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5 Websites With FREE Traffic To Make Money With An Online Business

5 Websites With FREE Traffic To Make Money With An Online Business

– Hi everybody, it’s me
Sarah here from Wholesale Ted coming to you today with
a little bit of a cold, but that’s okay. Now I’ve said this before, but I will say it again. Free, free, free. Everybody loves free. But you know what people love more than stuff that’s free? They love it when something that is free can result in making them
millions of dollars every year. Yes, today I’m gonna be
giving you five websites that have free traffic and free customers that you can use to build
a moneymaking business. And yes, almost all of this money was made from entirely free traffic, how? Well, let me show you. (upbeat music) Website one, Amazon. Look, I’m gonna be straight with you, if you want to build
a moneymaking business with free traffic, the absolute best website
to get high quality free traffic and customers is Amazon. In fact SimilarWeb estimates
that in the past month, Amazon has been visited
over 2.6 billion times. It’s an insane amount of
free traffic and customers. Now a lot of people mistake and they think that Amazon is the one
that sources the products that they sell on their website, but actually usually this is not true. While Amazon does sources out a tiny percentage of its products, usually it acts as an online marketplace where third party sellers like you and I can list their items for sale. Just like with eBay, it isn’t eBay who lists the
items on its site for sale, it’s third party sellers that do. But Amazon has a big advantage over eBay. You see, on eBay, if I
listed this cat coffee spoons and someone bought them from me, I’d have to have them in my house so that I could package them up and then ship them out to my customer, which is why for a lot of eBay sellers, having to store all of the items that they’re selling on the site means their houses shortly ends up looking like an episode from Hoarders. And so Amazon decided to
create something different. They created the Fulfilled
by Amazon program. Basically Amazon has set up warehouses all around the USA, and, well, the world. Third party sellers can ship their items into the warehouses, Amazon will collect the
items and store them. And then when a customer comes and orders an item from you, Amazon’s warehouse staff will
find your item stored there. They will then package the item up and ship it out directly to the customer, and it will arrive in one
of Amazon’s classic boxes. This done-for-you service is
called Fulfilled by Amazon and it was revolutionary. No more having to store
items in your house, no more having to ship
them out to customers. It means then that third party sellers, like River Retail here, who have 199 items listed
in their Amazon store, which by the way will be making them thousands of dollars a month, just have to source the products and let Amazon do the rest. In fact Amazon businesses
can be so hands-off that they can be potentially run almost anywhere in the world, even from the beach, as long as you have an
internet connection of course. So there are three main
types of businesses that you can start on Amazon to take advantage of all
of this free traffic, and I’m gonna be listing them in order of their profit potential. Keep in mind though that the businesses with the most profit potential often do have the highest startup cost. So pros and cons there. So onto business one. Amazon business one, selling popular branded items. So out of these three businesses, this one easily has the
highest profit potential. And it’s pretty simple actually. What you do out there is you
find popular branded products that already have an established fan base, and you sell them yourself. That’s it, you’re just piggybacking off of existing products
and existing sales and taking a slice of them for yourself. It makes a very beginner-friendly strategy because you don’t actually have to come up with any product ideas yourself, instead you just get to sell items that are already selling
really really well. My goods friends, Dan and
Eric, are fantastic examples. They have made millions
and millions of dollars with their Amazon
branded product business. In fact as we highlighted on one of our most popular
videos on this channel, they made over five
million dollars with it in just one single year
using this strategy. It’s pretty crazy but in total they have made over 16 million dollars from free Amazon traffic, and I think this number may actually be up to
20 million dollars now. And they have been very
generous and have put together a free limited time exclusive
video training workshop just for Wholesale Ted
viewers and subscribers. So if you would like to get access to this course before it expires, be sure to click on the link in the video description below. And I know how lucrative this can be, because as I’ve discussed
before in this channel, I’ve personally made a lot of money by selling popular branded items. Although as I’ve described
in my previous videos, I didn’t do this by
selling them on Amazon, I sold these items in my own store. But as Dan and Eric and their many successful
students have shown, you don’t need to set up your own store and get your own traffic, you can just piggyback off
of Amazon’s free traffic. Now you might be thinking
to yourself, that’s awesome, I get to sell real products
with actual brands, that’s amazing. I’m gonna go out there and buy 100 iPhones because they’re gonna sell like crazy. Calm down there, calm down. It doesn’t work like that. And that it would be great, wouldn’t it if you could just go out there and buy 100 different GoPros, right? Because GoPros have a
huge amount of demand, and people are always wanting to buy them. Unfortunately though billion dollar brands like GoPro, Apple, and
Nike are very selective on who they will actually
