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45 Day Google Ads Challenge

45 Day Google Ads Challenge

Are you struggling to get a positive ROI from
your Google Ads campaigns? Do you feel you are wasting a lot of your budget and time
trying to manage & run your campaigns. Well, I can help. Hello, I’m Uzair and I’m a Google Partner
& YouTube Certified. I have a 45-day Google Ads challenge for you. No matter what type
of campaign you are running, be it Search, Display, Video or Shopping, let me manage
& run your campaigns and I will improve the performance and beat the current campaign
results within 45 days. So how can I be so confident of producing
the results you are looking for? Well, using a combination of skills, science, analytics,
automations & expertise, I can confidently invite you to take me up on this exciting
challenge. Sign-up for your no-obligation free consultation.
I look forward to speaking with you sometime soon. Thank you for watching this video, bye
for now.

10 thoughts on “45 Day Google Ads Challenge

  1. Hey Uzair. If im running a click to call campaign with call extension and a lead conversion and google charges me for a click and i dont get a call can i get reimbursed for the click? Can you talk about how google refunds bad leads? I purchased your program and it was good. Cuts the learning curve so i would actually recommend it

  2. Hi! Do you have any solution for tech support Google Ads campaigns, as Google has stopped all tech support campaigns.

  3. I like this guy! haha.. Most the "Ads teachers" on youtube teach basic things & talk big. This guy calmly teaches quality things. I like it..

  4. Is google ads a scam? Why the numbers of views does not match in between the two systems? If YouTube (1 view = A person watching for 11 sec) and Google Ads (1 View = A person watching for 30 Sec), then if an ads is count on Google Ads as charged that means that it was viewed by 30 sec, that means that it should automatically count as a view in YouTube; but that is not the case at least with my ads. I have less views in my YouTube (27 people in my last video) than the views charged by Google Ads (53 people in my corresponding campaign). What is your opinion?

  5. What is best in term of improve your investment use a broad target or a more limited target audience ? I’m asking because I’m learning how to use Google Ads, and I’ve run 3 Ads, currently running my 4th Ads, I have some numbers now to know which places, audience, demographics, etc my videos get more clicks, Should I limit my Ads to those from where I get more clicks?

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