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5 Minutes With Billy Gene: Facebook Advertising Tips To Save You Money – Episode 2

5 Minutes With Billy Gene: Facebook Advertising Tips To Save You Money – Episode 2

Billy Gene>>
Hello everyone and welcome to episode 2 of Five minutes with Billy Gene and Reena. Were
here today to help you, and Im going to call you out as usual and make you feel uncomfortable
and a little bit silly for making mistakes that we see advertisers, students and clients
make all the time. You know what that is, not knowing the difference and not knowing
when to advertise the people on mobile devices, your cell phone, tablets, etc. and when to
advertise the people on desktop computers, etc. So when youre advertising on Facebook
and Instagram, you have the choice, the power is in you to decide who sees your advertisements.
For those of you who do know that, I bet youre still making a ton of mistakes. So right now,
were gonna give you 5 tips and tricks to be successful when advertising on mobile and
desktop computers. [Smile Can you put like a shine when I do that next time like two
shines Smile Thank you]. So, lets get into it.
Tip number one, stop advertising to people while they poop! Stop advertising to people
while they poop! Now, what does that mean, it means If Im Billy, and I want to sell a
thousand widgets online, the worst thing that I can do is run an Ad between the hours of
8 to 5 pm and ask people to pull out their credit card to buy this widget. Why? Well
think about it, when youre on your phone browsing Facebook and Instagram, typically where are
you? Where are you? Youre taking a poop, its the facts. When youre browsing Facebook and
Instagram, the most time browse is when youre taking a poop. Fact! Go ahead, check it, I
dont know where youre gonna find it but good luck! Thats what it is. So, think about it,
youre asking people to take out their credit card to buy your widget, and go through a
bunch of steps. And Its already frustrating texting on your phone because your fingers
are too big and now you want them to take their credit card, pull up their pants and
whatever else they need to do in the bathroom. Its nonsense!
Number two is that
your website is what they call [unrecognizable word] responsive. So, have you ever been to
a website on your phone and its like hard to browse and hell of complicated, but when
you go on a desktop, its like the prettiest thing ever. Well, too many times with advertisers,
youll send traffic – that youre paying for – to mobile devices and your website is not
even ready for that; and as a result, youre losing sales. Those people that come and theyre
frustrated, theyre like what is this shit. But youre paying for that, were trying to
save your money baby, [save that money can you play the song, save that money].
And number three, make sure if you are going to attempt to sell a product or do something
that requires a lot of time So even watching videos, the time that someone needs to like
fully focus on your sales video and your little three minute pitch, its significant, that
means they have to be in a place where other people arent around. They need to be in a
place where they can hear and where they actually can focus and there isn’t much of distraction.
So, how do you know when someone is ready to do that! Well, within Facebook and Instagram,
there is a way to advertise to people only when theyre connected to Wi Fi, its true!
When theyre connected to Wi Fi, it increases your chances of finding that person who is
[unrecognizable word], and most likely in a position to take out their credit card and
purchase your product or service or watch your five minute explainer video, so that
they can then sign up for your services. Does this make sense so far? Or are you still caught
up on number two. Number four is more of a warning, Im actually
gonna call out Reena here. So, I told you guys, not only were gonna tell you whats gonna
help you, were gonna call out our own mistakes. In this case, Reena fucked up. [I want you
to zoom, can you zoom right there and try that again… In this case, saying it again,
Reena fucked up]. And, what she did You have to realize something, when it comes to volume;
and when I say volume, I mean how many people are going to see your Ad when youre advertising
on Facebook and Instagram. If youre only advertising to desktop computers, youre going to reach
a much smaller audience because there is just not as many people on these [Laptops] anymore
as opposed to these [Cell phones]. So, you need to understand that. Now, if youre running
an advertisement over the weekend and youre only advertising to mobile devices, then youre
gonna reach a much more broad audience, and thats good because then you can get more leads
and make more sales. But be very careful, because if you dont set a daily budget, you
can spend a lot of money really quickly. So you take (an Ad account) like ours where we
dont have a budget. So, at anytime, if someone turns on a campaign and doesnt turn it off,
we can spend a lot of money and that makes for an angry me and we get into a fight…
I mean, I dont wanna have to call people out, but since thats what were here to do, let
me tell you, we recently were running a campaign and I get a call from Reena at 11:45 after
Ive just sent her a text telling her to turn the campaign off at 11 oclock, and she goes:
Hey! What are you doing, Its 11:45 Reena, you know what Im doing, Im playing video games
So she calls and shes like: hey I just wanna let you know first of all, how are you doing,
youre good?. So, you know somethings up at this point. Whats going on Reena? She says:
we were running a campaign and we just we just spent 1500 dollars. I was like: Hows
that possible? I just told you to turn it off. 1500 bucks in 45 minutes is what she
spent. Reena>>
We had a really good Ad Billy Gene>>
Touch! and whats a good Ad! But nonetheless, we spent 1500 bucks in 45 minutes because
we were targeting mobile [unrecognizable word] and our audience was huge. But to give you
an idea of how much volume you can do and luckily it was a good performing Ad, because
if it wasnt, all hell wouldve been raised loose. Nonetheless, just beware of that, got
it? And finally, number five. You know what the
truth is, I dont really have a number five, I just sit here and look into the camera and
I look down to my notes here, it says make sure you bring up how Reena spent 1500 bucks,
make sure you talk about poop, and responsiveness. I think we actually covered everything.
So, having said that, you just had Five minutes with Billy Gene and Reena. And were out!

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