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5 Tips To Improve Google Ads Performance Using Google Analytics

5 Tips To Improve Google Ads Performance Using Google Analytics

In the modern day the customer expects to
be delivered the right message and the right time and if you can’t do this they will
simply go elsewhere. So today we’re going to look at the close relationship between
both Google Ads and Google Analytics and how following the steps we’re about to provide
you today will help in allowing you to deliver your ad at the right time.
Step 1: Link your accounts First and foremost, you need to link Google
Analytics and Ads together, once you have done so you’ll be able to create campaigns
and capture all different types of metrics. Step 2: Activate cross device capabilities
Activating cross device capabilities will allow you as the owner of the campaign to
monitor user’s behaviour across multiple devices, this can help you understand whether
your campaign is being more effective on desktops rather than on mobile devices so that you
can make the relevant changes. Step 3: Create an Analytics audience and share
with Google Ads Next, you’re going to want to create an
audience within Analytics and then share this with Google Ads. This allows you to tailor
your adverts towards different segments of your preferred audience. Therefore, when your
advert reaches these targeted segments it will be more relative to them.
Step 4: Create & import Goals You’re going to want to create goals within
Google Analytics so that you can measure the success of your campaign. Goals allow you
to see how effective your ad campaign has been and the insights will allow you to make
improvements where necessary. Step 5: Generate & view reports
Once you have linked Google Ads and Google Analytics you’ll have quick access to range
of insights that will allow you to make changes to your ads to either make them more effective
or to be targeting the right audience. Having all these insights is absolutely key to a
successful marketing campaign and increasing your brand awareness. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please feel
free to share, like, comment & subscribe. Thanks for watching, bye for now.

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