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5 Ways to Increase YouTube Ad Revenue

5 Ways to Increase YouTube Ad Revenue

what’s going on guys it’s Brian from BG
meeting innovation and today I want to bring you some great content if you’re
new to the channel it’s full of digital marketing tips
ecommerce insights and really step-by-step how-to content for any
aspiring entrepreneur that wants to make money online so if you’re new to the
channel go and hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss anything and with that
being said we’re just gonna jump right in all right I’ve got five tips for you
guys that are really gonna help you increase your ad revenue here on YouTube
and we’re gonna jump right into them right now so first and foremost is
creating playlists that’s number one now I create playlists for a number of
different reasons you’ll see here that I have a majority you know a vast majority
of playlists here the reason I do this is you know for numerous different
reasons actually first and foremost it increases my watch time overall keeps
people engaged on my content and really you know obviously it plays multiple
videos for four people and gives me more multiple chances to get ad revenue but
on top of that what a lot of people don’t actually know about playlists is
it hacks the YouTube algorithm essentially for 2018 here and the reason
it does that is because when you put playlet videos in a playlist that are
all related they all have the opportunity and they’re more likely to
show up in suggestive videos on each other’s actual videos so for example I
went here to how to get the most out of a picture for dropshipping an e-commerce
cropping or blah blah blah now this is an old video that I did a long long time
ago and it’s 36 views and it’s probably one of the worst you know videos two
likes but we can all laugh at that and take you know you know solace in the
fact that we all have to start somewhere but I have some other really really
successful videos and you’ll notice that not only is the playlist here to you
know showing them on that aspect but also if we move down there’s a good
chance that a lot of the related videos will be from this actual playlist the
reason for that being is YouTube is much more likely like I said to suggest
videos that are in the same playlist so that’s something to keep in mind create
playlists with related videos around a certain niche topic not only will you
have a better chance to get found in the search results which will then you know
obviously bring people into that playlist in those videos but like I said
suggested video is the way that you’re gonna get seen here in 2018 on YouTube
and you can really take advantage of that and really capitalize on the ad
revenue for multiple videos in your playlist and not just one so hope that
you guys like that first tip on just creating playlists it’s very very simple
a lot of people overlook it but I’m telling you it can really help
increase your ad revenue on top of that I actually did have an entire ad revenue
playlist my last video that I actually did
I’m batch recording a bunch of it of YouTube videos because I actually have a
big and now it’s been coming soon so stay tuned I’m really excited probably a
little bit crazy and I’m excited to announce this for you
guys but that’s coming soon so stay tuned but when at the time of releasing
or recording this video sorry my last video that actually released was how
much money I make on YouTube with 2500 subscribers if you’re looking to check
out that entire playlist because you’re probably on this video you know
essentially looking for how you can increase your ad revenue I did an entire
playlist on how you can essentially you know just documenting my ad revenue
journey it might be something cool that you want to check out I’ll drop that as
a card up in the right-hand corner for you right now to go ahead and do so now
the second tip is to use cards just like playlists you’re going to want to
suggest people throughout your video to keep you know going back to your
contents in other forms when you pause this sorry by suggesting cards on
certain points in your videos whether that’s where your video drops off you
know maybe mine tend to drop off most my audience retention tends to drop off in
between like 3:30 and 4:00 regardless of what yours is you might want to go into
your channel analytics and test that out and see for yourself when your average
audience drops off and then put a card there and then obviously not only will
that help you retain your audience but they’ll move potentially to another one
of your videos because you’re suggesting a card there also I tend to in my videos
when I’m talking about something related I’ll say I did in a video just like I
just talked about with my ad revenue playlist and I’m telling you literally
I’m not just subtly dropping the card most of the time that I’m dropping a
card up here in the right-hand corner for you if you’d like to check that out
people notice it it brings their attention to it and they’re more likely
to click on another one of your videos which actually does increase your
session time and helps your channel out and not only does it increase your
session time and help your channel out but on top of that they’re going to
another video when you have the potential to show another ad and you’re
getting more ad revenue so these are simple tips and tricks that nobody talks
