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5 MUST Have Tools To Start Your Social Media Marketing Agency – SMMA 2019

5 MUST Have Tools To Start Your Social Media Marketing Agency – SMMA 2019

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here in a today’s video I’m going to talk about five must-have tools when starting your digital marketing agency Now the key thing I want you to take out a today’s video is that it is a lot simpler to start a marketing agency Than you may have thought okay These are the five must-have tools but you’ll see how it’s actually pretty simple to get these tools to get them implemented and started so you can start seeing results for your clients and You can start making money and real quick guys If you want a 100% free Training on how to actually start your own marketing agency how to get clients a 100% for free and how to get easy results for those clients Just drop a comment down below give this video a thumbs up and I will shoot over a link to that Hundred percent free training so, you know exactly how to get started alright so the first tool that I highly recommend you getting for any one of your agency clients is A landing page software now more than likely your client already has a website Okay, and if they don’t have a website obviously you can go through get them a website But if you are bringing on a client more than likely you’re gonna help them run Facebook ads or Google Ads from paid advertising and so in order to do this you want to have a landing page software now There’s several different types of landing page software out there. There’s Arsenal there’s clickfunnels. There’s leadpages I mean we could go on and on with the number of landing page software So there’s a wide variety and depending on what industry your clients in and how you want to actually help them out there’s a lot of options to choose from but As you’ve probably seen other videos right here on this channel we talked about any time you’re running paid advertising you want to send people clicking on those ads to a landing page as opposed to a website because if you’re saying to a website You’re gonna get less than 1% conversion of those people clicking on the ad going to the website So if you have a hundred people clicking going to the website You might be lucky to get just one lead Whereas with a landing page you can get as many as 10 to 25 percent conversion rate Which means of the hundred people instead of getting it less than one you can get as many as 10 to 25 leads for your client with the same amount of ad spend which guys there could be a A lot happier. If you do this method now the second tool that you’re gonna need if you have this landing page software Ideally as soon as the lead ops in you want to follow up with this lead so you’re gonna want some type of email marketing software To deliver whatever was promised on the landing page and then also to be able to drip content on that person over the next seven to fourteen days and then even have like bi-weekly, bimonthly drips on that customer because what this does is this able to establish credibility and authority for your client and so then the leads that are coming in they’re able to have a bigger connection a better bond with that client and eventually hopefully use them for their products or their Services now in addition to an email marketing software another software that you want to have for the follow-up That is an SMS software or text marketing software because email is great But you’re never really going to have a response through email I mean you might like one out of every thousand emails that set have a response via email If you’re like asking a question specifically but typically in my experience guys, I’ve generated a lot of leads I’ve sent a lot of emails and Usually you don’t get any responses via email so texting though on the other hand is a great way to actually start a conversation and it’s very Personal to that person. So the way I like to leverage this usually is with email marketing I like to deliver content add Value maybe send info on a trainee or maybe a little promotion or something like that. Whereas with texting I like to start a conversation So any of the texts that I send out that are automated follow-up test They’re all going to be some specific question to that person to get them to respond so we can actually have a conversation Because the thing that happens is what you have a texting conversation It is so much easier to have that text conversation turn into a phone call that phone call turned into an in-person appointment And then that in-person appointment turn into a closed deal where your clients actually making money alright So so far we’ve covered a landing page software an email marketing software a text messaging software and another that is an addition This is a little bonus to all give you guys I don’t have it right here on my paper But it is zapier and that’s able to go through and connect the landing page software The email marketing software and the text messaging software or obviously if you guys are using Arsenal it’s already done for you Don’t you have to use AP or you don’t have to integrate any of that stuff now obviously if you’re not using Arsenal Which is a hundred percent fine You can use a landing page software with zapier to connect it to an email marketing software and a text messaging software So it’s a little bonus one, right? there is AP err is a great tool and I highly recommend going exploring that now the actual fourth one right here is a Mobile app and you can connect this