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50% Conversion On Facebook Ads = 1 Million in Revenue

50% Conversion On Facebook Ads = 1 Million in Revenue

There is no particular reason for me to show
you the food I ate 12 hours ago but you know what, I’ll do and there’s a reason for it
so make sure you stick until the end of this video. I might as well make you hungry, actually,
that’s a good idea. Go to the fridge, grab some snacks and come back, sit back, relax
and enjoy the video. Why did I show you a video of food? Do you know that studies show
that our brain processes information in video form 60,000 times faster than in the form
of paper? And this is the reason why my company made over $1 million in revenue which I’m
about to show you proof right now. And this is why video ads on Facebook are so successful.
Let’s talk about them right now. But you might be wondering why should I watch this video.
There’s a million videos like this in my suggestion box or trending or whatever. Talking, some
people talking about their strategies on Facebook ads, Shopify and whatever and what’s so different?
Well, you might see in their revenue is 1,000 bucks or 10,000 bucks 01:14 thousand bucks,
then silver 500,000 bucks. What if I show you on my iPad, not with Inspect Element
like fake info, $1 million of revenue on my PayPal account and I have a little bit more
because I have more payment methods and also crypto payments. You know what, let’s just
do it like this is my iPad. This is my iPad, okay? I hit record and I go to PayPal. Keep
in mind, I have to censor some information because some of you guys watching this are
hackers like you can, you can barely touch it, it’s not my fault. Some of you guys have
a bad intentions so I got to hide some information but obviously my name, company, PayPal, blah,
blah, blah, my clients. But I’ll log in right quickly and this is my PayPal summary screen.
And if you go on reports right here, first you can see my last 30 days revenue is, come
on, $75,000. If I go from– [fast forward] the day of this uphold, I have $1,066,000
in revenue, $8,000 in– like this cannot be faked, okay? 8,000 transactions and the average
sale is 126 bucks. How did I do that? Obviously, that should be proof of concept to you. I’m not no professional
but I kind of know some principles that you need to follow and you know what, unlike the
other YouTubers that will sell courses for $500 a seat, I’m going to give you this information
for free. What did you say, five bucks? No, for free. Five bucks? For free. Three bucks?
Get out of here, it’s for free, man. There’s no courses, it’s for free. I not– I know
you’re not used to that but it’s for free so make sure you click this, give this video
a like, make sure you subscribe to this channel because I tried to post at least two or three
videos a week of free tips. Tips that you’ll have to pay over 500 bucks if you go to the
other videos that are suggested in the suggestion box down here I think. Don’t look at it, look
at me and check out this channel. I’ll give you a secret that other Youtubers will not
give you for free. I’ll give you one of my ads that managed to have a 50% conversion
rate which is unheard of. Obviously, it’s a niche. It can be scaled to a million dollars
a day spent, it’s really low but it’s only $10 a day if I rose it to $200 but you cannot
find some niche clients but for every two clicks I have on my link, I get one sale.
This is incredible so make sure you watch until the end to see my strategy. I’m going
to go on my Facebook and I’ll show you this and I’ll give you some free tips that again
you do not have to pay for when you’re with me. Okay guys, so let’s start. I’m really,
really pumped up. First, I want to thank a lot of you guys that that have joined the
community and subscribed in the last few days. I’m really a small channel so it really means
a lot to me when you share your opinion in the comments section down below. Maybe if
you want me to explain something to you, I’ll try to reply especially during the first few
hours after I upload videos, so make sure you do that. So we’re here on my Facebook,
campaigns manager, ads manager. As you can see, this ad here, which is basically a retarget,
I get 59 website, add to carts I had 259 purchases out of how many clicks and I had
128 link clicks which is nearly 50% conversion and in 28 link clicks 59 conversions. How
did I do that? The cost per purchase is super low, it’s really a great ad. As you can see
I’ve had a lot of ads that didn’t really work out for me. But what I can tell you right
now is there is a particular reason the-the-the-that didn’t just the occur to me that I got this
ad so successful. I test out a lot of things, maybe some of you guys are doing that or bought
a lot of videos and like you, I’m not, um, I’m a- I’m an average guy. I cannot spend
so much money on a course so I was looking for free information. And what I found out
was there’s a few things that are a must do when you’re– we’re talking about Facebook
ads. First off, you got to go on ads, go on audiences and configure a few audiences for
yourself. The first audience and you need to have no matter what is, um, a lookalike
audience is good to have. You can test and act like this. But the most important ones
are custom audiences with your pixel, Facebook pixel and clients that already purchased or
email list that people subscribed to you and already used it. Why do you, ah, need, ah,
a pixel? Well, a pixel that you get here if you go to, ah, events manager and pixels,
