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5 tips for choosing the right keywords in AdWords

5 tips for choosing the right keywords in AdWords

Mary runs a large online shoe store that
sells a variety of shoes. She created an AdWords campaign when she launched her new website.
The campaign brought people to her site but her sales haven’t increased as much as she hoped. Let’s see how Mary learned to use the right keywords to attract actual customers. Keywords are words or phrases that match ads
with a customer’s search. When Mary first opened her business she wanted to create a
buzz about her store and bring as many people to her site as possible, so she used very
general keywords like “shoes” and “sneakers.” This worked well and her ads got lots of clicks
but she wasn’t selling a lot of shoes. Here’s how Mary was able to get the right people
to her site, and turn those clicks into customers. Tip #1 Think like a customer First, Mary tries to imagine what her customers
would search for. She writes down all the categories of shoes she sells. Then she thinks
of specific search words for each category. Doing this makes it easy for her to come up
with the right keywords to attract customers looking for the shoes she actually sells. Tip #2 Organize by theme Mary learned to group her ads by themes- she
creates different themes for the different types of shoes she sells. For example she
creates an ad campaign around the broad theme of “women’s boots.” She then creates
different ads and keywords for rain boots, high-fashion boots and booties. By doing this
Mary reaches the right customers AND keeps her account organized. Tip #3 Be specific Mary wants to promote her sale on men’s
basketball shoes. If she uses a general keyword like “basketball” she could get irrelevant
matches of people looking for basketball scores or basketball videos. of keywords. To promote her sale she adds
“discount men’s basketball shoes” and “men’s basketball shoes sale.” She even
includes her sale price in the ad. When using such specific keywords– the more the merrier.
Successful advertisers choose 5-20 keywords per ad group. Tip #4 Use negative keywords Negative keywords ensure your ads don’t
show to the wrong people. Mary doesn’t sell children’s shoes so she adds “children”
and “kids” to her negative keyword list. This way Mary can be sure she isn’t paying
for ad clicks on a product she doesn’t sell. Tip #5 Use the Keyword Planner Think of the Keyword Planner like a workshop
for building new ad campaigns or improving old ones. Mary uses the Keyword Planner to
come up with new ideas for effective keywords. The Keyword Planner also helps her estimate
the number of clicks she would get for her new keywords. Once Mary adds her keywords,
she can check to see how they’re performing in the Keywords tab. That way she can increase
her bids on keywords that perform well to help improve her ad’s position and get her
ad in front of more customers. By following these tips Mary was able to increase
her sales by getting her ads in front of the right customers who clicked on her ads and
bought shoes from her site. For more ideas on how to use the right keywords
to boost your AdWords success, visit the AdWords help center.

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  1. 00:51 Tip #1 Think like a customer
    01:14 Tip #2 Organize by theme
    01:43 Tip #3 Be specific
    02:19 Tip #4 Use negative keywords
    02:40 Tip #5 Use the Keyword Planner

  2. Create themes, categories, think like a customer, be specific, 5 to 20 keywords, used negative keywords, Key word planner

  3. Simple..

    5 tips for choosing the right keywords in AdWords=

    Tip #1 Think like a customer
    Tip #2 Organize by theme
    Tip #3 Be specific
    Tip #4 Use negative keywords
    Tip #5 Use the Keyword Planner

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