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#53 Simple Tips For Getting Your Advertising Right

#53 Simple Tips For Getting Your Advertising Right

– Hi everyone, Joel at Codebreak for another episode of Marketing Cracked. Today I’m gonna be talking to you about how to get your adverts right. (Electric Buzz) So that could be print advertising. It could be digital advertising. It could be TV advertising. But what are the top tips to
get the most from your advert? Tip number one, think
about your objective. So what is it you want people to do? Do you want them to know
more about your brand? Do you want them to feel
more familiar with you? Do you want them to pick up
a phone and order from you? Do you want them to visit your website? What is it that your advert
is guiding them to do? And make sure that the
messaging communicates that, and it’s clear and easy
for them to achieve. Next, what problem are
you solving for them? So, are they somebody
commuting late home from work and they’re hungry and they
can’t be bothered to cook? Can you sell into them because they want your take away pizza, your take away Chinese
food, whatever it might be. Or, is it somebody who lives rurally, they’re isolated, they need a vehicle that
no matter what the weather, they can get out of where they live and get out to see everybody else? What are you solving? How is your advert communicating the problem you’re solving, and the solution you’re
giving for that user? And then, who is that user? Who are you pitching to? So, my third tip would be niche down exactly who you’re aiming at. It might be that you
lose some of the people around the periphery
but that doesn’t matter. Because you need to go for the kind of get all your ducks in a row, line up exactly who you’re aiming at. So, the person who might be buying your off road vehicle in your advert, who are they? Where do they live? What’s their income? What’s their family situation? And then make sure that you’re building your ads and ad
targeting around that. There’s no use placing your adverts in a magazine that that
person’s never gonna read. And then finally, what’s
the call to action? So, what do you want that person to do? What is it that the
advert leads them into? It might be something as simple as talking about your brand, being interested in your brand, thinking that your
vehicle is the best one. Or it might be that you
want them to ring up and order buy one get one free pizzas, or use your offer code, or visit your website. But if your advert doesn’t communicate exactly the action want them to take, don’t expect them to take that action. If you want to know
more about advertising, placing your ads and the
tips that we can do with you, we’d love to chat to you. Come have a chat with Codebreak.
(Electric Buzz)

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