is I think you register on your website. I’ve had 8,400 events on my website and as you
can see, there are some purchases, add to cart page, blah, blah, blah, a lot of things
that happened. I was not too quick to install pixel so when I was marketing and doing different
ads, I didn’t get the most out of them because I didn’t have the user’s information. I mean,
Facebook didn’t have that information so I couldn’t really retarget them. Obviously,
you can retarget them on Google which I’ll go over on in a little bit so make sure if
you want to see that, comment down below. I want to see the Google version. But and
I have 07:44 there I’m getting 10x on my investment, 10x in revenue, so profitable
because I’m working with 20% margin 07:52 in my business. And as you can see that
the first thing you need to install is the Facebook’s pixel. I’m not going to go over
that because there’s plenty of guides if you go on YouTube and type in how to sell Facebook
pixel, You see a guide, it’s really simple, we get an HTML code. If you can’t install
it, you just hire someone from Fiverr or Upwork. I have a link for Fiverr down below and he
does it for you. And then what pixel does, it collects information for the users. What
you can do after that is actually retarget the users that were on your website with a
video ad. Why is– you’re probably wondering but I tried retarget them, it wasn’t successful.
The reason why it wasn’t successful was you were not using a video ad or you did not target
the right people. Maybe your niche is to populated like iPhone cases but even people with one–
with iPhone cases are doing really well in Shopify and in dropshipping. So 08:55 doing,
there’s a- there’s a way for you to make, ah, to make the most out of your Facebook
ads. So how do you make a video ad? You’re not, like your camera shy, you don’t have
a good camera, you don’t maybe you don’t have even have the product. How do you do that?
Well, there’s a few things that you can do. First up, you can go on fiverr.com. So when
you go on fiber, you r-write whiteboard animation, right? And that brings you to a lot of animations,
as you can see, some are more expensive and you sort them by best selling. And then you
get some that are 20, around there. I’ve used this seller, this guy. I think I’ve used and
they are– I-I have a link for Fiverr down below by the way. If you use my link or get
some commission, if you purchase something. So I want to be transparent for-with you so
I’m telling you that. But if you did that, you’re also supporting the channel. So if
you go on Fiverr, but I don’t care if you don’t use it, like, I’m not making those videos
for money, I’m just making those videos because I was in your shoes and know what it’s like
to not be able to pay to see, ah, free information out there. So you’re going to get this guy,
order, as you can see on his ad, you took like– you choose, okay. Three days delivery
and it’s whatever minutes, voiceover. He doesn’t say how m– but normally, it’s around a minute
for that. Oh, number of words, 75 words, so yeah, you probably need at least 150 words
to make, but even 75 can be good. Another thing you need to have is, even if you don’t,
if you have a voiceover, it’s good to add your own capture to your videos, which you
can do as well here like transcript. If you hire a transcriptor to write the whole description
and add it to your video. This is a good idea because many people listen– ah, browse through
Facebook with muted sound. So you want to have a transcripted ad. Also, that’s something
that people will not tell you, you have to pay for courses, but this is good for video
SEO, for Facebook, and for you to– even though they have a built-in transcript, some of them,
YouTube has it, it does not really work the way you think it does. Some things you can
do in addition to that. What I show you just now is upsell people. How do you upsell people? I’ll
tell you. You upsell them by retargeting the people that watched 75% of the video with
a second video that’s a little bit more pitchy or something. I know, I know you’ve been watching
this, wha- I don’t know. Maybe that’s not really a good idea but you can have something,
if they watched 75% of the video or up it might show that they are kind of interested
and then probably if you give them a special discount just for them that might rea- even
be a good idea. And to even get the most of your video based on the age you have, those
75% that watched, ah, those people that watched 75% of the video can have a targeted ad directly
for their age. For example, if you’re using a skin product and you’re targeting, ah, old
like-like obviously you don’t want an olderly lady shown to you, 18 or 13 or 16-year-old
girls and you don’t want 16 or 18-year-old girls shown to an old lady because she-she-she
understands she’s not going to look like that anymore, it’s over. Like Gary V says it’s
better to have more ads niche than have one ad with a very big budget. I mean it’s pretty
obvious but sometimes we’re a bit lazy in, ah, working on our ad. If you like this content,
if you like my video, you want to support me, you want to make me motivated, make sure
you subscribe to the channel right now and check my phone everyone out to see if who’s
going to be the next subscriber. So if you really, subscribe to my channel, this will
make you warm and fuzzy inside. Uh, yeah, it actually worked. Ah, a video a day keeps
the doctor away. Bye.

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