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5 Minutes With Billy Gene: Facebook Advertising Boost… Don’t Do It! – Episode 3

5 Minutes With Billy Gene: Facebook Advertising Boost… Don’t Do It! – Episode 3

Billy Gene>>
Hey, whats up everybody and welcome to episode 3 of Five minutes with Billy Gene and Reena.
And today, were going to talk to you about something that I believe is going to save
you money. Reena>>
Lots of it. Billy Gene>>
And help you make that money. So, today were gonna talk about another mistake that we see
advertisers making all the time and its called using the Boost Post Button. [You see that,
you like that dramatic Well do a sound effect on this one and then do a fire underneath
So it could be Ready BOOST POST BUTTON That was better right?]. So, the reason why were
bringing it up is because its honestly doing your business at this service to have anything
to do with that button for the most part. There are more circumstances of which you
should use it, which we will go over but not before telling you why you shouldnt be fucking
with the Boost Post Button. [And when you bleep it out, its not as harsh as it is when
you watch it on bleep]. And the reason why we dont use the Boost Post Button is because
it gives you limited options, there is better ways to advertize your product or service.
Right Reena? Reena>>
Right. So at the Boost Post when youre creating an audience for that, you can only target
by country, state, city, age, gender and 4 to 10 interests.
Billy Gene>>Which would seem Ok, if there wasnt this awesome
thing called Power Editor where you can target by
Reena>>Income, mile radius, zip code, if they own
a house, what car they drive Billy Gene>>
So let me put this in perspective for you. Lets say you have a client like us and someone
who does plastic surgery in LA. Well, as much as everybody wants to be Kylie Jenner or Kim
Kardashian, they cant afford Kim Kardashian looks because she pays for them; get it, like
thats the thing. So, its important that were able to target by income. If youre just boosting
posts, you can be leaving a lot of money on the table. So[come here for a second just
bring that camera here and give me a little zoom real fast], if you were on an Island,
and you were starving, you havent eaten in days, and then there was a little tiny fire
going, with sticks to keep the fire going; and a pot and a can of beans that were just
about to expire they stay good for about a year. And then, the other side of the Island
has a kitchen, with an Island, beautiful Island; four stove tops and its got plugs so you can
plug in microwaves and you can use ovens, and it has all these cool like those little
knives, the expensive shit. Where would you go to get food, would you use the kitchen
with the Island and all the good stuff, or would you use the fire with sticks and beans?
I dont know, but when you click the Boost Post Button, thats what youre doing. Youre
choosing the sticks youre not choosing the Island within the Island.
So, when you dont feel like creating your advertisements on an Island within an Island,
and you wanna use the Boost Post Button, there is only one time that we, on the agency level,
actually find ourselves using the Boost Post Button, and thats when
Reena>>Ah! When we are targeting people who like
the page or advertizing for it. Billy Gene>>
True. So, if you wanna just reach your core audience and people who are already familiar
with you, its a great way to do it, because usually its more affordable than advertizing
through the Power Editor or Ads Manager. And if youre sitting here like what the hell youre
talking about, whats the Ads Manager, whats the Power Editor, then maybe you should take
one of our courses. You just had Reena>>
And if youre asking yourself why do I need to advertize to my page likers, its because
Facebook only shows your posts to about 2 to 3% of your followers.
Billy Gene>>Yup, if youre not boosting a post or youre
not advertizing, thats exactly right. Its down to 1 sometimes, 1% of the people who
actually like your page even see it, even see it. Therefore, you might be wasting your
time not advertizing. And if you are advertizing, and having shitty results
Reena>>Call us!
Billy Gene>>Call us. Were really good at this. We spend
a couple mil. Email us at [email protected] Do something, take one of our classes, give
us money [email protected] Send us a Paypal, why not! Youve just had Five
minutes with Billy Gene and Reena. Were out!

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