sell their products to, and they will usually
only let big retail stores purchase them and resell them, and even worse, those retail stores usually don’t even make a profit off of these items. So no, you can’t just go and buy 100 different GoPros to resell. But like Dan and Eric do and
their successful students, you can take advantage
of everyone’s obsession about wanting to sell
billion dollar branded items and turn their obsession
into money for you. You see, what Dan and Eric
do is they go to Amazon and ignore billion dollar
super popular brands like Nike, Apple, and GoPro, and instead they browse
through the items on Amazon and find moderately popular products like this one here, Nuti Light. Now the chances are, you’ve never heard about
Nuti Light before, why? Because it’s not a super popular brand. But you know what? Lots and lots of people
buy it every month. It may not be super popular
but it is moderately popular. Check this out, if we come
to the Amazon listing for it and see what its monthly sales are using the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, we can see that in the past month an estimated 1,099 units of it was sold, which is over $10,000 in
sales for just one month. And so that is what Dan and Eric do. They look for these
moderately popular products because these products have
way less seller competition because most people
don’t think to sell them. And that is the secret to
doing this business right. Most people fail at this business because they can’t figure out what to sell so they just try and sell
what everybody else is which is super popular brands. If you want to do this business right, then you want to be looking
for the right brands and the right products to sell. In fact for this five-figure product, there are only six other sellers. Amazon will split most of its sales between third party sellers
that meet its criteria, and that is that they
are competitively priced and they’re fulfilling
their items with Amazon. And as we can see, there are only two sellers
that meet this criteria, and that is River Retail
and Kidz Kupboard. And so most of that $10,990 is only being split between two sellers. Of course if you were to
start selling it as well, then it would start to become
split between three sellers. And so when Dan and Eric
find a moderately popular yet highly profitable branded
product to sell like this one, they’ll contact the manufacturer for it and set up a wholesale account with them so that they can now buy it in bulk at massively discounted rates. But instead of getting
their items shipped to them, they’ll have them shipped directly to the Amazon
Fulfillment warehouse instead to be listed and sold on the site. Pretty cool, right? So not only do you get to piggyback and essentially steal a slice of sales from products that are
already selling well which removes the guesswork
of trying to figure out what products you should list and sell, but by utilizing Amazon’s FBA warehouses, you can run this business from pretty much anywhere in the world, and yes, that does include the beach if it has an internet connection. And so again if this sounds like something that you would like to learn more about, then you should be sure to sign up for our free exclusive
limited time workshop that Dan and Eric are running just for Wholesale Ted
viewers and subscribers. And you will find the link to
how you can join in on that in the video description below. Amazon business number
two, retail arbitrage. So I find that a lot of sellers get started with this business model. So what you do with it is that you go to big retail stores like
supermarkets, Walmart, Kmart. So you hit the places like that and you take a look at
the items on the shelves and compare their prices
to their price on Amazon. If you find an item priced lower, woo-hoo! (cash register ringing)
You’ve got a hit! When you’ve got a hit, you then buy as many of
the product as you can, and then package the item up and ship it into one of Amazon’s
Fulfillment warehouses. Now Pineapple Lumps are a special case because they’re actually a New Zealand exclusive candy or lolly as we would say in New Zealand, so they’re rather rare
in the United States, and that’s quite expensive. Usually the best hits
that you’re gonna find are gonna come from products that are on sale in a retail store but are not on sale on Amazon. So as you can see this business
model is not so passive because of the fact that
you need to be constantly going to retail stores
and sourcing products and comparing their prices
to the prices on Amazon. And so usually this business
has a bit of an income cap, and I find that for most people, it sort of caps out at
around $100,000 a year. But I know through personal experience that retail arbitrage can make
for a great first business because of the fact that
just like with the first one, you are just piggybacking and
capitalizing off of products that are already selling really well. As I’ve explained before on this channel, retail arbitrage was
my first ever business. Eventually though I realized
that I wanted to find better, more effective ways of sourcing products which is how I discovered
wholesale and dropshipping. If you’d like to find out more
about what dropshipping is, then you should be sure to
download our free ebook, the six steps that six-figure
dropshipping stores follow to make over $10,000 a month, and you will find a link to how you can get this free ebook in the video description below. Amazon business number
three, Merch by Amazon. Merch by Amazon is simple, it’s print-on-demand for
clothing like T-shirts but with Amazon. If you don’t know what print-on-demand is, here is how it works. Companies like Merch by Amazon will take artwork that you provide them and put them onto items
like T-shirts and hoodies each time a customer buys one from you. So it means then that
