected with the baby starting to communicate and relating with baby. My baby sleeps well and doesn't cry for nothing. Shes very quiet and peaceful. Even though the birth didn't go as planned I still feel like my efforts of dedication to meditation resulted with a super chill baby and I'm grateful for that.

  42. Nice tips Emily! It's interesting for me as a hypnobirthing practitioner to find out about different approaches used by different practitioners.

  43. I really want to try hyponobirthing! Can someone please recommend a good app or audiobook?

    I've been trying to find one, but there's so many to choose from!

  44. thanks for teh tips, very useful. What is the 20 min relaxation listening? if you are able o share – thanks

  45. I had to pretend i was in pain when I was in labour with my son as I was saying my contractions were every 2/3 minutes but had zero pain. No one seemed to believe me and I actually worried that I wasn't going to get to the hospital in time as it was a 40 minute car drive. I was 4/5cm when I arrived at hospital and I would say i was probably around 8/9cm before pain started kicking in. I was really calm, didn't swear and my midwife was very surprised apparently as I was 17 years old. The hardest part for me was pushing, I couldn't get past the burn and it ended up taking 2 hours to push 🙁
    I'm 23 weeks pregnant now and hoping to use hypnobirthing this time. Xxx

  46. Where is a good place to download audio visualizations? I am doing a course but i dont get those and i've been practicing self hypnosis with script i've read and recorded on my phone – as in visualisations for upbreathing and down etc

  47. Hi Emily, great inspiring video. I’m a first time expecting mum and now 30 weeks. I would really like to self hypno birthing. Could you recommend me a professional or some relaxing music that I can listen to please,

  48. Hello, Emily. I can't afford the hypnobirthing courses now, but I read the Mongan's book, and I'm trying to find someone who can answer my questions.
    Please, tell me, do I need to practice all techniques from the book, or, for example, Rainbow relaxation and 3 kind of breathing is enough? If not then what is the most important?
    Also, I would like to find somewhere the hint note for father (who is going to be my birth-partner), because he seems to be too busy to read all book himself (he knows what is all thing about). It would be much easier just to give him short instructions.
    Thank you so much in advance!

  49. Hi, I would really like to try your audios. Is it possible to download/buy them somewhere? Thanks in advance for your response and all your helpful videos!

  50. When did you do acupuncture? I plan on having a natural birth using hypnobirthing techniques. I am birthing my first baby in Korea! I am feeling a lot more relaxed and prepared from practicing breathing techniques.

  51. I just wanted to write to tell you that your video on hypnobirthing changed my life! I didn't realize you could birth this way, so I researched it and took a course. My birth was amazing! I have since gone on and studied till become a hypnobirthing Practionare… So thanks to you!

  52. I remember watching this video when you first uploaded it and I knew that when my time came I’d look more into hypnobirthing. I’m now pregnant with my first and have started the positive birth company Digital Pack. It’s been a life saver so far especially since my sister loves to tell her absolutely tragic birth stories to everyone so I was super scared I’d be the same. It’s helped me remain calm and feel in control of not only preparation for labour but also of pregnancy. I had so many anxieties before and it’s just helped me so much. My ‘homework’ is to watch positive birth videos and stories and rewatching this has helped me! Especially the extremely positive comments. I know that when my baby is ready to come he will arrive safely and calmly into this world. Thank you for making this video💗 I’ve already watched Jacksons birth 4 times over 😂 I keep telling myself that “if Emily can have a birth like that then so can I”. It really is about remaining positive

  53. What was the total time of your 3rd pregnancy from start of 1st contraction to delivery? I’m pregnant with my 3rd and considering a home birth this time around… I’ve heard 3rd baby time frame is a wild card😬

  54. Due with my first baby on September 10th 2019! I am super interested in Hypnobirthing! I want to have an all natural experience especially because my pregnancy has been a completely smooth ride, I am so healthy, Hypnobirthing is something I really want to try during labor and delivery at the hospital. Please if you have anymore techniques, or videos I can watch send me a link!

  55. is hypnobirthing much different from like meditation/mindful birthing classes? so torn on which type of class to take. please help.

  56. Hey Emily
    Great video , what are the apps and listening literature you are talking about? I would love to download them ? I’m looking into a course near me.
    I can’t believe how unprepared I was for labour the first time round , it was very painful but my body still pulled through and did an amazing job , mentally though I lost control and I know this time round things will be different, every pregnant woman desisted good birth

  57. Hi, I am practising hypnobirth meditation and I would like to ask if you have any downloadable hypnobirth meditation guide for labour.

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