with zapier as well Arsenal has one as well and that is because every single time a new lead comes in for your client You want to let them know that they actually generated lead because the worst thing that could possibly happen Is you’re generating leads every single day for your client, but they have no idea that these leads are coming in So it’s great to have a mobile app to send them lead Notifications every single time a new lead comes in and it’s also ideal to have that mobile app Allow your clients to text back and forth with two-way texting with those new leads that are coming in Okay, so that’s why it’s so important to have a mobile app because depending on your client They might not always be in the office. Right like for example, I work a lot with real estate agents And so generally they’re not in their office. They’re out and about their appointments showings open houses, whatever they’re at and So they need to know when these new leads are coming in so they can give them a phone call follow up with that person Or if they text back to one of the automated follow up text messages They need to be able to quickly respond to have that conversation All right So just as a quick recap here We’ve got landing page software for better lead generation email marketing software for better follow up and be able to deliver all the content you’ll establish that credibility the authority SMS marketing which is allow you to help you start more conversations zapier to connect all that together if you’re not using Arsenal and Also a mobile app to be able to let them know of new leads coming in so lead Notifications as well as two-way texting now guys the fifth tool right here and it’s gonna sound a little bit cheesy But honestly at the other day it’s the number one tool and that is Knowledge as your brainpower because if you don’t know how to leverage landing pages If you don’t know how to leverages email marketing text marketing and connect all this stuff together and actually generate leads for your clients None of the other tools even matter so the tool that I would invest in a hundred percent more than any of these other tools is your mind your knowledge gaining that experience and Learning how to do all this because once you gain that skill set a beam to actually generate leads and help your clients get more business and make more money That is when you start having success and start seeing results Okay business is all about client success client results Especially when you have a digital marketing agency Because their success is your success and if they’re making money you’re making money, and so everyone is happy It’s a win-win situation. So don’t always just invest in the tools The software is the automations make sure you’re investing in yourself in your mind and your growth and your knowledge and your experience So that you can become better For your clients and for yourself at the end of day so they can make more money You can make more money and everyone’s happy so anyway guys I hope this video was helpful as a breakdown of these initial tools that you need to get started and also so that you can kind of see You don’t need a million different tools to start your marketing agency It’s honestly pretty simple to get this started and be able to see results for your clients and at the end of day all Your client is really interested in is more leads so that they can have more sales conversations so they can have more sales Appointments and ultimately at the end the day just close more deals and make more money So once again guys if you are like brand new to this and you’re like man, geez, this is awesome But I have no idea where to get started drop a comment down below give this video a thumbs up and I will share with you a 100% free training showing you how to get clients a hundred percent free not spending any money because if you’re broke You don’t have money right now. That’s like obviously difficult to go through and do that And then once you have those clients I’ll show you exactly how to get results for those clients so that they’re making money so you can make money and Ultimately grow your business. So with that said guys, thank you so much for watching today If you are brand new here to the channel, make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell And with that said I will see you in the next video

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  2. Hey! My grandpa wants me to help him rent out his time shares he owns, do you think Facebook ads would be viable for this? How would I go about making an ad for a timeshare? Also, I know with Facebook ads you can target people traveling to certain areas, is there a way you can choose at what time they travel there or do those ads only target people traveling there very soon?

  3. Hey Jason, interested in seeing how you put all the tools to work together with integration and any valuable tips. Thanks!

  4. Hey Jason love the video, but could you do a video about how to target real estate buyers. Facebook had a new updated recently and now you can’t target by “likely to move” or similar interests/behaviors. Also how to target higher end buyers?

  5. Jason, I was doing really good before Facebook changed their housing, credit, employment targeting. Now I’m still able to get leads but it’s much harder and cost more per lead for real estate. Have you seen a raise in cpl or a drop in amount of leads? Can you drop more videos on this? I’ve bought a few of your courses but I haven’t seen lessons on this

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