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6 7 Instagram Ads

6 7 Instagram Ads

alright guys the next section we’re gonna get into is Instagram ads buying ads on the platform itself now we know that Facebook bought Instagram so you actually be doing this through an ad manager account on Facebook itself the number one reason why you would want to do advertisements through Facebook and Instagram is that you can geo target you can literally pinpoint the age the location the demographic the sex of the person to a very very specific audience you can literally build an account with an audience that is your ideal customer for the business that you want to be running now the downfall the downside is it is bloody expensive I mean when you get that specific and you want to be building you know maybe it’s a male that’s twenty four to thirty years old because that’s the time when they buy the first car something right in your car page you are gonna be spending like like twenty thirty forty cents a follower you want to build an account to a million followers it’s gonna cost you like you know half a million bucks it’s not really that feasible okay so while there is a lot of benefits to it clearly the it’s very clear to us that the other growth strategies are easier if they’re more outreach for people like you and I unless you’re built with money and you just want to go down that route I’ll be honest though you’re not gonna walk away with the same result that we are going to build you because well the strategies that we’re teaching you are actually towards building growth and engaged audiences so growing the account engage your audiences versus just you know having a commercial ad on Instagram this is sponsored go blank this and it cost you money and you know so one thing I do want you guys to keep in mind is though when you are buying an ads through Facebook and Instagram they show up as ads on Facebook and Instagram right you’re going to look at it’s gonna say sponsor on the top and there’s a psychological trigger that shows up when you see that you know it’s different it’s it’s sort of similar to when you’re watching when you’re a TV show and then the commercials come on when a commercial comes on the blinders go up it’s very similar when you’re on a platform like Instagram you’re scrolling and you see a sponsored advertise and the blinders grew up you don’t give a but when you’re getting promoted through influencers it’s so much more subtle the endorsement becomes a bit more organic because now you’re getting shared by someone who you love already now you love their brand and they’re saying hey yo go follow my other buddy because his stuff is sweet too and so you’re more likely to get a better turn around and people won’t put the blinders up that will recognize that it is an ad we really haven’t covered this topic in too much detail but there are a lot of resources online to learn about how to utilize Facebook and Instagram ads and in the monetization section we’re actually gonna touch up a bit on retargeting campaigns but we’re still sticking with growth so let’s move on to the next thing

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