you don’t need to buy a bunch of T-shirts in advance to resell because of the fact that these companies will print and make each one individually and ship them out to the
customer as they buy them. Not only then does this
massively lower your risk because of the fact that
you don’t have to invest into inventory in advance, but it also massively lowers
your startup cost as well. The clothing you create
inside of Merch by Amazon gets listed on Amazon’s product listings just like any other piece of clothing, and so again you get to take advantage of customers already coming to Amazon and searching and browsing for items. For example this T-shirt here was created with Merch by Amazon from a simple third party seller, and if we check out its sales
stats using Jungle Scout, we can see that each month
it’s making over $4,000. Isn’t that crazy? And this seller doesn’t
have to do much work at all because Amazon handles most
of the customer service, they handle the printing,
they handle the shipping. It means then that this is
a super passive business once you’ve found a
winning design of course. So if you have a limited startup money, then print-on-demand can be
a fantastic business for you which actually leads
me to my next website. Website two, Etsy. I was talking to a
friend who described Etsy as the hipster online marketplace. And you know what? That’s actually pretty accurate. So like Amazon, Etsy is a website that doesn’t focus on
selling their own items, instead they allow third
party sellers like you or I to list our items and sell
them on there to make money. Last year tens of billions
of dollars were sold on Etsy. That’s a huge amount of traffic and sales to piggyback off of. But there’s just one important thing that you need to know about. What sets Etsy apart
from other marketplaces like Amazon or eBay is that they have strict rules. The products you sell need to under most circumstances be original. And if you use a manufacturer to help you create the products you sell, Etsy must approve them
as ethical suppliers. Luckily Etsy has approved
Printful and Printify, two of the biggest
print-on-demand businesses as ethical suppliers, making an Etsy print-on-demand
business a great idea. Unfortunately though you
couldn’t sell this T-shirt that I made and printed with Printful. And that’s because I bought this artwork off of Shutterstock. And yes, I bought it using
the Enhanced Image License, giving me the right to reuse this product for commercial purposes. But as we can see in Etsy’s
terms and conditions, all artwork has to be original, which means that either you
need to make the designs that you use for your
print-on-demand products that you list on Etsy or that you get a graphic designer to make original designs for you and call them part of your
team in your profile bio. But I don’t think that those
rules are hard to obey at all. Lot of print-on-demand based
businesses like these on Etsy follow the rules and
gets to take advantage of the tens of billions of dollars being sold on Etsy each and every year. But full disclosure, as I’ve explained in a
previous very popular video on Etsy and print-on-demand, listing a product on Etsy costs 20 cents and it will stay up on
Etsy for four months. So there is a small upfront
cost to using the site but it’s very very little. And unless you specifically
pay for advertising, you don’t have to pay for any clicks or any views to your product. So for me, it meets the
definition of being free traffic. Of course I know for
some of you out there, you’re very specific in what
you consider to be free, so if you disagree with
my definition of free, feel free to let me know
in the comments section. Website three, Fiverr. Fiverr has absolutely revolutionized the world of freelancing. On Fiverr you sell freelancing
gigs to other people, usually other businesses. Most people know that Fiverr is a good place to get blog posts or to get a logo made or to have an article proofread, but people sell lots of services on there. Heck people are even
successfully making money by creating free Google forms and surveys. And If you’ve never done that before, well, trust me, creating
a Google form or survey is pretty damn easy, and yes, it is free to make one, no fancy software required. I’m sure that almost all
of my subscribers here could make one just fine. I find that freelancing is a great first business
for a lot of people because it’s very easy to understand. Someone has a service
that they need completed, and you go and complete it for
them in exchange for money. And people spend a lot of
money on Fiverr buying gigs. I know that I spend a lot of
money on Fiverr each year. In fact I purchased so many Fiverr gigs that I’m a part of a kind of secret invitation only club
Fiverr has called VIDs which stands for Very Important Doers. Freelancing also has
another secret benefit for people starting out online. I get a lot of people asking
if they can work for me, and I know the real reason why they ask. It isn’t because of the salary, it’s because they want an insider look into how I run my business. And I really respect that because I’ve learnt a
lot from taking courses, I’ve learnt a lot from reading books, but the most that I’ve ever learnt is by working with people who are already successful at something that I want to be successful at too. But of course there can be a
lot of competition on Fiverr because it’s one of the
biggest online marketplaces for freelances to list their services, and so sometimes it makes use to go out there and research alternative options, which leads me to my next website. Website number four, Jungle Market. Jungle Market is a
surprisingly little known freelancing gig site from
the creators of Jungle Scout. The purpose is for freelancers to be able to list services on there that are tailor-made to Amazon sellers. And do you know what
one of the benefits are of selling services
