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$5 Facebook Ads Strategy – Facebook Advertising Tutorial For Beginners

$5 Facebook Ads Strategy – Facebook Advertising Tutorial For Beginners

What’s up guys? Jason Wardrop here in today’s video i’m gonna show You, how to go through and set up your facebook advertising campaigns which is $5 a day now this is kind of a beginner Facebook advertising tutorial right here for you all the strategy of if you’re spending five dollars a day, versus if you’re spending Let’s say 50 or 100 or more dollars per days a little bit different but in today’s video i’m gonna break down exactly What i personally would do if i was starting completely from scratch and i just had five dollars a day to spend with My budget all right so as i mentioned to be a little bit different for the advanced And i’m gonna shoot that video a little bit later this week for you all so you, guys can see exactly What i do in my business and how, you can basically model it for your business but let’s say You just have five dollars per day, okay and actually before We dive into this if you guys comment down below if you come in facebook, ads i’m gonna shoot you over my facebook advertising Mini course 100% for free where it’s basically goes through and breaks down Some of these different steps in more detail so just right below This video comment facebook, ads and i will shoot that on over to you guys so you, guys can have that Okay, so let’s just let’s just go here So we’ve got five hours a, day i’m gonna break this up into two different categories, okay? now the first, one i’m gonna probably do about one to two dollars per day and this is gonna be Retargeting, my warm market Okay, so this is gonna be anyone so this is people from my? existing Contact list okay, so if you’ve been in business for a While and you have all these this data of all these people their emails their phone numbers all that stuff we’re. Gonna show You, how to upload it into facebook and i actually have a complete other video shows You, step, by step all the details on that so we’re gonna have our existing contact list We’re, gonna have anyone who’s visited our website Okay, because if they visit our website they’re not completely cold traffic anymore they at least know, who? We are that’s kind of becomes more of that warm hot market and so a lot of times This right here your retargeting You can, generate leads for like 25 to 50 percent of the cost of a normal cold audience lead and so that’s, why we want to really, go through we’re monetizing this so our existing contact list, anyone who’s visit our website and Anyone, who has engaged with our? facebook page Okay, so those are kind of the first, three. Key points, and i’m gonna go into facebook as manager really quick show You, how to set all these up really quick and then we’re Gonna go through, and hit the second part alright so if we come over here to the ads manager Okay, let’s just go back to the, main page you, guys know, how to actually get here so this is basically clicking to your Ads manager then we’re Gonna come up here to the search, and we’re just going to type in audiences okay, so we’re just gonna click on that and you know how typically if you set up a facebook, ads campaign before you can, say hey i’m gonna target everyone in Phoenix, arizona within a 25 mile radius that is a first time homebuyer or? Whatever the demographic might, be that’s like you can go through and that’s your audience you target, where you want to go Through, and we want to create, these custom audiences of saying, hey, these are all the people who’ve already visited My, website these are all the people, who have that they’re on my contact list these are all the people that have been gauged with, my facebook page so the first one What is the first one here okay existing contact list so we come over here we could Say create audience we go to custom audience and then we’re Gonna, go say customer file and then, we say, add customers from your copy, and paste file so this you can Go, download the file template that facebook Gives you and you can see that you can put in their email Their phone number their first name last name zip code sri address all this good stuff here What i typically? do is just put in their email address if i have their phone number i’ll put that in and You can, upload the file or what i like to do is i like to just copy And paste the data here okay, so you’re just gonna have a mail no i this is paste your data there So i’m not gonna go through and do this because i have another video, which i’ll link right here in this video I’ll show. You step-by-step how, to do that and then if we come back here So let’s see email email template lead Demo so this is an audience i uploaded up to hundred people So that is an audience that Or actually no no this is the audience right here test audience 2018 demo this is from a customer list Okay, so you can see i didn’t add a ton of people but, that’s 40 people right there, okay? And that’s why if we have $5, well spend like one to two dollars per day on this audience because it’s typically Gonna, be a smaller audience if you’re their, new, business