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5 Reason You Should Use Facebook and Instagram Advertising

5 Reason You Should Use Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Hi, I’m Crystal from Full Blast Creative
and today I’m going to be talking about 5 reasons you want to be using Facebook and
Instagram advertising for your marketing. Specifically I want to talk about why I think
it’s better than newspaper advertising, better than television advertising, better
than any kind of traditional advertising that you might do like newspaper and radio. Number 1 Facebook and Instagram allow you
to target by interests. If you only use newspaper, you only use radio, you’re reaching out
to people whose interests are limited. For instance they may only be interested in sports,
the business section, just your basic world news section, but with Facebook advertising
and Instagram advertising you can really target the individual based on the very specific,
ultra-niche, interests that they have. For example we can target people who like
macaroni and cheese, or jewelry, or skydiving, or any one of these kind of interests that
people are able to reach out via to Facebook advertising. So that’s my number one reason.
Ultra specific targeting. Number 2, the opportunity to retarget to your
market. Once your customers have seen your ad once or twice and have come to your website
or you have collected them through your email database, we can show them ads on Facebook
or Instagram for a second, third, fourth or fifth touch point. With newspaper advertising,
television, traditional you don’t have this opportunity to market to an audience who’s
already connected with your brand at least one time. These people are further in the
funnel and closer to possibly making a purchase with you. So that’s reason number two, retargeting. Reason number 3, virality and social sharing.
Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising has the ability to go viral. And every time
your ad is shared by people who have seen it, you’re not paying for that. We can show
you an example of one ad that was shared over 3,500 times and we didn’t pay a cent for
that. So reason number 3, going viral. Number 4 – it’s affordable. Facebook advertising
is available to everybody for as little as $5 dollars a day. For some ad products for
as little as 1$ a day. So even if you have a small budget or a very specific audience,
you can get great results at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for newspaper
or radio. And I guess my 5th reason would be, it’s
easy to do, it’s easy to learn, we can help you with that. If you’d like to learn more
about Facebook or Instagram advertising, contact Full Blast Creative at 403-870-3434 or www.fullblastcreative.ca

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