directly to Amazon sellers? They are often really rich. They have lots of money to spend, so not only is there way less competition from other freelancers for work, but because your clientele is rich, you can charge a lot more. Check this out. This is one of the top
selling gigs on the platform. They are charging $130 just to add a video to an Amazon listing. That’s right. They’re not even making the video, they’re just adding it into
an Amazon product listing which is incredibly simple to do. Like seriously when I saw
this, it blew my mind. I mean you just have to go
to YouTube and do a search and you’ll quickly find a video tutorial that will teach you how to
do this in five minutes. And the reason why a
service so simple as this can charge so much money is because Jungle Market
is the perfect example of demand far exceeding supply. Amazon sellers want their own
tailor-made freelancing gigs but not many freelancers
are offering them. And this is something that the product manager
over at Jungle Market, Joel and I were recently discussing. Check it out. – [Joel] So right now is just the absolute perfect time to join the Jungle Scout Market because we are still
a growing marketplace. Like Fiverr has two million users, Upwork has five million users. We’ve had a lot of freelancers right now, there’s a freelancer that
has over 250 reviews, he was one of the very first freelancers to join the Jungle Scout Market, and he has now been able
to quit his full-time job. He left Fiverr because the leads were just like not nearly as high quality, and it was just a race
to the bottom on price. And now he basically dedicates
his entire full time job to the Jungle Scout Market
helping Amazon sellers. I have another freelancer that
is a product photographer. He has a wife and three kids, and again full time job being a product photographer on the Jungle Scout Market. If they were on Fiverr or Upwork, the amount of time it would take for them to grow their portfolios and to get those reviews and get the steady stream
of clients could take years, it could possibly never even happen. So just right now while the
marketplace is still small is the perfect time to join. – If you’re curious about Jungle Market, I’ll have a link to it in
the video description below. Please know that video description
contains affiliate links. Here at Wholesale Ted, all of our YouTube videos are free, and affiliate links help
us keep our videos free. Website five, YouTube. YouTube is an awesome website to take advantage of for free traffic because YouTube is one of the
biggest websites in the world. There is an absurd amount of
free traffic on this website to take advantage of and monetize. Unfortunately most people on YouTube suck at monetizing their channels. I don’t think it’s gonna come as a surprise to most of my viewers that in my niche as in
tactical business niche that we get absurd CPMs
for our advertising. If we convert 48 New
Zealand dollars into USD, that equals about $32. So if you’ve ever wondered why there are so many new YouTube channels popping up with regurgitated
dropshipping videos, this is a big reason. For most niches this
is not the case at all. For most niches you get
around $1 to $2 per CPM which means cost per thousand views. So here is a YouTube
video I really enjoyed from one of my favorite channels. It’s about video games and it has around 450,000 views, a pretty incredible feat, right? Well, usually achieving
something like this in a channel that’s about pop culture will net you around 450 to $900, and that’s it. Getting 450,000 views is really hard, so getting paid $450 to
$900 as a reward for this does not seem like a fair exchange. That is why usually the most
lucrative YouTube channels are built around selling products, and as I’ve highlighted before, there are two ways to easily do it without it being forced. The first is to start a YouTube channel where you review products and post affiliate links for how people can buy the products in your video description. And the second way is to
create a YouTube channel where you create tutorials
using software or apps that, yes, have affiliate
programs like Adobe products, and yes, just like with
the review channels, you place your affiliate links
in the video descriptions. Now while both these channels do work, I’ve got to admit I’m a much
bigger fan of the latter, because like let’s take
this GoPro Hero7 Black here. Usually people sell this using the Amazon Affiliate
Associate program, and with that program it comes under the All Other Categories commission rate which pays out a measly 4% commission. So if someone buys this GoPro Hero Black, you will make a whole $15
per sale for a $379 purchase. Now let’s take Adobe
products like Photoshop. The monthly subscriptions have a huge 85% commission on your first sale, and even better their stock image program pays out a one-time rate of $72 when someone successfully signs up for a one-month subscription which is incredible when you consider that a one-month subscription costs anywhere from $30 to $50 a month. Digital products have far higher affiliate commissions because of the fact that their profit margins are much bigger. So keep that in mind
when you are selecting what type of YouTube channel
you are going to create. Thanks for watching this video. And if it taught you something and you’re not a subscriber
here at Wholesale Ted, you should totally become one because we are constantly
releasing new videos with actionable advice on how to build a moneymaking online business. So be sure to click that Subscribe button (bell dings)
and then click the little notification bell next to it so that you don’t miss
out on any of our videos.

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  40. Im a sapiosexual who is deeply in love with sarah.. Sarah canyou marry a black man 💍 😍

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