or you know You, don’t have a, huge marketing advertising budget, okay? So that’s one then we’re. Gonna go through and do the second one is anyone who’s visit our website So we’re gonna do is come over here to create audience once again we’re, gonna do custom audience then we’re Gonna, go over here you can, see what type of audience you, would say website traffic Okay, so now we’re gonna say hey, anyone who’s visit our website? Alright in the last 30 days you can, say last seven, days or the maximum is a hundred and eighty, days So i’m just just for like the, mass broad range cuz Like let’s say your real stage a mortgage broker or insurer it’s like let’s say you’re a, local business you probably Want to capture all the people from the last 180 days You, don’t have just a bigger audience to go and remark it to okay now You could, say all website visitors so that, means anyone that is you know? Wherever your facebook pixel is and if you guys like, what’s the facebook pixel i’ll Also, link another video to that up here at the top so you, guys, have that step-by-step how, to set that up Basically the pixel is facebook’s way of tracking everyone list as your website okay so you could Say, hey i’m gonna track every single visitor that’s visit, any pay so like all the pages on my blog My contact page my, pricing page my, home page my landing pages all the different pages there or you can Say, hey i just want it to be people, who have visits specific, web pages so you can Go, through, put the urls to your, blog, your home page on your about page whatever it is so you do one of these two So we’re just, gonna, say all website visitors and we’re gonna say all Visitors, and we’ll just say demo here okay, so now we’re just gonna create that audience so we’ve got the two down right we’ve got the customer list and then this one All visitors of our website traffic see is populating, well it’s probably gonna take it could take a couple hours So, we don’t need to really Wait for this, we can just keep moving forward and then the next one is anyone who is engaged with our facebook page Okay, so we’re gonna come back over here Say create audience custom audience and then engagement okay and now you could say
This one’s for video this is anyone who’s watched a specific video on your page This one you know is for anyone connected with your leave form what, we right here is your facebook page, okay? Now you can, say you could, say meet people any of these in the following So i’m gonna, come down i’ve got a lot of facebook pages right here but, let’s just say This, page and say anyone, who engaged with. Your page in the last 365 days i think this is the max here yeah 365 is on this one so you could say or anyone, who visited your page any people who engage with Your posts or any button or any of the ads People clicked on the call to action so you have all these different options Okay, so i’m just gonna go for this one just anyone who engaged with Your page that’s gonna be the biggest audience we’re. Gonna cast the widest net here, okay, so we’re gonna say page engage demo all right Now, these audience sizes might be a little bit bigger for me As i’m going through and doing this just because i’ve got a fairly Big audience for the big following i do a lot of advertising here but we’ve got this this One right here or this audience of 40 people we’ve got all visitors visiting our website that’s Populating and we have everyone’s engaged with, my facebook page this populated as, well? All right so now, what we’re gonna do? let’s come, over here to the, ads manager, and we’re just gonna create a campaign and I’ve got it i’ve got several other videos guys as far as like, what type of campaign We want to create but let’s say for this one we’ll do the lead generation campaign, and we’ll say lead generation Demo i’m just going to show. You guys how, to choose these different audiences can, so now What we do is we come down here and see this custom audiences, we can, choose all the ones, we just created So we’ve got over here we click on this, we go to custom audience And we have the test audience 2018 then when you see that forty people right there so we’ll click on this We’ll go here to all visitors demo and see how. This is less than 20 that’s just because it’s Still populating once it goes through and fully populates It’ll have everything but you could just keep moving forward from here and then, we say the page engage demo once again that’s Also populating but now, we go through, and we’re targeting, these specific. People and We come down, and we can for the for retargeting like This, i like to just do automatic placements i like to have it on all the different areas because When you have a smaller audience When you’re, going, like, even if usually have like one to two dollars per day you’re giving facebook more of a chance to show your, ads to these people so i just leave it automatic placements for The the warm market, and what we’re gonna, do for the daily budget is we’ll just say one dollar, okay? And that’s it guys so that is it for the first part, okay, so now if we come over here the other Okay, three to four dollars Per day is going to be for