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5 Simple Ideas to Advertise and Market Your Small Business

5 Simple Ideas to Advertise and Market Your Small Business

every business owner that I know is
looking for some simple ways to help market and advertise their own business in order
to get more customers now any successful business owner is
going to tell you its all about networking 24/7 knowing
your business what benefits you can offer your customers and elevator pitch ready to give at any time, now this is helpful and all but here are five other ways to help advertise and market your business first partner with your community, go sponsor local events, attend chamber meetings, put up flyers
and help local charities not only does this help grow your
community but more likely you’re going to get a chance to talk to potential customers second don’t be afraid to reach out to
your local newspapers and magazines there’s plenty of them and they’re always
looking for the next big story they wanna talk about the Hometown
Heroes and that oftentimes includes small businesses now you don’t only have to talk about
grand opening you can talk about expanding your business, new products and services, helping charities or new employees and if you’re by a
college don’t forget there’s plenty of college newspapers and
magazines is also includes local blogs and PR because they’re happy to help local
businesses third, the easiest way to get lots of people
talking about you is social media, create and optimize a free Facebook or Twitter page this is a great
opportunity for you to engage with your customers you can share news, images, quotes, quizzes, apps, videos, questions, articles, and more fourth, give away free products or service if you reach out to a local blogger and
you give them a free product they can help spread the word for you
and it’s free is also means bargaining with other
businesses try to make conversations happen in your
community fifth, if all of these other things don’t
work you can always throw a party and fun for any reason invite everyone you know to come your
business give away free food and it’ll help give you more helpful ideas if you have any other other ideas please
leave them in the comments below subscribe for more videos and thank you
for watching

12 thoughts on “5 Simple Ideas to Advertise and Market Your Small Business

  1. Some might not be the newest and greatest idea, but #5 is the best idea I've heard thus far. Comment if you have more ideas to advertise any small business. 

  2. great tips Joey.  i've always believed in attending local events and providing some volunteering. It's a great way to network.  good vid 🙂

  3. Awesome advice, pitched in a way that really makes sense. I'm stealing all your videos, great work.

    Crafty Studios

  4. I'm 13 and I've started my own business. I need an affordable way to spread the word about my business. My budget is 10$

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