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Thank you Squarespace
for sponsoring this video. Hey folks, Jordy here for cinecom.net.
The channel that is all about being creative with basic film tools
and video editing. But today we’re having a look at
this innovative tripod right here. It’s the MeVideo, a lightweight tripod
with all the features we need, such as a fluid head, a ball head
for levelling, expandable legs, etc. On top of that it’s also super versatile with some
extra great features, such as the foldable legs. And what definitely stands out is that
you can take off one of the legs and attach it to the head, transforming it
into a monopod. And at this time they’re actually running
a kickstarter to fund this project. There’re just a few days left, so make sure to
visit the MeVideo link in the description below to learn more about it. But let’s see now what we can
all do with this tripod. And the first creative trick is to make
an extended top shot. For this technique, you do want
to stand on a height. We’re using the balcony
of our future office. Simply throw your tripod over the bench and
let it rest with two legs to the outer wall. You now have a great extension, that would
otherwise require a camera crane. Because we’re leaning on two legs, you could
also push your camera a bit up and down, adding some nice motion
to your top shot. Next up is what we call
the propellor transition. You wanna move your legs to
the bottom of the extension. Most tripods have this ability. Then try to find your center of balance
by opening or closing the legs. Once you’ve got that in place, you should
be able now to rotate the tripod quite easily. And this is pretty cool to create
an in-camera transition. Simply roll your tripod on the
ending of your first shot and roll it again in the beginning
of your second shot. Then just place these two clips next to each other
and bang, you’ve got a twisty transition. Trick number 3! And for this one, we’re going
to transform the tripod into a monopod. You could also just squish your legs together
if you don’t have a monopod. But a monopod just makes this trick
a little bit more easier. I’m going to stand again on my balcony.
I’m holding the camera upside down. The weight of the camera is pulling itself
down, thus stabilizing it a little. We’re going to recreate a lift shot,
by slowly dropping the camera as your talent walks by. Now, you could also try to
rotate the monopod as you drop it, to give it a little
extra dynamic. The fourth creative tripod trick! And this one another way to transform
your tripod into a shoulder rig. You wanna extend two legs over your shoulders
and use the third one as a hand grip. It already helps a little bit to get more
stable shots when walking, but to really gain the benefits of a shoulder rig,
you need to add some weight to the back. You could throw your backpack over this,
or just use some fitness weights. When balanced properly, you should be able to
let go of your tripod and have a steady shot. And that brings us
to the last tripod trick. You can actually add other accessories to it.
For example an LED light. This one right here is
the Aputure 120 D. Having it on a tripod allows for very smooth
pan movements with the light. You could recreate slow passing
cars, for example. Another cool trick is to
use special lightings, like this Spekular which you can
create any kinds of shape with. Pretty cool is to use this light as
a practical light, visible in the shot. But instead of having it just stand there, you
could do a small pan or tilt movement with it, giving it a whole new dimension. By the way guys, I have links to everything
that you’ve just seen in the description below. And if you click in the cards
up there, you’ll actually go to a playlist with
10 more creative tripod tricks! In a previous video I’ve also talked about
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for watching, and as always… …stay creative!

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  3. Good job . Hey I use my tripod as a jib/crane with a monopod , take a gimble as a Zhiyun Crane 2 or a Ronin S put it on a monopod . after that put the monopod at the horizontal on the tripod with clamp to hold everything . add counterweight to fine the right balance et voilà . put your gimble in lock mode . you can take a look at my channel to see my video on it and more

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