your cold market Okay, so this is going out and getting more more people going out and like you know People that might not know, who you are and i would go through and? Setup a conversion at or a lead format with, these different things so we’ve got our one to two dollars a Day retarding all these people which is going to get us leads for a lot Less than this cold market but if you’re kind of a, new, business or even if you’re a growing business you want a Majority the the budget to be going out and finding more new People alright and then the cool, thing is is anyone that sees these Ads we’ve already set it up where it they see this, ad and they like it or comment or whatever they automatically get thrown Into this bucket, where we’re retargeting, them it’s pretty cool Right it’s like for example if they go through if someone has never heard of you before sees your Ad and they like it or comment it or click on it whatever it is We’ve already set up this this little this audience right here anyone who is engaged with our facebook page and anyone Who, visits our website, okay? So if they like or comment the post or they click on it and they go to our website They, move into this bucket right here, where we’re now Retargeting and you guys, have, heard the statistic like the more times you go through and show an Ad or advertise somebody the more likely they’re Gonna, take action so i think the number they’ve said in the past is like seven times so that goes through and helps Boost the chances of that person becoming a lead it warms them up and really connects them with you and your brand right so As far as a three to four $2 per day cold market If we come over here let, me just change this up so we’ll go as the budget i’ll Say it’s four dollars if we’re doing one dollar a day for the placements i like to just do the news feeds, okay? So i’m gonna uncheck everything besides just the facebook news feeds right there okay, and then if we come up here we’ll exit out of all of these just because this is a different audience and then we’ll say, okay this is gonna be Phoenix, oh can’t spell phoenix arizona within a 25-mile radius, and maybe we’re, going for people you know 27 to 65 plus and then you come in here and just do your normal targeting right so anyway guys that Is kind of how i would set it up if you are completely brand New start from scratch i like to go through and get this retargeting List of your existing contacts, anyone’s visit your website anyone who’s engaging with your facebook page Because you’ll see a lot cheaper leads with that market right there and then have the next three to four dollars per day Going out to your cold market right now be on the lookout guys, to make sure you, subscribe to channel Because i’m gonna be launching later this week if once you outgrow This $5 a day budget and you’re ready to go through and expand There’s more things that you can go through and do with your budget Because you have a little bit more money to spend it’s it’s A little bit tougher, we only have at, five dollars, per day it only goes so far so i’ll break down exactly Some of the different things if you have a little bit bigger budget so i’ll Say like in essence if you have $100 per day just cuz That’s an easy number so we can, say like, hey 5% here 10% here 30% there or whatever but be on the lookout for that video so make sure you, subscribe the channel because We launched a, new video almost every, day i’m having generate more leads make more money and grow Your business, also if you, found this video helpful Go ahead, and give it a Thumbs up i’d really appreciate that and be you know it really helps our channel helps other people find it so they can go through See some of these advertising techniques and implement into their business and also if you guys, want that facebook Ads mini-course training hunt percent for free just go ahead and comment down. Below Just comment facebook, ads and i’ll make sure i will send that over to you, guys so you, have that as Well so you know. You guys thanks so much for watching Today, hopefully, this video was helpful, and with that said, i will see you all tomorrow

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  2. Is this being set up as one ad or 2? Asking because Facebook wouldnt let me do a $2 budget for an ad. I'm assuming you're wanting us to make two different ads. One for $2 and a different ad for $3? One ran to a cold audience and the other to a retargeted audience? OR one ad with combined audiences running at $5 a day total?

  3. Facebook Ads – Thx! I came to this video because I'm just starting out with my new business and trying to learn FB ads to begin my marketing efforts. This video said "for beginners" but the majority of time was spent on retargeting existing leads, not capturing new leads. The last 5 minutes of the video was focused on Cold Market leads and "just target like you would…." Does the mini-course tell me how to "just target like I would?!" I watched another of your videos and really like how you explain what you're doing and you make it easy to understand, I'm just not that far along yet.

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