about that will really help increase your ad revenue so first playlists the
second car and you guessed that the third one is
n-screen and annotations it’s pretty simple like I said we talked about this
you know with cards and playlists it’s the same kind of idea so loud long but
if you’re not using end screens you really really should now n screens you
know they’re not as you know valuable as they used to be when YouTube first
introduced them but they still are very very valuable the reason being is it’s
another opportunity for somebody to just hop onto another piece of your content
you’re suggesting playlist you’re suggesting a video and you should be
using this rather than lose that that you know potential audience member for
you know the rest of the day or for Rhett for however long you can pretty
much funnel them into another video so they hit the end of that it’s like
pretend you’re watching your favorite TV show and you know it just goes to a
commercial or it ends at the end if you know you see a preview for the next week
or something like that you’re gonna be more likely to tune in for that next
week or want to watch that again right then and there it’s the same thing with
cards it’s an opportunity to advertise another one of your videos or playlists
and keep people you know retained on your content and not somewhere else on
the platform that will obviously increase your ad revenue because not
only will increase your session time like we talked about before because
you’ll get them on another you know one of pieces of your video but it will also
increase your ad revenue like cards and playlists because they’ll be on another
video of yours therefore you have another opportunity to show them yet
another ad so first to recap you know obviously playlists cards and then and
endscreen annotations now those are pretty simplistic but these last two are
really really really really simplistic but I’ve watched you know countless
videos on YouTube when I was first you know starting coming up and now you know
even still I’m still trying to learn and innovate as you know we this channel is
basically called BG media innovation because as always I like to tell people
you need to adapt and innovate regardless of how good you get and I’m
not saying I’m good by any means I’m just saying you know it’s important to
innovate so what I do is I’ve continually try to learn you know how I
can crease my ad revenue how I can increase you know my my view might have
you duration on YouTube excuse me and and you know I’m always trying to learn
new new myth yeah excuse me well new methods and
the reason being is I’m looking for new innovative strategies but like these
these people on YouTube they have great great strategies here and there but they
don’t talk about the simple things and these last two things are very very
simple but very very effective so the first one of the last two number four is
make longer videos the reason being if you make longer videos and obviously
this is a bad example because it’s only 649 and right here it there I can only
talk about my ad revenue on a certain video for so long but the longer you
make a video the more opportunities YouTube has to put ads on it not only
will they potentially put another ad on it or another you know somebody you know
with an ad might put an ad you know in the middle of video but you have the
opportunity to place an ad on on you know later on in a video too if you’re
only making like a six-minute long video like this one here you don’t really have
the opportunity to show multiple ads in that video if you’re making a longer
video that like maybe like a lot like you know a recorded livestream or
something like that and don’t hold me to that because I’m not actually sure if
you can throw ads on live streams I’m pretty sure you probably can but I’m not
positive but if you’re making a longer video that’s that’s basically what I
want to relay to you you know that’s like 15 20 minutes long you have the
potentiality to show two three ads on that video therefore increasing your ad
revenue and finally this is the best tip of all the other ones were great for
sure but this hands down is the best one so so simple but so much so many people
overlook in I’ve yet to hear somebody suggest to do this but it’s literally
probably the best thing that you can do is make more videos more pieces of
content more videos more ads on those videos it’s just I like to look at them
as digital employees essentially not this is something I talk about you know
across platforms not just on YouTube but the more videos that you make on YouTube
clearly the more ads are going to be shown because each one of those has the
potential to have an ad on them or multiple ads on them if you’re making
longer videos and so it’s really really simple but if you just make more videos
then clearly your ad revenue is going to go up it’s simple math so I hope you
guys like these visa tips just to recap we obviously
playlists’ then you’re gonna drop cards n screens and then finally make longer
videos and simply make more of them hope you guys like this drop some comments
down below and let me know if you have any tips of your own I’d love to hear
from you and I’m sure the audience would as well as always like the video it
really helps the channel grow and I genuinely appreciate it comment and
subscribe and I will see you guys tomorrow

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